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  • Reasons for the lack of Libido in women. What are the physiological and psychological aspects of reduced Libido? How to solve the Problem yourself?
    30 September 2018
  • Since ancient times, famous doctors and healers of female sexuality, the creation of a variety of herbal teas fought with the Fading.
    27 September 2018
  • About what women are attracted to the fragrance, say the doctors. This is a result of millions of years of Evolution, when different species of organisms presented to the partners on the most important external factors, including the smell. Perfume with pheromones stimulates more sexual arousal.
    15 September 2018
  • Hormones is considered to be the most important conformers of the female body. The concentration of the passion and excitement of the fair sex is dependent upon the levels of estrogen. In sufficient quantity leads to a sexual activity, caused a lot of positive emotions.
    14 September 2018
  • City-dwellers without a hitch call two types of female orgasm – clitoral and vaginal, sexually savvy personality still recall something about squirt.
    22 August 2018