Hormone responsible for Libido in women

In any case, hormones have a very important role in the life of every human being to play. Your level has an impact on the functioning of all the systems, organs and tissues. Special attention to the female sex hormones, the effects on the whole female reproductive system earn. It is also important to know which hormone is responsible for woman for Libido.


The Libido is the sexual desire and sexual desire. In contrast to the male erections, which is formed on the physiological level, the Libido on the psychological level. A large part of the responsibility for the female attraction of estrogens and follicle-wear-stimulating hormone. But a small part of the responsibility also falls on the testosterone – the male hormone, the place, and in the female body.

Libido and estrogens

With the which hormone is responsible for sexual desire of the woman. However, now, in Detail, how all of this happens in the body.

Representatives of the estrogens three sexual hormone are:

  • estrone;
  • Estriol;
  • estradiol.

In the female body, the ovaries produce. The greatest responsibility for the Libido Estradiol is, it depends on his level, the passion and the desire of the women. And when this hormone behaves well, i.e. does not deviate from the Norm, the representative of the weaker sex lives in a good mood and Pep.

The level of female hormones may not be stable in the long term, especially in the case of the menstrual cycle. In this period, Libido, and is characterized by its variability. The climax of the sexual thirst is required at the time of ovulation, then it decreases gradually. It is considered the Norm.

The second Phase of the menstrual cycle characterized by a decline in Libido. In this time, can be displayed, premenstrual syndrome, namely:

  • increased irritability and moodiness;
  • Depression;
  • dull drawing pains in the abdomen;
  • Headaches;
  • Sleep disorders.

In women, the reduced in the time of the menopause, the arousal and sexual desire. It is associated with a large hormonal changes, against the background of the estrogen level drops, and along with it, and the function of the ovaries. The Flora of the vagina also suffers changes, the mucous membrane becomes dry, making sexual activity uncomfortable and even painful. In General, the time of menopause has a greater impact on the Psycho-emotional state, as it at first glance. And all the fault of the close connection with hormones estrogen mood.

Estrogens, the share for female Libido, and their function with progesterone, which not only bears the responsibility for women's sexuality, but monitors the menstrual cycle. In the case of the reduction of the levels of Libido in women also reduces. Horse racing progesterone depends on the menstrual cycle. At low concentration of these hormones in the female body there are some changes.


What happens in case of deviation from the Norm?

Estrogens are not only responsible for sexual desire. The growth of the bones, the development of the sexual organs and the formation of the sex characteristics also occurs with your help. Together with progesterone they are Top controllers of the pregnancy. As a result of the increased level of woman's face with obesity, an intrauterine infection, the risk of a miscarriage, and the risk of development of diseases in children. With a strong increase in the hormone levels to formations can occur in the pituitary gland.

In the case of a reduced concentration of estrogen, a woman leagues voice faced with difficulties, the rapid growth of the hair, the absence of Menstruation.

High levels of hormones will show such characteristics:

  • Spider veins on the legs, bright colors;
  • Disorders of cardiac activity;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • sharp weight gain.

If the hormones are not produced in sufficient quantities, symptoms as follows:

  • excessive appetite;
  • abrupt change in the color of the hair on darker;
  • a reduced sex drive;
  • Manifestation of the symptoms, the typical male sex.


Another key figure in the control of female Libido the hormone called testosterone. This companion is as a male representative, but, and he creates it, the female body act on the "lustful" desire, in spite of its low concentration. However, and its functions do not end there. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for the functions in the female organism:

  • increased Libido;
  • the maintenance of the Tonus of the muscles and the skin;
  • Improvement of the work of the bone marrow;
  • maintaining the mood;
  • the development of the milk glands;
  • Control of body weight;
  • the maintenance of the vitality.

Deviations from the Norm are immediately tangible. If sex hormone in an excess of women with the rapid growth of the hair. But the lack of testosterone may indicate the occurrence of menopause. The sexuality of a woman starts to slowly fade, the aging process, the improved dryness of the skin. Deteriorates and the General well-being: there is a weakness, apathy, irritability, mood deteriorates.

All the processes of rejuvenation in the body of a woman is dependent on testosterone, increases your sexuality. It is, therefore, a lack of affects, primarily, on their appearance and overall health. Dry skin leads gradually to the formation of wrinkles. In addition, the lack of hormone for such phenomena:

  • the decline of sexual desire;
  • the accumulation of adipose tissue, especially in the abdominal area and on the hands;
  • Pain in the joints.

The surplus is subject, in turn, such consequences:

  • the addition of body weight;
  • Irregularity of Menstruation;
  • excessive growth of hair;
  • Loss of hair, as well as the deterioration of your General condition, including obesity;
  • Irritability;
  • Brutalization Vote.

In addition, the excess hormone can also improve your sexual attraction, more specifically, make it exaggerated.

Stabilize the levels of testosterone may therapy without the drug. Are usually sufficient to reconsider your diet. In it the juices, vegetables, bread, meat and honey white. In the case of a reduced level of the hormone necessary to food, the large amounts of zinc. Also, the level of testosterone food increases, rich in healthy fats:

  • oily fish;
  • vegetable oils;
  • Nuts.

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

FSH is the main ingredient, factors that influence the formation of female and male sex drive. As well as under the influence of FSH, in women, the formation of an ovum, the formation of estrogens and the Regulation of the gonads.

Peak concentrations of FSH, speaks of the occurrence of Ovulation. Abnormal increase in number of reasons:

  • Neoplasms of the pituitary gland;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • Pathology of the kidney.

If excessive abuse of alcohol FSH also answers the nobility.

Lack of hormone, which in turn increases the risk for disorders of reproductive functions. It comes to injuries of the reproductive organs, dysfunction of the Hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, polycystic ovaries. The most important Symptom for the reduction of the hormone is no menstrual period (since three months), or uterine bleeding unrelated to the menstrual cycle. And possibly also chronic pathologies of the reproductive organs, and constant headaches.

In terms of excessive levels of FSH, the characteristic features in this case, the violation or the complete lack of menstrual periods, infections of the genitourinary system and the decrease of sexual desire is.

From the above follows, that for the maintenance of Libido and the lack of problems with sexual life, women need to at all of the deviations are not afraid of visiting the doctor and Tests for hormones. Since any violation of the level of hormones can easily eliminate up to the date, still has not appeared more serious consequences.