Erogenous zones in women

Erogenous zones — this is the point on the body at the touch, sexual arousal is produced. These points are created by nature itself. And if the Partner starts the power with the knowledge of his craft, the body prepares for sexual intercourse. On the female body, such points are much more than men. On many of these points, we know virtually nothing.

In the case of a wrong touch to the erotic zones can be expected completely the opposite effect.

The most important erogenous zones in women

erogenous zones in women

What is the erotic points appear on the body of women and how to correct them?

There is an opinion. that the female body is an erogenous Zone. I can safely say that every man the trouble. And these places can change, as the location, as well as the excitability. In their place, many factors can influence it. This can make fatigue, condition of the nervous system, mood, etc. of each Partner, determine to be right for the full effect of erotic arousal.

More depending on the body of a woman such areas, the sexier. And the thing is already a Partner, to awaken to this sexuality with the help of the caresses and touches , in the area where this very sensual points. Every girl is of the right actions of the partner is much stronger than pleasure, than from the stormy and passionate Sex.

The most common points — the center for shoulder, neck, back, under the hair, the part of the stomach close to the pubic bone and around the navel, tongue, earlobes, lips, forehead, eyelids, clitoris, pit above the clavicle, vagina, breast, ankle, the area of the shoulder blades, buttocks, below the knee, the inside bend of the elbow. All of these erogenous zones as the primary. Someone has these places to work in the plant, in the case of someone selectively.

On the body of a woman with experience in sexual relations, a new erogenous Zone. Such areas are as a secondary. You can react in various fields, and to the action of the partner are different. This is our female body! It can be based in a new sexual partner.

Factors, a change in the degree of sensitivity of the erogenous zones of the woman.

The erogenous zones are susceptible to external factors. Among these factors is the smells. Impact on the mental and emotional state of the girl, the fragrance can be a romantic mood, relax or stimulate, even to Aggression. Some points can hide, and some, on the contrary, to buy even more sensitivity to touch and caress. The environment, the sounds, the clothes — everything plays a not unimportant role. The number and their sensitivity, mood, expectations of something, fatigue, alcohol.

As women of the nature, the erogenous zones of the woman very unstable.

How do you define these points?

Partners found these points, should the condition for relaxation. And then, with kisses and tender touches, embark on the study of the female body. For a more complete arousal, girls Partner must help and say which of erogenous zones at the Moment, more than empathetic. These points you find on your Finger on the small, beautiful, slender legs up to the top of the hair on the beautiful head of your friend.