Erogenous zones in women: where are and how you can find these on the body of a woman

The human body has a high sensitivity, but this is especially noticeable in women. Therefore, Coitus is for girls not so important as a prelude to intercourse, including Massage, touch and the erogenous zones, i.e., zones caress that sensitive to touch. Contrary to the conjecture that all of the erogenous zones on girls are located in the vicinity of the sex organs or the breast, the points much more, and every lady in your Zone. In order to identify the most sensitive areas of the order of the time, at the men out sometimes. Therefore, it is better to know in advance where the most common erogenous zones in women are no time to lose in the long search.

The most common places

Points arousal in women

In any case, certain areas on the body of the woman, often an increased sensitivity, so Massage or caress to data on places, the stimulating. How do I find this area? For starters, the attention is worth it, on the chest and a particularly sensitive spot between the Breasts. Not random and many men aware of this female Organ like. The nerves of the chest is connected with the nerves of the sexual organs, which explains ends, the reflex of the resulting excitation.

The next point, which is responsible for the excitation, is the neck. Even if the fact that the partner clothed completely, and the man does not apply to other caresses, kisses on the neck are able to bring out the lady in awe and arrange them to be in close contact more. Do not forget about the spots behind the ears. You can't say that the ears – the erogenous Zone, but many people are not against the fact that you have to Massage the outer ear. Quick arousal of the Massage will not work, but the relaxation partner process exactly help.

Talk about the erogenous zones on the body, not to mention the back. A special sensitivity is a line of about vortex. This is due to the large burden of this area of the skin due to the release of a large number of nerves from the spinal canal.

The undisputed favorite of all the erogenous zones and points of the sex organs. What is not said about the g-spot-Massage (GEE)! What are the theories of their presence and absence, but also the sensitivity is not advanced! But the truth remains true: through the force of the impact is rarely a part of the body of the girl has a higher sensitivity than the sex organs. In particular, the excitation of the partner's touch can cause:

  1. Small Labia. Enough strong excitation is caused by the friction of the Penis on the labia.
  2. The Clitoris. It is believed that this small anatomical Region in the case of the wife is an analogue of the Penis in men. Respectively, each can be concluded that the stimulating effect on the organism skillful Petting can erogenous exercise this point.
  3. The vagina, in particular the lower part. There are a lot of conflicting opinions in relation to the sensitivity of this Zone. Many researchers lead to the emergence of the intensive excitation at the caresses of this part of the body with the presence of g-point. However, reliable information on how exactly this page is, and whether or not the partner reacts to excitation of this Phase, not strokes. So, if you want to spend to do a girl and make a wish with the search and try acupressure, then you can try, but the search is not worth it.

The list of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the body for women includes the inner surface of the thigh. A simple caress of this Zone, the tantalizing can wear because of the proximity to the genitals. Precisely because of such sensations, stroking and even a slight tingling result this erogenous Zone consistently to Stimulation.

Maybe it's your choice

It's not that the Standard female erogenous Zone of your Partner, in spite of all the efforts. In this case, the man is on the search for other erogenous areas, perhaps even to the surprise and for most girls. List of the less common erogenous zones of women, the inner side of the palm of your hand.

It is no secret that the palm ends with plenty of nerve sensitive. Of course, in ordinary life, the Stimulation of the hand can not cause any excitation, otherwise the woman would be able to lead a normal life. Meanwhile, in the appropriate intimate setting for the non-Intensive Massage of the inside of the palm of the hand is capable of arousing, and the girls get and she has to consent to the intimate touch. A similar tip for the sensitive places on the wrist.

Other erogenous zones in men and women:

  • The Buttocks. Nature's inherent abundance of sensitive nerve endings in this Zone. So sometimes, a mutual excitation of the girl, the man should try, not only easy to touch the fifth point of his ladies, but nibble on them with moderate force, or even try to Spank a partner.
  • Internal Elbow Bend. This part of the body does not direct erogenous spot in women, but because of the gentle and delicate skin, richly endowed with nerve endings, very sensitive.
  • Belly. Many people are unable to tolerate touch to one's own belly, but a clear answer to the question of whether or not your girl your number is not possible. We have to try it! If you see a positive reaction, and the partner really excited to touch such a weasel can skills in the men's Arsenal of sexual. If the reaction of the girl is when you touch this Zone is negative, is the effort better.

Many Oriental practices as a prelude to Sex for the arousal of the woman a foot massage to spend.


how a woman attract

Many men think foreplay erogenous zones or points of the body of the girl's unnecessary wasting of time, due to the higher sensitivity of men exclusively with the Touch on the genitals. To get to achieve the arousal and orgasm of the woman is important foreplay. As a result, such a hurry of men between the partners, misunderstandings and as a result, a feeling of non-conformity to each other. To avoid this Situation, sexologist rates:

  1. You don't avoid a hurry, even though foreplay move. Sexual zones or points of the body, the girls should devote as much attention to it, submitted to an appropriate excitation of the woman.
  2. You not and questions please don't hesitate if a girl is doing it. Sometimes the woman is even shy to say that she likes it, therefore it is better to listen to the answer of the woman, as long as you are not able to fully explore their sensitivity.
  3. Do not caress the erogenous zones and points limit only pet. Some women like stronger touch, and someone – only kisses.

And to top it off: if the search of the erogenous zones or points do not lead to the body of the woman to her arousal, then perhaps the search in the head of the girl is worth it. Sometimes a lack of arousal associated with the inability to fully relax, switch off from everyday life, uncertainty in their own attractiveness. If you give these signs in your girlfriend, then, to the question of how girls aroused, a response: your the feeling of security and confidence in their own attractiveness and of your love. The reaction was not long to wait!