What are the stimulating lubricants for women to choose?

In General, women have a sexual arousal, the secret signs, he has the kind of dense and transparent vaginal discharge. If you bring insufficient number, then the penetration of the Penis into the vagina uncomfortable sensations for both partners. There is a lubricant (lubricant) that can be used if the Problem of drought or lack of nutrients vaginal secretions.

Reasons which dry appears:

  • Menopause;
  • postpartum recovery phase;
  • surgery;
  • hormonal problems;
  • Stress and emotional strain;
  • no arousal.

Types and kinds of lubricant

Lubrication for the suggestion

The lubrication of parts in the composition in one of three ways:

  • Silicone lubrication is not dry out during intercourse. Some of them have a warming effect, therefore, after application you may experience a slight burn. One ampoule is enough for a long time due to the low flow speed. Your costs are not higher peers in the comparison, poorly washed off, be together with Latex-products. Patches of silicone lubricant will not be displayed.
  • Oil gels are to the arousal of women and men. They stimulate the flow of blood to the genitals. In the scope of supply of natural oils – coconut, estuary, cocoa, Ylang-Ylang, This means a local antiseptic is. Not condoms will be used.
  • Water-based lubricant in the composition of the natural substances. Used together with condoms. Suitable for both vaginal and anal Sex. Have washed lowest price, easy. Dry quickly.

In the case of the use of sexual toys absolutely use lubricant. These Gels are silicone-based or water-based. Usually, on the bottle it is indicated whether the toy or not.

They also share according to purpose of use:

  • vaginal;
  • Anal;
  • aromatic;
  • continue to sexual intercourse;
  • contraceptive;
  • Anti-allergic;
  • Antiseptics.

In the choice should pay attention to the brand. Preferably, the well-known brands.

Characteristics of the individual species

Gels for oral caresses in their composition, flavor substances and sweeteners. They are used when one of the partners of disgust to a specific smell or taste of the sexual organs.

During anal sex special mechanical means to protect against injuries. Their use is Optional. They make it easier to glide, relax the muscles of the Anus, have an antiseptic effect.

Anti-viral lubricant to reduce the risk of infection of the infections. Preferably, buy the people with the consequences of indiscriminate sexual relations, in the case of frequent change of Partner, or with an Allergy to Latex.

Stimulating Gel for women Libido, increase, increase the sensitivity during sexual contact, stimulate the flow of blood to the genitals. They act directly on the nerve endings of the sexual organs. In men apply, if you are having problems with erektsiey.

Gels, prolong sexual intercourse act due to the cooling component, and then a reduction in sensitivity.

Contraceptive gels reduce the risk of pregnancy, by the components, oppressive basics of sperm life.

In use, the application of lubricants:

  • Protection against micro-trauma, friction;
  • Prevention of venereal diseases;
  • a variety of Sex.

How to choose the lubrication?

how to choose lubrication

Stimulating lubricant for women available in pharmacies, Sex Shops. Lubricant, there are many companies and types. By you, pay attention to the contained components, you should, of course, be no effect on the micro flora.

Fat a must of its purpose – for anal sex, for oral sex the other. Lovers of variety in Sex, it is better to use several different lubricants.

These funds do not lose their properties, you need to store in accordance with the instructions, check the expiration date.

The purchase should be carried out in special shops, supermarkets or pharmacies, it is also in best Online stores. Don't buy on the newsstands, markets, etc.

Not worth saving were intimate. In this area, the rule of price = quality. The cheaper the product, the worse its quality.

Application notes

After the purchase of an intimate Gel should do with the instructions familiar.

A small amount of funds assumes plotted on the zones of contact of both partners.

In the case of the use of barrier methods of contraception – condoms, the Gel applied to you. It provides a secure Penetration.

In case of intolerance of components, you should consult a doctor for advice.

After the contact residues of lubricant with the water and the soap will be washed out.