Erogenous points women: the secrets of the female "button"

Erogenous Zone – part of the human body by the effects you can get sexy genuine excitement. Ladies have similar erotic points in large quantities in different places. The fact that men are the majority of them have a very superficial understanding. It is a great pity, because a real sexual intercourse in women, and women only after the preparatory touches to these "coveted" spots.

erogenous zones in women

The Note should be correct. The bodies of the women are so arranged that, when touching him in the wrong, such a touch nasty. What is the Holy buttons (erogenous zones) have the ladies, and what should he do with them?

So, you can find the erogenous Holy point ladies

Man easier, you can find the excitable "buttons" on the body of a woman, if you have a perfect conditions for the relaxation of the female partner. Only later you need to start your search with gentle touches and kisses. In principle, erogenous town show – that is the goal for both partners. To find men, and to study more areas of the body of the partner. The lady needs to give a notice to the Partner, which part of your body the highest sensitivity.

Do not stop only at the places and the erogenous zones in women and in men (breast, neck, genital area). To find in the Holy button of a woman's body can be in almost all the places. Start of the ladies of the fingers up to the hair roots. All the saints point connected to each other. In the case of a frontal follow-up with the hands or with the tongue, according to the Association of the yarns, can frustrate, and even discover new and exciting places. Should you attention to you enough. Surely the lady must be committed to these acts of men, and promoted. You should allow him to kiss and smooth where he wants. If the body ladies new points, which his mistress, and absolutely not the fact that they only react to their own "explorers". The main thing is that the work on these points and excitation only in the case of delicate and proper proclamation with them.

The best-known "women's places" on the sponge and language, the earlobes, and dimples near the collarbone, in the area around the nipple (the nipple). The Vagina and the clitoris, the area of the abdomen around the pubic bone, navel, neck, buttocks, the area under the shoulder is the area below the knee and the area of the waist, the inner surface of the thigh and the upper third part of the thigh (outer side) – this is also an erogenous Zone.

Primary, secondary catalysts

Touch of the lips. All the erogenous zones of a woman's body is a sensitive catalysts from nature, be they as a primary. Some ladies have such places in the system, others on a selective basis. Together Holy the points evenly, together with experience of. with primary and secondary They are not rare in all areas and respond to the monotonous effect in a different way. Confirmed that all of the erogenous points positively to kisses. Remember that concrete Screen sponges in different phases of the female body but, in particular, to respond to affection the place. Erogenous zones can treasure on the elbow or on the heels. The efforts in the search for erogenous points of need, because their sum is Prima – a unique and unforgettable Sex.