How fast you bring the girl back home: what you need to know

The intimate side of the relationship is as important as the feelings between the young people. But there are times when the passion subsides, and the girl deviates increasingly from the vicinity. Experts say that the most common cause for such behavior — inadequate sexual arousal. In this context, the question is, how quickly girls attract relevant among the entire male half of the society.

as girls delight

In fact, the process of arousal in women is complex and varied, of male arousal. Make your favorite girls can not touch, only on-contact, kick-off, but even well-chosen words and speeches. The experts are ready, call the most effective options for foreplay, as well as all the erogenous points on the body of a woman, the lead in the "fight" activity.

The girls and their excitability

Only a few people know that sexual arousal has different symptoms and characteristics, how many processes in the human body. So the girls lead the active sexual condition, a man needs to make it in the moral and the physical plane. Man must have just the right accents on the preferences of the girls themselves, but also their erogenous zones.

In nature and the processes in the body of every woman is different, and thus the process of arousal in all, it's different. A girl can start of a passionate kiss, the other will be enough for a couple of obscene Proverbs, the third soul to have a relaxing Massage. Experts say that only in a relationship where the man knows the nature of the body, his wife and their preferences, the excitement comes as quickly as possible.

If men love with the eyes and at the sight of the spectacular girl, Horny, can, immediately, with the women all a lot more complicated. A man pulls a strong dominant of the image used compliments and words of admiration, used tactile, is located in the area of his confidence, and always finds time for conversation with her. Male arousal instincts to rule, feminine — psychology.

What can

With ease the woman at home to study man simply enough, your nature, psychology, preferences, i.e. to inspire, you only need to know well, you. Experts help in search of the erogenous zones and the best ways of sexual Stimulation. To attract a woman, enough to have several stages of sexual affection — kissing, tactile, tender words and caresses.


The most important and usual method for the transmission of feelings, affection and tenderness — these are the kisses combined. If the young people are a long time in a relationship, you can learn to kiss several techniques to diversify your intimate life. Quickly the woman in front of delight with the help of kisses you as follows:

  • caresses the lips of the man lips women;
  • Kiss with the penetration of the tongue, caresses, the language of the woman and of the sky;
  • step touch of the lips the lips with a gradual penetration of the language.

According to the physiology without the kiss quickly the girl did not awaken, although many men underestimate the importance of this stage of foreplay. Accordingly, a kiss is the most important generator from the beginning close contact, which can continue throughout the sexual intercourse, fueling passion and feeling of Partner If the girl refuses to kiss, the smell of the mouth, lack of oral hygiene or low sensitivity to such kind of affection.


Relax physiologically and mentally, a girl can contact with the help of the tactile. For starters, you can put it to bed, accompanied the process of gentle touch to your body. To further touch in the following Format:

  • do not touch the body of the girl with the fingers and with the tongue at the same time;
  • You can decide to daring experiments in Touch, to rekindle the passion in him;
  • with the help of the skillful use of the hands, bring the girl up to the Moment, close to orgasm;
  • touch the girl, can emancipation from the top to the bottom, whereby the degree of.
The possibilities of the excitation Girls

After the touch of a gradual sexual games, and the direct intercourse. Haptics — the favorite pastime of the girls, due to their increased sensitivity, man can be applied to do your hands on the language, and erotic or just a relaxing Massage, use in the course of the erogenous points on the body. The main thing is that the touches were gentle, which will not allow the pain and discomfort.

Caresses and words

Sexual excitation of the woman is not just physiologically, but also in your brain. So feelings and sensations strengthen strengthen to, you can with the help of words. In General, experts advise with the correctly chosen words intimate start contact. Delight in the hearing of women, they give in to their instincts to sharpen sensations, arouse desire and get rid.

The words have to audition in front of the stage, in this time, some women like it when the man speaks to her in a certain Format, even during intercourse. Words can have multiple options — loving and tender words of love, compliments and words of admiration, vulgar, and a special way of expression in the Form of a game, obscene offers, as well as the recognition of his irresistible desire in relation to you

Erogenous Zones

In the body of every human being, there are a number of erogenous points, the Stimulation leads to sexual arousal, relaxing the body and awakening the passions, and instincts of animals. Every woman has active and less effective points, the track you only by trial and error, by the Stimulation and the reaction of the woman to the actions of the partner.

You can arouse the girl with the impact on the erogenous zones can be according to the following algorithm:

  • the contact with the fingers and the tongue;
  • exposure to a body area to another.

Experts point out that every woman there are several types of erogenous points — weak, medium and strong. You can start a petting zoo with the weaknesses, with the increasing Stimulation sexual arousal increased more and more. If in the wrong direction, it can lead to overstimulation and rapid loss of the interest of the girl to have sexual intercourse.

Erogenous area of the weak sensitivity

The first during the sexual games between the partners erogenous in General, the quietest point. If you rarely girl fall to the INTIMA, but also bring you pleasant sensations and relaxation.

In this category, the following areas were:

  • Neck;
  • Hair;
  • Hands;
  • Eyes;
  • Ears.

You start with touching on the head, cheat hair or their installation, tap on the crown of the head or in the neck. Effective Massage of the skin of the head, it accelerates blood circulation, improves the natural pulses in the body, and also disables distracting thoughts in the head. Then you can go to the décolleté and neck, using lips and tongue. Kisses can leg not only on the neck, but also the conversion to the key, and shoulders.


Another sensitive area kiss — fingers, and the Hand of the woman. Don't forget about the ears, in the process of kissing can inspire a whisper kind words, compliments and even obscene offer in the brain of a woman. An incredible feeling you experience when you are with your lips and tongue caress the earlobe, licking the ears.


After the man "worked" the medium sensitivity of the place, you can move on to more serious Stimulation. Careful points average degree of sensitivity are:

  • Chest;
  • Thighs and buttocks;
  • Back;
  • Lips.

As practice shows, is responding to the chest, according to every touch, the main thing is not to overdo it with the effects. If a man touches the milk-glands in the time of ovulation, the result is much stronger. There are such girls, with a high degree of excitability, which can give you an orgasm of touches on the chest and nipples.

Also in bed with the girl a man can. a relaxing Massage of the buttocks, back, waist, starting with stroking with the hands, to touch with the lips and tongue The greatest attention can be under the title "cats-the-spot", the spot between the shoulder blades in the back. Kisses and touches here cause tremendous pleasant feelings for a girl.

Through Massage and tactile influences on these areas in the body accelerates the flow of blood, which means that the blood faster to the organs of the small pelvis. All of this is a natural physiological arousal, which is considered women's "butterflies in the stomach". The effectiveness of such a Stimulation of the erogenous zones of the average degree of sensitivity increase, you can kiss and point to the influence of language on the contour of the lips of the girl.

The Last Phase

Now, after a comprehensive and efficient foreplay if the woman can already literally ready for sexual intercourse, man sure you go to the Stimulation of the active erogenous zones — the inner side of the hips and in the crotch. Have to pet it first on the line of the legs, with hands and lips, is gradually becoming the most important place to the genitals of the woman.

At all fork is divided into several areas:

  • Clitoris;
  • the entire Zone of the lower wall of the Vagina to the Anus;
  • Labia;
  • the threshold of the vagina.

The most sensitive Zone — the clitoris, the Stimulation of the process of orgasm speed up. You can also reinforces the feeling of contact, by the entire area of the lower wall of the Vagina to the anus, by the relationship of the wort. The greatest number of nerve endings observed in the Region of the vestibule of the Vagina and of the labia minora. The stimulation of this Zone will improve in the course of sexual intercourse, the sensations during orgasm.

Important nuances worth considering

To quickly bring down a woman, the men are always there in the Arsenal of three types of weapons — non-verbal signs, voice and touch. Special attention is paid to the voice, after work in advance. To do this, you have the voice of velvet can be met and tickling playful intonations. The body is to improve language by the smooth posture, self-confidence, relaxed and flowing movements.


Master Pickup rates, the technique of "sticky eye" - that is, reduce girl with the eyes and the smile, so that visual contact certain mystique. Position the proximity of a romantic setting, the expression of compliments and admiration of the partner. Never rush, as it might look, how the psychological pressure, accompanied by the removal.


If you excite a man with just a can look more open and sexy, then for the arousal of the woman need a little time, and performing various Tricks. To win the girls open conversation, compliments, admiration of her beauty. More important contact, kisses and hugs, tactile, viz. Excite, and configure it so that sexual intercourse helps the impact on their erogenous points of the body.