Stimulating lubricant for women: what is better to use

The female body is designed so that, at the time of sexual arousal, produces natural lubrication, covers the Vagina. As a result of external factors or problems with the health of this mystery stands out is not enough. Wife has severe discomfort in the time of the sexual intercourse. In order to avoid unpleasant feelings, the use of lubricant is recommended for a stimulating, hydrating cunt, and increase the blood supply to the genitals.

Lubricant for the arousal of women

Why disappears the natural lubrication

There are many reasons, to a decrease in the Libido of women to intimacy, and thus to a reduction of the natural lubrication.

In the process, representatives of the fair sex to be totally apathetic in bed, or refuses to the Partner during Sex.

  • Chronic diseases or inflammation in the body weaken the immune system of the women, giving them vitality.
  • The presence of micro-vaginal or sexual infection cracks due to the irritation and itching. The girl feels pain during Sex, therefore, tries to avoid it.
  • Repression of the Psyche, anti-depressants or calming medication reduces the excitability.
  • Constant Stress, problems in family or at work, to relax the women and enjoy sex with your Partner.
  • Chronic fatigue makes the representatives of the fair sex apathetic.
  • Hormonal changes in the body associated with age-related peculiarities of the women after 40 years under the secretion of natural secretions suppressed.
  • Smoking, abuse of alcohol or drugs is a negative impact on the sexual life of the couple.

The above factors have a direct influence on the work of the female reproductive organs.

The natural lubrication is not enough, which stop women to enjoy Sex, which leads to a cooling of feelings between partners, Depression, and even fight.

In this case, it is recommended to go to the gynecologist, to the passage of the investigation, the identification of the physiological causes of the problems and dealing with them. You may also need the help of a psychologist for dealing with Stress.

Tools for women

Faster to establish sexual life and a good relationship with your Partner, the fair sex, and recommend special drugs, sexual activity at any age.

To eliminate modern lubricant for women only is such a Problem, such as vaginal dryness, but serve as an additional pathogen.

The use of gels, lubricants through sexual contact has the following positive effects:

  • To help avoid injury to the delicate mucosa of the Vagina, moisturizing and elastic.
  • The Penis slides better during Sex, which leads to the strengthening of sensations.
  • Improves the blood supply to the female genital organs, thereby increasing the chances of getting an orgasm.
  • The content of the added antiseptic components, lubrication relieves minor inflammation and irritation.

The obvious advantages of using stimulating Gels, lubricants, many of the representatives to convince the fairer sex of the necessity of the purchase. Women notice a significant Transfiguration sexual life with your Partner, improving mood and maintaining the incredible sensations during intercourse.

Variety of intimate lubricants

The entire range of gels for women can be divided into different categories, depending on the contained components. You need to understand what resources would be best suited before you go to the pharmacy behind the purchase.

Silicone-based lubricants

The most popular are. They have some significant advantages:

Varieties of lubricants and gels
  • A long tissue of the vagina is absorbed, so as to prolong the sexual act, without the reinforcement of the feelings of friction.
  • Economical in use, since it is not necessary re-apply.
  • These drugs can also be the lover of anal sex.
  • Stimulating effect occurs after just a few minutes after application. Vaginal tissue to heat up and be much more elastic.

Despite this, more the number of positive moments, point out some disadvantages of lubricants based on silicone:

  • High price, making these funds available, not all interested.
  • A lubricant with the silicone washed off of the skin.
  • Medicines leave traces on clothing and bedding.
  • Most of the gels with such a composition is contraindicated at the same time, to be used with Latex contraceptives. The molecules of silicone to react with the surface of the condom, and the violation of its structure. Probably Latex crack with the possibility of infection with sexual infections or pregnancy.

Lubricants for women are water-based

Not less popular than silicone. Many representatives of the fair sex to notice such would these gels lubricant:

  • Light texture, easy to rinse.
  • The possibility to use with condoms.
  • Hypoallergenic Composition.

However, few accept that the resources consumed pretty quickly.

It needs to be re-applied when the sexual act is durable, since the lubricant with water-based quickly pulls a tissue of the Vagina.

Oil Lubrication

Effective in need of additional Stimulation.

Composition of additional substances with a warming effect, which act almost immediately after application.

Blood of the external genital organs of a woman vessels to widen, thus, the sensitivity during sexual contact.

Such means relieve existing irritations, promote healing of small cracks in the Vagina.

Another positive quality oil-based lube is the Stimulation of men in problems with erection.

But in the case of funds with a similar composition, there are disadvantages: the forgiveness of the tracks and the incompatibility with condoms.

In the selection of intimate lubricants wife the most suitable product, taking into account the peculiarities of the organism of the patient and the intensity of your sexual life you should consult a gynecologist, tells you.

As it is an intimate Gel for women

To choose in addition to the question of what lubricant is, the fair sex curious about how the preparations correctly applied to achieve the desired effect.

  • After the acquisition of the resources necessary to Test for any allergic reaction. For this purpose, a small amount of lubricant is attached on the inner side of the elbow. If after a couple of hours is not observed redness or itching, it means that the drug is suitable for the intended purpose of use used. If you are planning to use a lubricant without a condom, the Test for individual intolerance to the components and your Partner.
  • Prior to the application of a lubricant to the external sex organs, both partners in a shower should take or keep hygiene measures. It is important to do to get rid of unnecessary germs, and other contaminants.
  • A thin layer of Gel on the water -, oil -, or silicone-based genital cover for a few minutes before the sexual contact.
  • If, during intercourse, dryness and pain that appeared to lubricate sex advice parts again, using a larger quantity of the drug.
  • After the intercourse both partners, the radicals, wash lubrication should just water with shower gel or soap.
the correct use of lubricant

The most intimate lubricants have an allergic composition. If preliminary Tests showed no intolerance, but after the Sex the woman feels a burning and itching, you should go to the woman doctor.