Sexual arousal in women: characteristics and properties

If you believe the statistics, many women imitate orgasm during Sex with a regular Partner. The reason for this is, as it turns out, is often not enough seriously to two preliminary caresses. To start inexperienced men in the sexual sense in General, more primary activities, try to understand don't try, if a girl is aroused. To hinder while for women, the foreplay play a much more significant role, but do not want, a desire, a lover, my ladies are ready, by a simple rule pleasure neglected to reach arousal of passion.

how a woman attract

Questions about what attracted the most partners, both men and women. You know something about the fantasies in the minds of the ladies the stronger sex for centuries to try, and I must say, there were their results. Experienced men, visited on the pages of our column, well, you know about the different ways of excitation of girl: a stimulating Massage up to the right techniques, a special moment. We will give actionable tips and for those that you inspire girls to have Sex with her for the first time, if it does not seem quite so intractable the task.

To neutralize, despite the fact that the needs of boys pronounced in the prelude, much less, fully to play their role for the male arousal would be wrong. It's just the principle of the mechanism of the sexual response, the representative of strong sex shows a light bulb: turn off immediately, quickly heating up and as quickly cools down.

Sometimes guys selected words and phrases can inspire, competently, the spark of love in a Partner for a couple of seconds, and with the kiss, if the girl know about the most sensual parts of his body. If a woman needs to know about secret techniques and points to a man with the hands, to enjoy your chosen in bed seductress in the situation without great difficulties.

Do not forget about the individuality and opportunities for each excitation. Practical tips for women and men to understand in our section, help you need their halves of the bed. Foreplay and sexual foreplay – common denominator, to be able to slow down, love, Partner, and pace preheat the partner, the synchronous led her towards a climax of mutual pleasure.

Sexual arousal in women: characteristics and properties

Sexual arousal of a woman: basics for the suggestion

To understand a woman aroused is not so easy, as a man, to full Sex, and also more enjoyable for both partners, it is important the main characteristics of female sexuality. Sexual arousal in women has a number of external and internal physiological characteristics:

  • Expansion Of Vaginal Walls;
  • increased elasticity of the Penis;
  • the selection of lubrication;
  • Swelling of the clitoris;
  • the flood of blood to the labia minora;
  • hormonal outbreaks.

This is necessary in order to get pleasure from Sex. Muscles pretty Vagina aroused in the situation, to shrink, its walls become, as it were, envelop the Penis, by the strong stimulation of the nerve endings of both sexual organs and pleasure.

Characteristics of sexual arousal in women

  1. Above all, it is important to understand that the female body differently than the male body. This is especially true for sexuality. Excitation of the woman, the appearance of the desire for intimacy is a large amount of conditions requires. Even this process is not as rapid as in the male, but slowly, gradually increase to insurmountable fatigue. Keep in mind that even the anticipation of imminent sexual contact may even lead to arousal in women automatically. Many are indifferent to the sight of male sex organs. The Demonstration of the Penis and can even lead to resentment, disgust and revulsion.
  2. Sexual arousal in women grows much longer than the men, but it is not steady and ends up in a few minutes.
  3. Remember that sexual desire is the impact on the erogenous zones for girls only appears in the course of the long foreplay,. Without this pussy just is not ready to copulate, and the introduction of the member in such an environment can Organ injuries to the soft. Later uncovered girls is to deny a long time Partner is inattentive in the vicinity.
  4. Also a great is the role of the facilities: lighting, interior, odors, the presence or absence of music and so continues to play. Some women of all negotiations in the special conditions, such as in the car.

The main methods to call the sexual desire

It is important to understand that female arousal depends on many factors, without which even the proper technique of the stimulation of intimate places is not allowed, the right mood.

    1. First of all, make sure that your favorite she wants to. It is important to understand that with women there are times the absence of desire for Sex. Persistent approach attempts to lead her in this Moment, only to quarrel. But even in the case of the failure of a woman surrounded by care. For that, thank you for it later, because nothing is stronger than the increased attention on the part of a loved one, the not limited need for Sex.
    2. A huge role has properly chosen atmosphere. Unobtrusive questions about their favorite smell, the colours, the relaxing music, soft, cozy bed. Then the girl is not a long foreplay.
    3. Remember that the woman loves the ears. Praise your Outfit, make a couple of nice compliments. You can relax with a Massage, a caress and kisses. And only when your desire reaches a sufficiently high level, you can begin the foreplay.
    4. The woman more excited is life after a long break in sex, as in the case of abstinence, the body needs relief and promotes sexual arousal.
    5. A major role in the women's monthly cycle plays. In the time of ovulation is the best time for conception of the child is a girl arouse a lot easier. And here right on the eve of Menstruation, the sexual excitation is, on the contrary, is in decline. The irritability increases, periodically, pain in the abdominal area. In the case of any of the listed signs you not offer to have the girl Sex, because it only leads to the natural negative reaction. So do not forget about the peculiarities of the female body.
    6. By finally be on the Stimulation of the erogenous zones of a woman, her Vagina, clitoris, Breasts, gently. And try to surprise. In the men's Arsenal there are many means of: lips, fingers, strong excitation causes the stroke of the outer labia and the clitoris with the tip of the Penis. But do not forget to keep the reaction to your favorite affection, to understand what you like and what not. If you immediately notice the first signs of discontent, you will quickly stop the unpleasant effects.
The possibilities of the suggestion

The most important thing on the Sex, the love, and not Vice versa. Your caresses aroused, the desire reaches in its highest point, a woman needs to feel loved. Surround it with care and love. Not to lead with the above-mentioned recommendations, the stimulation of the woman's difficulties.