Life, "dry": 8 causes of vaginal lubrication

With 18 and 50 years old, almost 17% of the fairer sex drought faced with the Problem of divorce, at least during Sex. With age the likelihood of developing vaginal secretion only increased.

Every fourth woman aged 50 to 60 years, suffers complain of a lack of this precious liquid when you love the game and 16% that it caused them pain. But what can be the cause?

a little lubrication in women during arousal

Vaginal Secret

In the standard scabbard should not be dry, its mucosa, and the cervix and fallopian tubes require constant humidification. Therefore, vaginal secret there are always, in every state of a woman, at any age.

Vaginal (or anal) the secret — the result of the work of a number of glands of the vagina in advance, in the area of the neck of the uterus and in the fallopian tubes. In addition, although the Vagina has glands for the production of lubrication, the optimal composition of the lubricant is, on the basis of de transudation — the penetration of the liquid part of the blood through the walls of the capillaries, and output in the cavity of the Vagina. Self-transudate is a white (slightly grey) lac viscous liquid with weak acidic or acidic pH (3,0-5,0).

Constantly produced vaginal lubrication, with an acidic pH, the wife, protects against infections, and "washes" away dead epithelial cells, to keep the Vagina clean.

Daily female body produces from 1 to 5 ml of vaginal fluid. This volume will change depending on the health condition of the woman, the Phase of your menstrual cycle, sexual activity, and also of the quality of the actual intercourse, and other parameters.

As a substitute vaginal secret?

Artificial lubricants for the love of it is water and oil (fat) base. The second should not be used if you intend to Latex condoms, because oil in lubricants can lead to breakage. Do not use as a lubricant, Vaseline, Baby oil or Baby creams — you are not safe. And what exactly you should do, as the saliva lubricated. In the mouth a variety of bacteria and fungi, only too happy to Neuland lives. The mucous membrane of the vagina, and even dried — the ideal place for your penetration.

Vaginal secret, slightly transparent, with a whitish hue, rather colourless. It is interesting to note that his taste is individual for each Person and can be the exchange of sexual partners. And his consistency and the taste will vary depending on the Phase of the menstrual cycle and vary even in the process of actual intercourse:

a little lubrication in women with arousal treatment
  • follicular Phase, vaginal secret, almost transparent, a liquid, the volume of 1-2 ml per day (on strip it looks like a spot with a diameter of 2-3 cm), nearly no smell or with a weak sour smell;
  • the Phase of ovulation — the volume increases up to 4 ml per day (spot size at laying — 5 cm), increases the viscosity, mucosae, possibly beige shade;
  • luteal-Phase-to-Phase — the mystery even more tenacious and stringy, kiselevtsy, acquires a yellowish tint.

Important to know: if vaginal secret acquired a distinct color and a distinct flavor — it is time to see a doctor.

The smell is the result of an active vital activity of bacteria and fungi into the vagina.

At a constant dryness of the Vagina you experience the following symptoms:

  • the mucous membrane becomes thinner, the walls lose their elasticity, can start to bleed;
  • during intercourse woman the discomfort (itching, burning) or pain experienced itching, in advanced cases, and burn it also feels outside of intimacy;
  • also in the case of the excitation of the quantity of mucus is not increased;
  • due to the fact that the urethra is near the Vagina, it can urge to frequent and pain in the urine.

If all of a sudden the mystery was not enough, you should look for the reason for it. We list the most common: some problems are easy to solve, others require a trip to the doctor. The main thing — time to get oriented, what is at stake in this particular case.

Dehydration is a rare cause of the lack of vaginal secretions in our world, where women sometimes put on a pretty hard diet, and sometimes also in the gym practicing, the so-called "dry". Lead to dehydration the active consumption of alcohol and long in the heat.


You Have To Revise Your Water Budget. A woman should drink per day 2-2,5 liters of water in any Form. If you can also the sport visited Halle, the fluid intake can be higher. When it comes to the intended reduction of water content in the body, it should be understood that vaginal dryness is a "warning signal" of the body that signals that something goes wrong, suffering, and the internal organs. Is it really necessary tough measures in relation to themselves?

Disorders of hormonal Balance

Sometimes dryness — a side-effect of processes of divorce, more natural for the body.

Production of mucus — the result of the action of the female sex hormones estrogen. If these are not enough, the production of mucus is disturbed, it develops a dryness of the vagina.

Fluctuations of estrogen occur in the following cases:

  • age-related atrophy of the vaginal walls and the reduction of the produced mucus — usually years developed during the exchange and is one of its symptoms;
  • decreased secretion of glands observed during pregnancy and lactation;
  • some women complain about the lack of vaginal secretions at the beginning and at the end of the menstrual cycle — in fact, in this period, estrogen levels lower, but normal, healthy woman does not have to suffer from drying out;
  • all other conditions and diseases where the level of estrogen decreases in the body.


The deficit of estrogen safe again is its introduction from the outside. This is done with the help of vaginal rings estrogen vaginal cream with estrogen or estrogen tablets inserted into the Vagina. It is, of course, that all of these methods for dealing with drought must be prescribed by a doctor.

In the case of these funds, there are contra-indications. For example, you can't women be assigned with the diagnosis of breast cancer or cervical cancer, patients with vaginal bleeding, pregnant and lactating young mothers.


The ingestion of many drugs leads to a reduction in vaginal secretions. For example, the common oral contraceptives on the Basis of progesterone can cause vaginal dryness.

In this list drugs inhibit the production of estrogen:

  • Cardiovascular Drugs,
  • blood pressure-lowering drugs (to reduce pressure),
  • Antidepressants,
  • diuretic,
  • Antihistamines, and drugs, the antièstrogennym action (for the treatment of fibroids or endometriosis), and others.
a little lubrication in women for arousal reasons


If the reason for the dryness is a drug, it is necessary to clarify — how long do you have to take it. In General, the production of secretions recovered after a short period of time after discontinuation of the medication.

But sometimes you can't pick it up, and in this case, you can doctor with the wife and enjoy with special means for lubricating the vagina.

Not a prelude to sexual intercourse

The average woman in full arousal needed 8-10, sometimes even 15 minutes.

If the Partner is in a hurry, additional lubrication may simply not have time to develop in the right quantity, and the sheath of "dry" after a short period of time after the contact.


Prelude discuss with your Partner. So it is that the man in a hurry, because he fears that possibly "create" to full-fledged arousal of his partner.

In this case, there is a delayed return worthwhile language with andrologist or with the seller in the Shop the corresponding products on the subject-matter of the acquisition of the means (gels, greases), the Moment of orgasm.

Custom Sex

Everything that goes on in addition, average sexual intercourse, sheath can be the cause of the dryness in the.

The list could be endless, for example, to active and permanent contact with a Partner, to rough Penetration, the use of accessories, the emotionally and physically lead to a decrease in the Libido of the woman, an unusual Situation, a psychological unwillingness on the part of women to the carrying out of sexual intercourse at the Moment, etc.


And in this case, the participation of the sexual partner. If the woman is self-Standard conditions of the sexual contact are all satisfied, you can in lubricants — artificial fats.

The reaction to the means of Hygiene

It seems that the purer, the better? Not in the case of the Vagina, the ecological niche for a variety of different bacteria and fungi. In the Norm all of these micro-organisms will inhabit the vagina and keep it acidic pH-value.

If you overdo it with the means of Hygiene, contains antibacterial component (Triclosan, for example), you can use the whole of the intestinal flora: and destructive to destroy, and your home, useful. And it undermines the mucous membranes, breaks in the production of vaginal secretions.


Lubrication in females during arousal

Just the usual warm water wash, do not use the special agent with anti-bacterial components. Your application is permitted, in accordance with the recommendation of the doctor, usually the body has enough of the normal water applications.

If you are still there was a need, similar to use, you should with the name "Hypo-allergenic" and have a pH range of 3.8 to 4.5,. Alkaline apply alkaline with a high pH-value (soap, Lotion), is not necessary. By the way, withering effect douching, vaginal shower, and swimming lessons in the swimming pool with chlorine.

Bad Habits

Smoking negatively affects the blood vessels, which means leads to a deterioration of the blood supply to all organs of the body, including the organs of the small pelvis. The practice shows that a few months after refusal of Smoking the Problem of dryness of the vagina disappears. Negative effects of and alcohol, which, as it is written, we are at the top, which contributes to dehydration.


If the woman is aware of the fact that you can occur, lack of lubrication in the process of sexual intercourse, it is better that before, not with alcohol be used and reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. According to a possibility, of course.


Some of the diseases and States, but also a lack of vaginal secretions:

After the removal of the ovaries reduces estrogen is produced, and as a result, reduces the volume of the production of vaginal fluid. Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease develops the defeat of the connective tissue.

In this case, there is interference in the work of the various glands of external secretion, including those in the preparation of the vaginal secretions. In these patients, the dryness is celebrated not only in the mouth, in the nose, on the skin, but also in the vagina.

  1. On the background of the methods of treatment of cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  2. In The Case Of Endometriosis.
  3. In the case of menstrual disorders, for whatever reason.
  4. On the background of inflammatory processes in the area of the vagina and the urethra.
  5. An allergic reaction to condoms and other means of preventing pregnancies and infections when you love the game, including spermicides.


In the presence of pathology of any kind should may be the cause of vaginal dryness, discuss this Problem with your doctor. In any case, you should not try to solve it yourself. The disease limits the choice and can be the cause of unwanted reactions to this or that medium for humidification.