Recipes of effective pathogen for women with your hands

Picking to create the right ingredients to easily exciter for women at home. Of course, you can achieve the products of the pharmaceutical industry and the result in few minutes. But much safer to use and more reliable recipes of traditional medicine and cuisine, a lasting effect.

Aphrodisiac for women at home

Phytothe rapeutic women-pathogen – cook with your own hands

Since ancient times, healers of the various peoples of decoctions and infusions created to increase the female Libido. Many of the old recipes are still used for the production of stimulant tablets, drops and powder-drugs.

Effective Recipes:

  1. Hop cones since ancient times in Eastern medicine to increase Libido in both men and women. To prepare the broth take El must cones, dried hops, pour a glass of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes on the fire. Drink take half a Cup 2 times a day.
  2. Ginseng increases blood circulation in the small pelvis and increases sexual activity. For the preparation of the elixir 100 gr take Ginseng root pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist night. The Infusion of the root is cinnamon and cook on low heat for at least an hour by the addition of a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of. Should take twice a day, three tablespoons of.
  3. The root of the wild Yam contains fitosterine, which stimulate the production of estrogen. The roots of the plants, chop, pour 500 ml of vodka and insist 10 days in a dark place. Then all the Filter and take 25 drops after each meal for 30 days.
  4. Golden root is able to physical forces, to restore, to fill the body with energy and boost sexual desire. You can buy alcohol tincture in the pharmacy. Take it for a hour before sexual intercourse on 2 tablespoons.
  5. To increase Libido, will be useful to black tea with slice of ginger and a little cardamom to add. This drink is good, tightens, strengthens the immune system and increases the sexual energy.
Also to increase Libido useful infusions apply such herbs as horsetail, St. John's wort flowers, root vegetables, parsnips, Dubrovnik, calamus root, passion flower.

Prepare infusions on the classic recipe, shown on the packaging. The application of the recipes of the herbal medicine, don't expect quick results, but after a course of 2-4 weeks and long-lasting reach and sustainable impact.

Aphrodisiac for women

Sexy cooking at home

A little increase in Libido certain foods will help, which is in almost every refrigerator. Who tends to be a intense work plan to emotional disorders, often tiredness and aversion to intimacy is feeling that food must fill these products:

  1. Bananas contain Bromelain, a strengthening of the Libido, as well as potassium and vitamins, filling the body with energy and strength.
  2. Seafood, especially oysters, is the most powerful aphrodisiac that increases Libido is good and liberating.
  3. Avocado contains potassium and folic acid, which have a positive influence on female sexuality.
  4. Black chocolate is useful in many ways, including the intimate. The product supports the development of happiness hormone also increases the sexual desire due to the phenylethylamine.
  5. Ginger in the diet, because it improves blood circulation and stimulates sexual exploits.
  6. Almonds fills the energy reserves and the smell of the walnut effect on women stimulating. Useful on a daily basis, you eat at least a handful of the aromatic nuts.
  7. Celery contains Androsterone, which acts on women as the male pheromone. It is useful, in the raw state, every day.
  8. Asparagus contains large amounts of Vitamin E, which normalizes the synthesis of sex hormones.
  9. Figs increase sexual stamina and by the content of amino acids increases the Libido.
  10. Raspberries and strawberries, intoxicating sweet scent, fill the body with energy and help make the evening even more romantic and sensual.

To eliminate signs of sexual dysfunction, it is useful, a lot of green. So, for example, salads, Dill, parsley, cilantro, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers are an easy dinner, give energy and increase the Libido. Necessarily present in the menu must be seafood such as lobster, fish, squid, algae, shrimp, and oysters are not only women but also men.

Aroma therapy – as women-pathogen

Essential oils-aphrodisiacs have a positive effect on the nervous system, stimulate the production of Endorphin, take the mental stress that help liberated, and increase sexual desire. You can be male, female, and neutral. Oils you can.for the filling smells of the room, for the adoption of the bath or erotic Massage

To increase Libido this oil is used in flavors:

Aphrodisiac recipes for women
  1. Orange — fatigue, lifts the spirits, makes the blood circulate more.
  2. Geranium — instincts, arouses, encourages a passionate relationship begins.
  3. Vanilla relaxes, increases the sensuality and thrill.
  4. Clove is able to prolong orgasms, increase sensitivity.
  5. Jasmine is self-confidence, liberating, wrapped in sweet bliss.
  6. Ylang-Ylang is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, the use dosed, because in large quantities it has the opposite effect.
  7. Ginger oil applies equally to men and women. Delicate scent awakens the imagination and helps prolong orgasm.
  8. Lavender is ideal for relaxation, erotic Massage, slow foreplay.
  9. Oil of Neroli to relieve tension, increase sensitivity, and sexuality to uncover.
  10. Nutmeg oil magically affects both partners, awakening instincts and give a boost of energy.
  11. Patchouli liberating, increases sensitivity, helps to achieve an orgasm. It is necessary to use drops, since the flavor change is very full-bodied and can.
  12. Rosemary helps women get rid of the complex and enjoy the intimacy.

In the planning of aroma, use therapy to increase the Libido, it should be remembered that oil recommended to be applied on the skin and mucous membranes in its purest Form, is not permitted taking. Fragrances can be mixed at its sole discretion, for the creation of universal compositions.

Aphrodisiac for women methods

Interest, such as female of the pathogens with your hands, pay attention to the spices that the sexual desire in both men and women. For the health and life was more intense and intimate colorful, it is recommended that the spiciness of the food, saffron, anise, cinnamon, fucus, Cayenne pepper, nutmeg, fennel, cardamom and even garlic.

Folk broths and recipes, certain foods and stimulating scents, hovering in the air, — all this helps to comprehensively solve the Problem of reduced Libido and improve the quality of the intimate life. But to the recipes of traditional medicine to be useful, add a little affection, sensitivity, and heat, after seasoned generously, this "salad" of love and romance.