How to attract the woman of the evening should not be sluggish

Women know many Tricks, with which you will manage to arouse drive in man sex. There is an opinion that the use of such techniques should only the representatives of the fair sex, but in relation to you is not necessary.

how a woman attract

Nevertheless, caring men who really want to, you desire your partner, the question of how the woman is aroused. Maybe they do it to some extent and for yourself, because if you rejoiced in the situation, and the man of pleasure.

What steps do I need to do?

Men understand that all the representatives of the other sex means different, what is that and approach for each of them to search for the individual. And yet, there are universal Tricks that help arouse the partner, well, or at least the mood of the upcoming evening.

Romance. Organize representatives of the stronger sex, if he's looking forward to a pleasant continuation of the evening.

Candles and a delicious dinner – the first step to the creation of the desired atmosphere. Not all men are chefs, but not necessary. You can build a light dinner, but even if it can not afford, you can just order the food from the cafes and Restaurants.

Everyone knows that there is quite a lot of products that are capable of, so to, man lift the mood, but also on the female Libido also can affect the food. Inspire representatives of the fair sex is easier, if you taste bananas, oranges, corn, currants, grapes, honey, pistachio, Mango, shrimp, vanilla, chocolate.

All together one can of course bring to the table, but also one or more of the products from this list will suffice. Relax and helps a little alcohol, and both. Only here, the spirits should be eaten in large quantities, in order not to relax too much.

By the way, alcohol, hormones play, and arousal may occur, both quickly:

  • Flowers. The representatives of the stronger sex believe that the presentation of the bouquet is banal, boring and even eliminated, but it is not so. Flowers help you get closer not just emotionally, but also the woman place of physical proximity. You can also act differently on the weaker sex. For example, mallow, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine Aroma that helps faster representative of the fair sex to adjust to the romantic mood;
  • Words. Who does not know what loves woman the ears. Tender words, whisper a magical effect. Of course, you need to about how beautiful she is, how beautiful her curls on her shoulders and seductive eyes glisten;
  • Excite, the partner can help properly and quickly, the right phrases in the duet with a touch, a caress – gentle, sensual. Are you looking for an erogenous Zone. Most of the members of the fair sex caress pleasantly the chest, neck, thighs, but each of them is individual, and a man you need to try to a certain point, the erogenous Zone is exclusively for you. For someone who can toe, someone like a weasel bending the elbow, but someone cuddles and hair roots;
  • Massage. Tactile caresses cause the partner, the desire to get more touches, and massages are in this case very useful. You start it better with the back, so you ask the girl to lie on the belly. Begin Massage movements with the neck, moving gently over the back along the spine. In Massage it is important the order, so from the back to sink, the hands on the hips, then the legs to the toes, feet. For many women, feet and toes an erogenous Zone, but if the touch of tingling to can easily, know the partner, and these feelings can ever exorcise the romance. Notice the slightest discomfort, with the Hand, the man should massage stop to a certain area. In this erotic Massage at home is not the end. You help to roll the girl on the back. You touch the face, neck, ears, driving you to the breast, belly;
  • Odors. You should not ignore, and by the way, during the Massage also. Vanilla, Patchouli, musk, mint, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang – all of these smells will be able to find a Partner for the right mood. During the Massage the oils are not able to prevent these scents and Aroma candles for the creation of an intimate atmosphere. In this case, it is important not to overdo it. If there are too many scents, they are Intrusive, can cause headaches;
  • Music. She is the perfect example of the sexual desire are stimulated, and this is what it should be, depends on the preferences of the girl. It is believed to be better than the Rest of the quiet music or the like to the partner stimulates. It is not better, if it sounds loud, but otherwise romantic evening risked in the concert.
The possibilities of the suggestion

Women love eyes, and

Many think that this is only for the representatives of the stronger sex, but the ladies not only on the auditory organs.

What can Horny a woman at the sight of a man?

  • Incidentally, the shirt unbuttoned. Almost 2/3 of the representatives of the fair sex can experience sexual attraction when in front of you a man buttoned up in a casual shirt;
  • Tight Jeans or short Shorts. At the sight of the men in this garb, about half of the representatives of the fair sex is stimulated;
  • Sunglasses. Apparently, the men in sunglasses girl the puzzle to see what and makes one out of every four of them experience the passion for him;
  • The repair of the car. Man, fascinated by this profession, is able to cause sexual desire in more than 30% of the representatives of the weaker sex;
  • Cooking. Almost half of the girls like it when a representative of the stronger sex in the kitchen.

Also, the girl can experience the excitement, when he sits impressively on the abdomen, sleeping or with the squared his shoulders.

Some representatives of the fairer sex to be aroused at the sight of the male underwear, even if you only see it in the Shop.

If a woman over 40

The representatives of the fair sex is not to delight in this age, quickly always possible. The diminished hormonal activity, you no longer stand out in the right amount of grease does not affect the sexual attraction to the opposite sex as a whole is as it was before.

Sometimes to quick excitation of the partner, the use for 40 years, the additional lubrication, but this is only the physical aspect.

Not less important is the attitude of the woman. It can be reached with the same methods, and that the women in the other age categories – romance, caresses, gentle words, a Massage, a nice relaxing music, scents.

Special attention is paid to the words, the talk with her. Due to some physiological peculiarities in this age, can experience psychological stress, worry about their appearance more than previously experienced. It is important to convey to the partner that she is sexually attractive, and if there are any difficulties, then you will be able to be overcome, including through the man.

To excite whether it is possible, the icy woman?

If the girl is indifferent to, intimate relationships, avoids you to experience disgust at the mere thought of Sex, or not able to get an orgasm, it is as such.

Actually, such women are very little, and in many cases, girls who refuse Sex, have other reasons – the negative experience of a previous relationship, mistrust of the Partner, etc. is No orgasm can also be not an expression of frigidity, but a sign that the man tried bad.

Awaken the icy woman, if it really is such, is really difficult. To do this, you must know not just your erogenous zones, as is the case with other women, the fit is not necessarily in the area of the breast, the genitals, thighs, but her psychologically. To do this, you need to find out the cause of your problem.

To work In a number of cases with such a girl doctor. The specialist talks about the specifics of intimate relationships, unobtrusively through Tests to find out what the girl erogenous zones.

If a woman really help such a home-stimulating drugs, and if it helps, is not a way out.


Even if the Partner is a stable relationship, the Sex is always different. Both partners must always be looking for new opportunities, such as "make" and satisfy each other, and otherwise in the course of time, the relations seem both fresh and go in a cul-de-SAC.