The reasons why are not highlighted in bold in girls?

You will get the maximum pleasure from the sexual intercourse for both partners, it is important to slip, and a sufficient humidification of the genitals. The remaining amount of fat is wearing, natural lubricant in the sex organs of women and men signed under the influence of sexual arousal, the flood of blood and increased levels of sexual hormones. And if men have no problems with it, why not fat in women — topical subject.

why no lubrication with arousal in women

To understand why non-natural lubrication features in the excitation and the desire, coitus, you need to check the detailed information of the characteristics of the sex organs, as well as what processes are responsible for the emergence of the ducatus. In medicine, lubrication is considered to be a secret that the glands secrete organs. Vaginal dryness-the medical term — atrophic Vaginitis.

The body of a woman is responsible for the selection of the lubrication?

Even the vagina is a muscle, and elastic channel, the outer multi-layered epithelium. The top layer of the epithelium of mucous membrane with its complex microflora. For the allocation of lubrication responsible special glands in the epithelium of the Vagina, under the influence of a number of factors, transparent liquid without odor and color to produce.

For the allocation of the lubrication system, the blood system to be thickened as the flood of blood to the genital epithelium often met, which under a certain pressure to secretion from glands ducatus of natural origin. Not the last role in the lubrication of the allotment plays the hormonal System of the woman, what is the main influence on the Libido and on the degree of excitability of the female body.

Why not a fat girl, if you are excited?

If a woman is no lubrication at the time of the strongest sexual arousal during intercourse, according to his statements, will probably talk about the presence of diseases and injuries. From the point of view of medicine, atrophic Vaginitis is a direct micro is damage, accompanied by the reduction of the secretion of the glands in the walls of the Vagina. Against this background, the natural lubrication is not produced in sex organs.

The reasons why you stopped fat stand out:

  1. If it is about women in the age of 40-60 years, may be the cause of menopause. Against the background of these changes in the body of the estrogen hormonal System, which is primarily responsible for the work of the glands decreases.
  2. The lowering of the estrogen level by intake of hormonal medicines such as antidepressants, blood pressure-lowering drugs, medications for uterine fibroids, antihistamines, and diuretics.
  3. Items of personal Hygiene, the incorrectly chosen, can also have an impact on the work of the sexual organs and glands. Namely, in the medium with flavors, odorants, synthetic fabrics and dyes.
  4. why is no lubrication in the introduction, the causes in women
  5. Lead to a decrease in the lubrication of the intake of hormonal agents with progesterone can act as an Antagonist of estrogen.
  6. Physiological causes of the premenstrual Phase, and menstrual.
  7. A little lubrication the case of women, the abuse of bad habits, the impact on the circulation and the work of the secretory glands, as well as on hormonal background
  8. The influence of irradiation and chemotherapy, that have a significant negative impact on the work of the endocrine system.
  9. The cause can also be Sjogren's is an autoimmune disease syndrome, of the various glands relates to and affects the connective tissue.
  10. The dryness can also sticks due to the number of negative factors — frequent douching, the diseases, the presence of urogenital infections and virus, as well as the Operation after the removal of the eggs.
  11. The most common cause is the lack of mystery of a woman's period of pregnancy and the postpartum period is, if there is a restructuring of the hormonal system.

To include also the causes of atrophic Vaginitis, frequent stressful situations, physical stress, Psycho-emotional disorders.

What to do?

Before we find out for us the methods of correction of such diagnosis, such as atrophic Vaginitis, is a woman important, exactly, the cause for this phenomenon. The Check-up at the gynecologist, after which the expert characterized the cause of the interference and the methodology of the therapy. The most common treatment of vaginal dryness the same is based on the recovery of the hormonal weight.

For The Help! If the causes of vaginal dryness steel diseases urogenital, require appropriate treatment with antibiotics.

Local treatment of atrophic Vaginitis includes the following measures:

  • Suppositories from drying out — suppositories insert must every day 1 piece in month 2 piece for a little more time until the disappearance of the problems.
  • Introduction estrogen-Ring-1 time in 3 months in order to sex organs, hormones saturates.
  • Application of hormonal creams with estrogen, for the use you need the applicator. Spray first, 1 time per day in the first weeks, then 3 times weekly until the disappearance of the problems.
why is no lubrication at the initiation of the treatment in women

In some individual cases, the expert may appoint, the intake of hormones in the Form of tablets. In this case, all of the specified circuits and dosage must, because of the irrational application of hormones is fraught with side effects. An overabundance of estrogen can also lead to Oncology. To associate with contraindications to hormones specialist group herbal medicine can Upland uterus, hops extract, Melatonin etc.

In addition to drug treatment, for the moistening of the genitals, agents for the symptomatic treatment of moisturizing creams and lubricants water-based lubricant, which is suitable for daily use. Otherwise, there are risks of trauma to the vagina, which is caused due to a number of secondary developed infections (wounds and cracks-pathogenic agent) and diseases (on the background of inflammation).