Women-what are the pathogens

Female pathogen is a Dope, the excitement in bed. It provides in the Form of a synthetic drug or biological additives. These funds differ in the composition, the duration and level of effectiveness.


The most popular female pathogen with a synthetic composition under the name of female Viagra is. It is a selective Inhibitor of Sildenafil – a potent substance that causes, contains, an active blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Female pathogen impact on the Libido

Women-excitation has an influence on the Libido, even after the first application. Regardless of its composition (natural or synthetic) - stimulating agent enhances the sexual arousal and significantly increases the sensitivity of the erogenous zones.

Under the effect of the pathogen woman feels self-confident and uninhibited. Your Sex is long and sensual, orgasm, and manifested more than usual.

Female pathogen with a natural composition

Women exciter, with a natural composition stimulates the high, the excitement and, very rarely, causes damage to the body. Among the most popular excitation for the fair half of the Spanish Fly and silver Fox. Both funds are in the Form of drops. As the existing components of the first product Guarana, Muira Puama, Damian, Vitamin be used: complex. In the composition of the second product active substance contains a high Lytta – digestive secretion of the beetle, Lytta Vesicatoria, is the rare natural aphrodisiac. Both funds have no taste and are convenient to use.

Alcoholic drinks and women-pathogen

Arousal and alcohol

Alcoholic drinks and women-pathogens safely in a case when the combination of natural ingredients. Alcohol is compatible with a biological additives, but dangerous in combination with synthetic drugs. For example, the use of alcoholic beverages when taking Viagra is harmful for woman's health, since the active ingredient Sildenafil, in combination with Ethanol accumulates in the blood and causes severe side effects (to intoxication).

In the case of the use of the female pathogen with a natural composition, the patient is recommended to limit small dose of alcohol, the burden on the liver, as well as on the nervous and circulatory System.

Female pathogen after 45

Female pathogen after 45 years, not only enhances the sexual pleasure and sensitivity of the erogenous zones, but also effective against menopausal complaints. Drugs that stimulate Libido, promote the increase of the Tonus and the elasticity of the Vagina. They increase the production of secretion and fight with the tide, наблюдающимися in the first years of menopause. The application of female pathogen in the menopause, a woman allows a high level of sexual activity and good health.

Female Pathogen Quick Steps

quick arousal

Ladies exciter quick actions to offer strong sexual arousal, already after 5-15 minutes after ingestion. The most popular among these drugs are: Rendez Vous, G Female, Forte Love. They differ by the quick effect already after 3-5 minutes and remains up to 4 hours. These products stimulate blood circulation to the organs of the pelvis, normalize the production of female hormones, and also increases the level of Serotonin and Endorphin in the body.

Female pathogen without harm to the health

If you want a feminine pathogen without harm to the health, pay attention to products made from natural ingredients. But note that an allergic reaction in the presence of a number of contraindications that can also a natural stimulant substance. Their use reduces the risk of side effects from the circulatory system, as well as an exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Female pathogens for whom it is contraindicated

Ladies Pathogens Is Contraindicated In:

  • Underage Girls;
  • virgines;
  • pregnant women;
  • Women during the lactation period.

The Stimulation of the Penis blood circulation during pregnancy can lead to serious disturbances in the structure of the fetus. It is not recommended that the causative agent at the time of Menstruation. So, the active contraction of the sexual muscles in these cases, is the cause of serious and painful secretions. A contraindication to the use of female agents – the presence of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genital organs.

Female pathogen, there is a dependency

  Female pathogen does not cause dependence. Drugs for the Stimulation of Libido, have no adverse impact on the receptors of the brain and, accordingly, does not cause physical addiction. Occasionally use recommended with the aim of reinforcing the sensitivity, as well as regularly within 3-4 weeks for complete elimination of the symptoms of Menopause.

Female pathogen natural aphrodisiac

Natural Activators

Women pathogens are of natural origin is used as an aphrodisiac. Not scientifically proven that the substances found to increase the sexual desire, plant only in the rare healing, but also in normal foods.

The best natural aphrodisiacs for women are:

  1. Chili;
  2. Nutmeg;
  3. Avocado;
  4. Celery;
  5. Honey;
  6. bitter chocolate;
  7. Ginger.

High stimulating properties and even essential oils. The most effective of them are: bergamot, geranium, cinnamon, myrrh, pine, Rose, Patchouli. You can perform a relaxing Massage.