Inadequate formation of vaginal secretions in women

If the woman experiences during intercourse discomfort, the vagina, a burning sensation, as well as the constant dryness in the, this means that your body produces an insufficient amount of the vaginal mucus. This condition is reversible, and to restore the former quality of sexual life, to make it a pleasant, you need to find out to appoint the causes of the insufficient formation of vaginal secretions and treatment.

No discharge prior to the sexual intercourse is dangerous, that micro-cracks can occur on the walls of the Vagina. The damaged areas vulnerable to infections, including sexually, by blood — HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

as the lubricant

What is vaginal lubrication? Body contains no glands, producitur.

The composition of the secretions put together:

  • Mucous membrane skin cells are constantly exfoliating epithelium;
  • Bacteria of natural micro-flora;
  • the secret, produced ceruicis and uterine glands.

The greater amount of these precipitates is formed during the active sexual life. Particularly striking in this process is manifested directly in front of the sexual intercourse as a result of the excitation.

How vaginal secret

During the entire intercourse continues to be fat draw in women. Where does it come from? As soon as the sexual arousal, to the organs of the small pelvis blood rush. Blood vessels bring not only oxygen, but also moisture, and appears as a discharge on the walls of the Vagina. It is interesting that vaginal fluid, reducing friction, not only protects the female reproductive organs, but also the Penis of the man from the bridle, crack.

The secret that the girl during the excitation, in useful contains micro-flora, and leukocytes, so the female organism out of a possible infection to protect. It is important to pay attention to what color upon excitation discharge, and after the sexual act.

In the ideal case, before the copulation, no coloring, and then it can appear to be white fat on the girl, if the condom was used. White will give the excess sperm, which is derived to the outside.

If the lubricant for vaginal Sex with other color acquires sounds, it is a reason to visit a gynecologist. If no lubrication or discharge, very poor, during sexual intercourse, it is recommended that artificial lubricant.

Reasons for the lack of lubrication

Causes of insufficient lubrication, vaginal discharge

Natural vaginal Gel or lubricant can withdraw stop in the correct amount if:

  • You have the use of some contraceptives (such as vaginal and oral), inhibit the production of female hormones;
  • the improper use of Tampons is performed during Menstruation (do not change often, in the night, not seals) are replaced;
  • there is a contagious disease of the genital organs;
  • there are changes in the endocrine System;
  • the woman is in a state of constant Stress and high emotional voltage;
  • Shower gel and normal soap to wash genitals;
  • the woman entered the menopause.

Also, the excessive dryness of the vagina can abuse lead to bad habits: Smoking, alcohol.

After the birth, when the walls of the Vagina are stretched, sometimes also a decrease in vaginal secretions, but over time the tone of the organ is comes in the standard, and the secretion is re-established.

How to deal with insufficiency of the vaginal secretions

  1. If a contraceptive is not suitable, so you have to be replaced by another. If the gynecologist Tool insists that he prescribed, having regard to the age, recent pregnancy, etc., then you need to consult a different doctor.
  2. Tampons need to replace used according to the instructions, and in the night better its seals. When Menstruation is abundant, in General, do not use Tampons because of the risk of toxic shock syndrome. It is advisable for the first few days of Menstruation can be used with spacers, and then the switch to the Tampons. At the same time, and the production of vaginal secretions back to normal.
  3. The infection of genital tract treat need to, and then the secretion of vaginal secretion back to normal.
  4. Hormonal causes of the character of medicines, the glands, a gynecologist, or endocrinologist, the study of the work of the endocrine glands.
  5. In the Menopause means of hormone replacement therapy, creams with estrogens assigned.
  6. If it is in situations of Stress, leisure, care, holiday and shift work shows more than the home.
  7. For the Hygiene of the external genitalia special funds do not need to apply the drying of the skin and mucous membranes. In such a gels, and Soaps-alkali content, no alcohol and other irritant reduced materials. Desirable water applications, without antibiotics, because they can destroy the micro flora.
with the help of a doctor

Dangerous, if the redundancy of discharge?

Why girls of the "flow" in excitement ? It is a natural process of the preparation of the body is mate. But why a lot of lubricant is lifted in the case of the wife, even outside of sexual activities? Whether these hormonal disorder? Often period, if the lubricant is characterized to be intense, corresponds to the most favorable time for the conception of the child.

It is not just the day of ovulation and over a certain age. It is a kind of hint from the body that he is ready for pregnancy and birth. Someone this happens in 20-25 years, and someone five or ten years later. Especially, if it is not the first birth. If in this type and color of the secretions is not changed, then there is no reason to think about the disease.

Psychological problems associated with the abundance or lack of vaginal secretions

Excess vaginal mucus cause psychological problems: girls may be cheesy symptoms to be ashamed of. When secretions there is a lack of vaginal, then it may be a result of psychological problems, violation of the Libido.

Insufficiency excitation leads to the fact that the lubricant is characterized in the expected amount. In this Situation, the wife is better you go to a therapist for sexual. If excess or deficiency of mucus perceived inadequate Sex Partner, a sex therapist to him.