How fast girl will attract: Massage, words, tablet

Modern men know much. Basics of economy and investments, such as build skyscrapers, what to say and where to place them, how to get to the Supernovae in the Gadgets. But in his consciousness there is an area where the man feels "beginners" and quite a respectable age. How right girl delight? What are you upset more? How to understand that a girl is excited, because next to you? Understand thin and change psychology of women, hormonal changes, but also in your true desires, helps our overview. So the Top-10 valuable tips on how the woman is aroused.

a stimulating Massage

How to get a girl to kiss

Art of the real kiss – not from the lungs. The fault of most men is that after the first kiss, you will try to go to "Miss" the special zones of the woman. But most of all, the girl's tenderness and affection will remain, so that on-stage kiss for a while. First of all, it's a gentle kiss is a delight, with gradually increasing passion girl the most. Secondly, after a long "kiss" a question, "why didn't he do it in a hurry?" and she starts to flirt more and more freed itself shows that it is not against Sex. How to kiss a girl? French kiss – is the undisputed Leader in terms of the more pleasant development.

It is important to understand that pinching of the hands and the waist is not about the girl on reciprocity, especially in the case of the short acquaintance. Contact translational, gently, and start with the hands. To touch, after a light Hand, with the consent of the girl, to take her Hand. Inspiring women to caress, to begin right here. Fingering her fingers with his, you can exchange a brief hug. In this case, light stroking of the back are adequate, but not arrogant. in the case of non-resistance, to touch your face, hair and shoulders. Confidential – area between the shoulder blades in most women's erogenous. Now you know how to touch a girl.

How to get a girl with words

Do not hesitate to talk to the girls about it, as it is attractive. It is desirable that the compliments had a real basis ("you have beautiful Breasts" or "incredibly slender legs", "I was the crazy your lips"). In any case, very much time to work-compliments to the beauty, smell of perfume, hair, etc. the girls spend to obtain the beauty, can talk endlessly, and the girl in the third set loves almost your "ears". How to get a girl with words? At a closer look, it is permissible to whisper into the ear of various intimate Details of what shows you, how you react to the attention on your body.

Music, inspiring women

You forget for a Moment about his passion to your individual music. To make music and romantic mood for you, a large part of the business, if you pay attention, to you first. Music must be passionate, rhythmic, but not fast.

Ideal – Flamenco, Spanish and Italian motifs, but also Rumba, and Tango.

Smells as aphrodisiacs

Girls always react to smells. So an answer to the question "how fast is Girl attract" - is the creation of a fragrant atmosphere in the course of the evening and also the male, but not too intense, the scent of your body. There are some Win-Win options:

  • Sandalwood and Ylang-Ylang;
  • Patchouli, orange;
  • Cedar;
  • Cinnamon and ginger;
  • Musk, mint, and vanilla.

The strongest girl prefers the smell of clean skin of the man, as well as the scent of his arousal. It shows you how you wanted it, and adds: "bonuses" someone who is aroused by the present.

Products to increase Libido

In fact, if taken to a point in time about a particular set of products, with a big share of probability it is possible to get Sex at the end of the evening. It is the favorite products of the girls themselves, but the fact that it causes the food that the female organism is producing the desired hormones. Help elect can be seduced:

  • Oysters;
  • Bananas;
  • Celery;
  • Almond;
  • Caviar;
  • Chocolate.

The last sweet product, it is the strongest natural female aphrodisiac. He is mentioned once, in a completely unexpected context. How a woman attracts, and depends on the amount of food (much to many of the products on the table can "expose" a rich man, but that is the psychology contact).

Folk Remedies

How strong the woman must respond to the man? He decides for himself, if you decided to cook your dinner with special spices. You have spent the key to a successful and bright in the night. To misfire happens, you go to eat or drink:

  • Anise, or lemon balm;
  • Ginseng;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Coffee and vanilla;
  • Ginger and saffron;
  • Angelica and Damian.

A woman is able to excite only certain drugs or female synthetic activators. But, first, you are not always at Hand. Secondly, natural spices will not harm the body of the woman. An interesting statistical fact – the smell of cherry blossoms "kills" the desire at the root, apart from some individual cases.

Drugs of the new Generation

To spend those men who are not ready, time to courtship, and just want an entertaining evening with a passionate woman in bed, worried about the existence of the female synthetic pathogens. These include:

  • Female viagra;
  • Chocolate;
  • Special creams and gels lubricants;
  • Lubricant, Tablets, Pills;
  • Drinks, Capsules, And Sachets.

Effect of these drugs on the nervous and hormonal system. In fact, you some hormones to produce, the increase in the intensity of the Libido. Optionally, the girls tell about their Tricks. You can think that the wave of excitement rose in the body in a natural way as a reaction to their presence.

Erogenous Zones, G Spot

When the girl dissolves hands, neck, shoulders, ears – on the way to a memorable night. touch The fact that it is the most important erogenous zones. Point in women are approximately in the same location, just note that the intensity of the contact should be minimal. On the body there are also areas with a high fun.

  • The inner surface of the thigh;
  • Buttocks, and depression, on the loin;
  • Chest and neck;
  • In the back, but rather the area between the shoulder blades;
  • Location from the navel to the pelvic bone.

Even if you don't forget already in bed with the girl, that the Stimulation of the clitoris, G-point you to an unforgettable lover in the eyes of every girl.


The best and safest way to return the favor as Massage for women. A couple of recommendations for their implementation helps the man is a virtuoso, to play in women's bodies, as a well-configured tools.

  • Stimulating Massage begins at the soles of the feet;
  • Erogenous points in women who are sensitive to the back of the thighs and the buttocks;
  • Pats should not be strong and tender;
  • Should move upward on the body of the partner;
  • Can inspire Massage for women in the lumbar area.