Arousal in women: the symptoms

How does the arousal in a girl? The answer to this question wants to know every man. After all, arousal, says, Team, whether a girl in an open-hearted stroking. After many outward signs of arousal the man can understand how it is effective.

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Arousal in girls is shown on the psychological and physiological level. Psychological often physiology precedes, although in some cases it is different.

How excited girls: symptoms and signs

Since ancient times, sexual relations an integral part of life. And not just for procreation. Sexual arousal is a kind of Stress for the body. So, how excited the girls: symptoms wear not only physiological, but also psychological. The main physiological signs of arousal, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and breathing, sweating (especially the palms).

The most important Symptom of sexual arousal is tract, the humidification of the genital. This is done by filling the blood blood vessels, making the walls wet vaginal secret. The flow of blood into the labia of the woman is their swelling and wetting. It is also used indicators of the arousal of the girl. In the case of excitation of the whole body to catch up, "begins", the breast begins to grow in size, becomes firmer.

Even if a young person has experienced in terms of the arousal of the girl, to make the not easy. Much more difficult than the removal of the symptoms of the common cold. For every girl needs an individual approach. It is important to remember about the erogenous zones. Each Zone should explore and try on the girl. With time, these zones are every girl can change. If you're really turned on a girl, it can even feel, how the heart hurts the same symptoms (increased blood pressure, etc.). But it is not dangerous.

Basically, the most important erogenous Zone of the clitoris, labia and Vagina. It is also one of these areas, the Breasts ( nipples)–. Kissing, touching, fondling – all of this promotes the excitation of only women but also men. A spicy area of the neck. Some of the women from the right neck of the pet to orgasm. You whisper sweet words, as it is known, the whispers, excited. In the same way as the liver hurts: alleviate symptoms and physical tension and stiffness, girl drugs off ordinary friendliness.


Especially girls like it when the young man shaved smooth and delicious smells of the Eau de Toilette. Create a romantic atmosphere for more excitement. Women love with ears, so we have to read compliments to say, the tender words that you can, romantic poems. Then you can begin kissing, fondling. You start with the lips and slowly move down, attention to the erogenous) give to the neck and hands (in many of these places. All of this helps in the excitement. If a man does not feel very good, for example, such as the pancreas hurts to move symptoms of other diseases, then the love of the game better.

Basically, a small number of men can boast that they bring a girl with half a turn. This requires experience and communication with the girls. You have to learn to like you one way or the other affection or not. So with the time you can get a map of the female body, and know what they excited a certain. Moreover, this science is much easier than mathematics. And understand how to pleasure a woman, much more interesting than any other science. The most important thing is constant practice.

As you can see, that the man aroused

Women want to attract men, make ' em crazy, but how do I determine that the man is excited. This tools in our Arsenal is a large number of materials. But how to understand what your Partner wants is really you and no one else.

Of course, the clearest sign of the excited men is an erection is. Not noticed, it is very difficult. But let's assume your first encounter with the phenomenon of the deal or this is your first intercourse. The erection is the hardening of the Penis.

During erection the sexual organ of the man the blood flows actively, the Penis increases in length of 5-7 cm and 2-3 cm in diameter. Very often, men use this term "I got up", which means now he is experiencing an erection. Actually, without sexual intercourse does not take place. So, the glory of the erection!

However, do not always have a erection testifies to an excited state of the man. Very often for men is the morning erection is observed. Usually takes place early in the morning for a number of reasons. But in this article we consider such cases, but takes into account the Situation when an erection occurs, of course, in the context of an intimate relationship.

Now, if you do not see the individual parts of the body of the man or talking with him on the phone can recognize what the man wants you?

Voice . Listen to his voice. If you're the object of attention, his voice low and a little hoarse. This is due to the fact that during the excitation, in the body, hormones are released that influence the function of the ligaments. Actually, with the ladies the same thing happens. In an intimate atmosphere, a voice is velvety and a little low.

If a man is very aroused, he begins to gesticulate, or to fold the hands to the castle. The sense to rein that he is trying and her desire. Or, conversely, if the desire is very large, the man is trying to touch the object of desire, easy to the hands or face touch.

View brought to men becoming more and more strict, and a little like glass. He can long and carefully watch the desired woman, as your eyes devour. Sometimes the state like a Trance. In principle, the state of arousal in men something similar to with the state of Trance.

If you do not have visual contact, as you can see, that the man is excited. For example, you talk on the phone, during the excitation, the pauses are longer in the conversation. It is related that in the excited state, the men are very highly concentrated, not thinking about anything except your feelings and desires. The same shyness manifested, and during sexual intercourse. So do not be offended, if her husband is silent and says. You trust your body to him much more attractive now.

Testosterone in a woman's body

The hormone testosterone in women, in the eggs produced sticks, and provides for the Regulation of fat and muscle tissue, as well as the Libido.

According to studies by experts, the level of testosterone in women can be different, depending on age.

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In girls, the not Mature, the period of the sex, in the blood of approximately 10 nano grams per deciliter of blood, a fairly low value for women is included in the childbearing age. In this case, is growing after the onset of the first Menstruation this number up to 70 ng/DL. It is noteworthy that at the first signs of the menopause, the level of testosterone in women increases. Pregnancy is also a lot of influence on the content of testosterone in blood: the concentration of the hormone can grow 4 times! How can we explain these fluctuations? The fact that testosterone is an essential hormone in the female reproductive organs.

Thanks to testosterone, the development of the follicles in the ovaries, this hormone is involved in the formation of the skeleton, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands that affects the sexual arousal, and even improves the mood of the girl.

The quality of muscle mass also depends on him. The low level of hormone causes the muscles exhausted, the body is ugly, and the volume increases by the formation of fat tissue in the body. If the hormone is normal, the metabolism is optimal, and sports and proper nutrition lead to the creation of beautiful and resilient muscles and not fat.

The condition of the bone substance is largely dependent on testosterone levels. This female hormone is estrogen - a protection function that prevents damage and broken bones, and testosterone in women affects the structure of the skeleton, its strengths. This is exactly why the prevention is. This disease brings in the majority of cases, women in the menopause, when your body loses the lion's share of testosterone and estrogen. To keep you keep the level of these hormones within the standard bone strong and healthy.

Testosterone is the hormone of good mood. This hormone makes the girl feel cheerful, joyful, struggling with overwork, fatigue. Also in the case of systematic intake of vitamins, proper nutrition and good rest girls can make you feel weak and lethargic as a possible symptoms of hormone disorders. It is quite possible that this condition is caused by lack of testosterone in the body, so it needs to promote.

The work of the sexual receptors is not possible without this hormone. He activated the instinct of sex, by exposure to certain parts of the brain. This property makes it possible to improve the brain activity in General, but also prevent Depression and confusion. Girls who feel constantly in a bad mood, unsure should the concentration of the hormone in the blood test.

Adjust the level in the body can preparations by the intake of hormone. However, you need to give first the corresponding analyses and a qualified doctor, tells in Detail about the norms of the hormones.

In spite of all of the unique beneficial properties of testosterone for women with a surplus of this hormone can lead to even more unpleasant consequences, than the deficit. External symptoms improve in women, male characteristics: strengthening of the growth of the hair, the skin, does not have a distinct waist and hips. Excessive fat observed of the skin, the appearance of acne. Many women notice disorders of the menstrual cycle, or at all, as a rule, absence of bleeding, that can also be a sign of increased testosterone.

The hair can fall on the head, but to save in the area of the chest and the belly fat. The woman can suffer from insomnia, unfounded mood swings, pain in the lumbar spine and of the ovaries. Confirm or disprove their guesses about the increased levels of this hormone blood helps. In the standard of testosterone in women This number is sufficient in the context of 0.45-3.75 nmol/l may vary, depending on the age of the women, in pregnancy and in the menopause. Excess testosterone in women can be a sign of disorders of the reproductive system: polycystic ovaries, tumors in the adrenal glands, and others. To diagnose the disease further investigations: ultrasound, MRI, help, etc.

Factors contributing to the increase in the levels of testosterone in women are to hormones, chemical additives. The causes of this phenomenon can be: genetic predisposition, long-term ingestion of specific drugs, poor nutrition, pathology of the endocrine system, the the level of the hormone to the deviation from the Norm .


The increased male hormone in women can not be ignored to avoid further complications to health. The excess of the hormone leads canes to a dysfunction of the eggs, provokes crashes during the menstrual cycle. The lack of timely control of the standard testosterone could be the development of Diabetes mellitus in old age and other serious diseases A violation of the process of Ovulation, inseparably connected with the activity of the ovaries, infertility and chronic miscarriage. With increased testosterone in women due to a malfunction of the pituitary gland perhaps the development of obesity.

Unfortunately, increased testosterone in women is regarded today as one of the most common pathologies of the endocrine system. However, timely detection and treatment of the disease to minimize the unpleasant consequences of such an imbalance of hormones, and bring it to normality. The qualified doctor-endocrinologist selects the appropriate treatment through the application of special medications.

The woman can take action to contribute to the harmonisation of the standard of the hormone levels in General. The diet should be adapted, preferably, nutrition and natural products, eliminating the use of alcohol and unhealthy habits. Then testosterone increased in women can be adjusted.