Pain in the abdomen at the time of sexual arousal in women

Usually in the lower abdomen during sexual arousal, a consequence of the increase in blood flow to the genitalia: uterus, ovaries and the uterine tubes is a pain. Note! In the absence of orgasm in the venous system of the pelvis, the following occurs stagnant: the blood and changed the structure of the veins of the small pelvis. And wide, as a result, lose their elasticity, in the small pelvic venous congestion formed, leading to chronic pain. And this is normal. Such pains will disappear if the sexual arousal a logical conclusion is, either by self-stimulation.

Note: Masturbation is considered to be the equivalent of the sexual act, and if no regular sexual activity helps in excessive sexual arousal. In the context of what is reasonable Masturbation is not harmful. If excessive passion for it may be psychological dependence.

Causes of pain in lower abdomen in women

sexual arousal

If a woman in arousal feels throbbing pain in the labia, which only runs a few hours after the sexual intercourse-possible cause: Bartolini - inflammation of the large gland vestibule of the Vagina.

Bartolini glands two organs the size of a pea, located on each of the lips of the Vagina. You are responsible for the release of fat during sexual arousal. These glands can become inflamed, which is of the beauty and pain syndrome in the area of the labia and the sheath of wool. Causes of bartholinitis' is unknown, most likely, they are different bacteria: staphylococci, gonococci, etc., the operative treatment. In the case of recurrent bartholinitis' removal of the prostate, is shown.

In some cases, pain is the result of incomplete consistency of the neural processes in the genitals (consult a specialist or neurologist).

The causes of painful and unpleasant sensations during the sexual proximity of the pathology of the sexual organs, including a variety of diseases of the organs of the small pelvis.

Pain can be caused by the entrance of the Vagina:

  • reduced humidification
  • Thinning of the mucosa
  • inflammatory processes, such as the urinary bladder and the urethra
  • inflammatory processes in the area of the Vagina and Vulva

Deep pelvic pain in women:

  • Diseases of the cervix
  • Adhesions of the organs of the small pelvis
  • Cysts and tumors of the ovaries
  • external Genital endometriosis
  • Apoplexy (rupture) of the ovary
  • Fibroids of the uterus
  • warikosnoje the enlargement of the veins of the small pelvis
  • chronic Salpingitis

In this case, a woman should be examined at the gynecologist. Only a timely diagnosis and timely treatment of gynecological diseases able to get rid of the pain and unpleasant sensations, the joy of sexual intimacy.