Syndrome permanent sexual arousal: symptoms, causes, treatment

For most women for a long time it is no secret that the problems can be solved in the sexual life. This prove to us on a regular basis, psychologists, sex therapists, and just a huge number of literature. The deficit of permanent sexual partners in some circles of our society made up long efforts shops adult toys. In General, one way or the other, but the desired result was not so difficult. But what to do when the body begins to live his life and would be crazy, forcing depressed women more often than orgasm, and the constant sexual arousal experience...

the constant arousal

Syndrome Disaster

Disease, permanent sexual arousal, the medical profession was discovered not so long ago – for the first time you mention in the year 2001. Age of women suffer from this syndrome more than 45 years. The syndrome of persistent sexual arousal is the uncontrolled excitation, the no connection with a sexual incentive, accompanied by spontaneous orgasms. The muscles of the small pelvis begin to inexplicably shrink way, increases sweating, to expand the blood vessels start, and the breathing accelerated. All of this ends up with unnecessary orgasms in very different areas: at work, during sports, walks in the fresh air, in the car – everywhere you can imagine. In cases where the woman has experienced up to 300 orgasms a day. The natural joy for you turned into a real disaster!

This syndrome is on the list of sexual dysfunction, but the doctors are inclined to believe that it is nothing more than a mental disorder. It would be logical that in a state of fatigue or drowsiness, the disease disappeared, but it is not so! Condition, whereby the sex drive in the ordinary people, promotes arousal in women with described syndrome.

Causes for excessive sexual arousal

Due to the fact that most of the women, the such a diagnosis, are ashamed of their condition and access to experts to help explore the disease to the end and can't. Experts examine syndrome around the world, claiming that he has nothing to do with rabies uterus, as there are no sexual incentives. Not connected to the syndrome and the inability to have an orgasm, and not with multiple orgasms.

Some scientists are inclined to believe that the disease is "lack of excitation" may be causal in the presence of anatomical abnormalities, tumors in the reproductive organs, epilepsy, functional disorders of the arteries and veins of the urogenital system. Now, the assumption is that the syndrome of constant sexual arousal is nothing more than a side – effect of the build-up of tiny in the lower part of the spine-the so-called cysts Tarlova appeared. You can't deny it, and the assumption that this disease of Sex was a consequence of the mental injury: maybe in the past, associated with pain or discomfort. Including the sexual life could start tables with trauma, painful cases.

Treatment of the syndrome of permanent sexual arousal

Due to the fact that the disease was not studied until the end, and then a hundred percent cure for it is impossible to call. With certainty it can be argued that, if the syndrome of uncontrolled arousal to occur a consequence of other diseases, the treatment is primarily the cause of the disease. Some help patients creams with anesthetics or local application of ice. Some antidepressants are. It is also a fact that such patients require is a psychological and psychotherapeutic help. Otherwise, the state of mind of the patient leads sometimes lead to disastrous consequences, including suicide.