Sexual Arousal. Orgasm. Sex drive

Physiologically, each person goes through these stages of the cycle of sexual reactions, which are structured like this: sexual attraction, sexual arousal, orgasm, and, as a result of and Phase of the resolution to be running.

For regulating the functions of the sexual organs of man from nature, such institutions were created, such as the cerebral cortex, subcortical education, and some of the centres of the spinal cord. All of the sexual centers, the regulation of the sexual function, which are closely connected to each other, and of course, there is a clear interaction, carefully to obey, and to form an integrated overall system.

Sexual attraction, arousal and as a result of orgasm


Sex drive or Libido depends on the biologically correct function of the endocrine glands, the testicles in men and ovaries in women, the adrenal glands in the representatives of both sexes, as well as through metabolism. And of course, Libido, arousal, and orgasm cannot be achieved without the participation and the normal functioning of the brain.

In the adult, healthy people, the degree of sexual excitability centers, as well as the strength of sexual attraction is the level of hormones taken to determine.

There is a one hundred percent depending on the Libido of the anthropological difference, for example, brunette, dark-skinned, have a strong sexual attraction, as the blondes. Another example in humans, the high growth of the sexual drive is stronger than at high. Women asthenic physique, for the attainment of orgasm a greater number of caresses, and other effort than chubby. In the case of people from the southern countries with warmer climate, Libido, brighter and stronger. The Temperament of the southerners really developed more actively, than the Northern countries.

Of course, the sexual excitability of both men and women are fundamentally different. More sexual arousal to be lower in women than in men. The male desire usually appears before the direct contact, during intercourse, excitement is growing very quickly, and an erection occurs very quickly, and after the dissolution of the sexual arousal and erection, of course, entirely disappear.

In addition to hormones and various erotic foreplay to stimulate sexual function and some important stimuli.

This kind of sexual stimuli is very individual for each and every individual, and through him, personally, the idea of Sex, his sexual experiences and his sexual ideal.

Affect sexual arousal is in the first line, exerts a stimulating effect on the deeper structures of the brain, as well as it is able to arouse memories of erotic Association and other sexual experiences

Women are in a position to respond to the Psycho-emotional effect of any excitation to be slightly weaker than men.

Often in the case of women the expectation of sexual contact will not lead to sexual arousal, but the majority of men while waiting for the imminent sexual contact, strong sexual arousal.

What is important to remember that the nature of male and female sexuality differ significantly.

Among other things, sexual arousal may be, is not only due to the influence of certain hormones and pathogens, but also by the action of purely mechanical stimuli, it has the same touch to special areas, particularly sensitive to touch is a different type of Stimulation and stimulants, sexual caresses, and so on.

Famous American sexologist W. Masters and V. Johnson in the implementation of the sexual arousal secrete some of the phases of the excitation, namely the Plateau-Phase, the Phase of orgasm, and the Phase of the so-called Reverse development.


In the first Phase, the Phase of sexual arousal in normal men after a short period of time, usually up to thirty seconds, with the beginning of sexual Stimulation, the gain of the flood of blood to the organs of the pelvis, and likewise, the return flow of blood is due to a compression of the veins. This leads to a strong increase of the Penis in size, the increase is usually in two three times, the Penis acquires hardness, and much longer, up to seven to eight inches in length. Once the erection occurs, the man's body immediately begins to disarm us, the liberation of the sexual tension on something.

If the friction of the nerve endings of the Penis on the walls of the Vagina during sexual contact, the density of contact will be sufficient, the erection will constantly grow, and the sexual arousal grows. In men, the breathing is often and increase the heartbeat, maybe blushing face.

When abruptly interrupt the contact, the sexual arousal may be strong enough, and sometimes very slowly, weaken the veins enlarge, increasing the flow of blood. This, in turn, leads to the reduction of the Penis in the size, and opadanie. If the contact is restored, and the erection is able to recover quickly.

Because it is not a secret that a woman needs to significantly longer times for the preparation for the intercourse, and influence on his erogenous zones need to be considerably longer, that can lead you faster to a sufficient degree of sexual arousal, and for the opportunity to let sing in the vagina.

Of course, some women are full of temperament, she is very sticks high secretory activity of the eggs, such women get the discharge even faster than some men.

But the average woman, with a medium temper, to start the much harder, sexual contact, as a man, and in the absence of a sufficient number of foreplay, the genitals of the woman may not be ready for sexual intercourse, the vaginal wall is nearly closed, quite close to each other, lubrication is still missing, is the elasticity. The sexual excitation of the woman will possibly increase and only after the prior, sometimes it is enough, prolonged exposure to your erogenous zones.

Phase of sexual arousal of women is very similar with the Phase of excitation of men. As flow increases the blood to the organs of the small pelvis. Labia are enlarged in size, and also two -three times, it changed its color from pale-pink, you can becoming almost bright red. Clitoris is to inflate in an also, it will also rise as the Organ of female sexual feelings he is capable of, in a year and a half, sometimes twice, like the Penis, the clitoris is Packed. So loose is sexually Vagina is excited, vessels, vagina full of blood, it gets hot, it starts to have the muscles contract involuntarily, vagina something to shrink, which in turn can contribute to dense contact and friction with the male sexual member during sexual intercourse.

In addition to the above-mentioned case of the strong sexual arousal sex organs women's moisture purchase enough, the vagina secretes the necessary lubrication to facilitate in the location of sliding of the Penis into the vagina.

But with the rest of a woman's vaginal wall are mounted so close to each other that there remains only a small gap. In a state of sexual arousal, the Vagina will lengthen and expand, the cervix is started, the scope, pulled up and back. The diameter of the vagina so as to increase, in the Vagina something in place that will allow is to record the seminal fluid.

If it is a accumulation of excitement, and this feeling of the desired height and held in this condition over a period of time, you know - this is the Plateau Phase. This is the Phase in which the Vagina adapts to the shapes and dimensions of the Penis. The Partner will feel the body each other. The Vagina of a woman, or rather, of the third part, can be reduced to the half, if you compare it to the dimensions with dimensions in the preceding Phase, and takes on the appearance of a narrow tube. Muscles of the female Vagina, when a sufficient sexual arousal include the Penis. Thus, there is a strong Stimulation of the organs, their nerve endings in both partners.


This is the Phase when the female breast is enlarged, the seal or the erection of the nipples, you are able to be even an inch longer, and a diameter increase of up to half a centimeter.

Sexologists W. Masters and V. Johnson, describe orgasm in women. Orgasm approaches, if the exterior of the third part of the Vagina begins with the rhythmic contraction. These rhythmic contractions affect the muscles of the Uterus. Pussy shrink with a distance of eight-tenths of a second. Depending on the number and intensity of the rhythmic contractions of orgasm is either adorable, either quiet. In General, in the implementation of three to five contractions orgasm as weak, in the presence of six to eight contractions of orgasm is of medium intensity, from nine to twelve contractions, very strong orgasm. But these calculations are also very subjective, as there are women, the orgasm of extraordinary power and intensity, with only three to five sections.

In the case of the occurrence of the orgasm in men, increase in the number of respiratory movements, pulse accelerated. Reached a hundred and eighty beats per Minute, blood pressure rises, it is able to twenty, and sometimes more points. For example, male orgasms printing with a hundred and twenty millimeters of mercury, can increase the normal, to two hundred. To achieve at the Moment of orgasm celebrated hyperemia, and even chest it can be.

Particularly variable intensity of the female orgasm. He might be similar to the male, with a short character of the durchflieens, and Vice versa, can be lengthy and deep, bliss, the indescribable.

The female orgasm can be more than tedious, it lasts from twenty to sixty seconds, and sometimes even longer. Lengthy the Form of the orgasm can have a wave-like character of the durchflieens, then it is stronger, then weaker, and furthermore, an unknown number of tens of seconds, sometimes it can be an hour even a or one and a half.

Meets a number of women, the multiple, often repeated orgasms, which can follow each other with a distance of only a minute or two. Such women are able the examination on three or even four orgasm during a sexual contact.

There are cases when a woman can feel, only then, if you examine the plurality of continuously following orgasms in a row, between ten and up to twenty times. Often such multiple recurring orgasms happen in the active Stimulation of the clitoris.

If a man is sure to have in the abilities of his partner, some of the recurring orgasms in a row, it is only important to me not to hold back to ejaculate, as this can lead to his partner remain unsatisfied, and can only have an orgasm.

And therefore, for women with a longer type of electricity orgasm or with the same needs in multiple orgasms Partner, in cases where it is not hold, such as the choice of assistance to the partner in addition to clitoris to stimulate.

During orgasm in a woman's body something similar ejaculation happens. In this time, something of the cervix, and from it erupts, something like a traffic jam, the viscous mucus of the female offspring, or a secret uterine opened glands. Female seeds as gently stroking multiple nerve endings, and all of this gives piquancy sensations. After that, the pipe of the mucus increases in the uterus, and the cervix firmly closed. After ejaculation, as is the case with man and with the woman intense sensations of the sex organs, the capital outflow of blood, will disappear all over.

Even if women think, what they are feeling, whether something is of the opinion that female ejaculation exists, is squeezed out of your body, subjective and not proven.

Leading sex researchers argue about this for years, but these discussions are only a theoretical value. But in practice, the receiving woman an orgasm is absolutely not to think about it. How these processes, ejaculation, orgasm, or something else hot. The main thing is that she likes immensely.

In women, it is common practice, the five phases copulative cycle is the successive:

  • Psychic Phase covers the time from the Moment when the woman felt the desire, coitus, and to realize to the Moment when she decides to your wishes;
  • Touch-level (from the Lat. Sens, what is the meaning of the feeling, sensitivity). This restructuring, the quality of the perception, the increase in the reactivity of the erogenous zones, as well as the need to stimulate your specific;
  • Secretory Phase, due to the appearance of moisturizing and lubricating properties of the vagina's secretions;
  • Orgasmic Phase, in this Phase, a woman the highest pleasure of sweet sensations, or orgasm;
  • Relictum stage, during this Phase, the weakening of sexual arousal and the flow of blood supply to the sex organs begins.

Among other things during the sexual contact, recognizable missio, or the introduction of the Penis into the vagina, the translation stage movements or frictions, and the Phase of the ejaculation and orgasm, of course.

Many women consider sexual contact as the climax of the emotionally difficult interpersonal relationships with your Partner, you are used to, regarded Sex not only as physical intimacy, but also as a spiritual rapprochement with a loved one.