Not the lubricant during intercourse: causes, treatment stands out

It became possible, for the reason that most of us live in a democratic world, where in the first place, the dominance of freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, actions, and opinions of the people.

not fat stands out in women

Censorship and bans in the 21st century is almost non-existent, but triumph and flourish the ideas of inner freedom, the freedom of the body, the mind and the thoughts.

Today in the world of gender allows for the same relations, same-sex marriage, free discreet Sex without commitments.

But as we all know, each of us can come to live in his sexual problems, the reasons for which it is very many.

Why do women put in the introduction of fat-free. What to do if it is not highlighted in bold. Why not be bold? A little bit of lubrication, which causes the dryness of the vagina. Why need lubrication. Why little lubrication? Little lubricant during Sex – how often do you have to think about and ask similar questions?

One of the main problems in the sexual relationship between the partners can be highlighted in bold in women, insufficient amount to the normalization of the sexual process, that can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between the couple.

Female Lubrication

If the female organism is the mark of a little lubricant, or condition observed, if not the lubrication in the General highlights, the majority of these cases bear the title of - vagina dryness (dry vagina).

The secretion from the vagina to lubricate, and their number depends on many factors, which need to be taken into account in the study of this problem and in the development of methods to get rid of.

The selection of the lubrication depends on the health of women, of relationships between the partners, but also from the sexual experience and the time.

Intimate Problem, it in the fat – free set with one of the most common problems in the bed, the result of which was a separation.

What is fat?

Vaginal lubrication is a specific secretory fluid, active free female organism during sexual intercourse to reach maximum pleasure and sensitivity, as well as to prevent soreness and dryness of the Vagina.

Amount of lubricant depends on the factors.

The psychological factor

The emotional state of the partner, his emancipation, during intercourse, the trust of the partners and others, and also the selection of the lubrication system and your number – the most important key to a good sexual relationship.

Women's health

About the female health, and the secretions of the female lubrication, so you can say that these concepts have an important direct dependence from each other.

For each woman the amount of fat, you smell, color and viscosity individually.

To increase during the sexual pleasures amounts of fat and its separation. The female body does this in order to avoid pain during Sex. for the prevention of vaginal dryness, for the deterioration of the sensitivity of vaginal walls, but also to protect the walls of the Vagina from the possibility of mechanical damage and cracks.

To achieve a sufficient amount of fat Deposit orgasm. And Vice versa, if it is not highlighted in bold, a small amount of lubricant, lack of lubrication, discomfort during intercourse, pain during Sex and no orgasm.

Not highlighted in bold: causes

Not highlighted in bold! Reason - Libido lost

No fat, dryness in Vagina – all of this can Libido the result of lack of Libido in women, in other words – the woman in connection with certain circumstances, you just want a man. Sex is no longer interested in a woman, lack of desire, sexual intimacy, sexual interest is lost. As a result, not highlighted in bold.

Gynecological Diseases

Diseases of the reproductive system and gynecological diseases in modern medicine are the primary cause of the lack of lubrication in women.

Not highlighted in bold on the search for the cause in itself and the most important thing is that the problem with the release of lubrication you can use any woman at the slightest gynecological disease or inflammation.

Allergic Reactions

The negative impact on the microflora of the vagina Shampoos and shower gels, intimate gel, intimate Hygiene can cause deodorants, and wet wipes.

The fact that the listed products can flush out lactic acid, create vaginal dryness, burning sensation in the vagina can cause discomfort and even itching.

The reason for the lack of lubrication, the use of antibiotics, hormonal medicines, hormonal contraceptives, hormonal imbalances, and various hormonal disorders can.

Not highlighted in bold! Reason - insufficient fluid in the body

The causes that cause the dryness in the vagina and no discharge lubrication also include small amounts of fluid in the body of a woman. For the normalization of the secretion and excretion of lubricant you try eating more water. Try to drink at least 7 glasses of water per day.

In this case, the female organism is the liquid will start to recycle, improves metabolism, and to increase the amount of fat.

Steam Iron. Disease steam glands

Bartolini is the name in the gynecology and medicine, contributes to inflammation of the paired glands in the female Vagina, which is responsible for the production of lubrication and moistening of the walls of the Vagina, caused by streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli, and other germs and microorganisms.

In the case of non-compliance with the intimate care of the ducts of the glands are clogged, which can lead to cysts of the glands and other complications.

Bartolini resembles a lump or thickening of the sexual lip, caused by an accumulation of purulent secretions inside the gland. Suppuration and enlargement of the gland occurs.

Bartolini, or inflammation of the glands can not be cured at home or by traditional methods.

Bartolini is subject to the Operation and treatment.

It can be concluded that Bartolini, as the cause of the development of the condition set in the fat-free, to to is of the female gynecological disease, a Symptom of which is the fact that fat set free.

Not highlighted in bold – what to do?

Sexual arousal or foreplay before Sex

No arousal, sexual desire – that is what makes the sexual intercourse typical mechanical process for women. For the avoidance of such a "Rebound effect" of the man more time and attention should be devoted to the improvement and development of sexual activity in women The main thing – do not hurry, then you and your Partner will be able to achieve the desired result.

If it is not highlighted, no different gynecological or psychological problems, and the woman is still fat – please note the above!

Lubricants or artificial lubrication

Lubricant is an organic means of facilitating the processes of friction, the same thing, and that intimate lubrication. Lubricant to use when a woman is not sets it apart is its natural lubrication, or in case of insufficient quantity.

In the composition of lubricants, various organic oils or waxes to the manufacturers sometimes add flavorings and other substances.

However, the doctors recommend the use of water-based lubricant. It caused closer to the natural secretion of the female lubrication, not irritation, allergic reactions, prevents the development of pain, burning and itching and after the sexual act. easy to clean, leaves no stains, is non Latex on the condom.

Free lubricant set – use lubricant and stay healthy!