Medications to improve potency in women

The modern style of life provokes constant stress and experience a negative impact on the state of women's health. Impaired Libido, the woman ceases to be a pleasure of an intimate relationship. This Situation special drugs to help remedy for the activation of the potency in women – you will have a positive effect on the sex drive, the woman begins to have orgasm, but you take to be prescribed only by a doctor. Problems with potency in women be in a complex with the psychological advice.

Libido in women

What is potency

In both men and women the ability to have sexual intercourse, it is called potency. Basically, it is to apply the word in relation to men, but in women there is also the potency (Libido). Potency is a set of characteristics of the human body, the to have sexual intercourse (duration, level of sexual activity).

The Problem with the potency in women is very widespread, not only in the middle ages, in contrast to men but also in boys. This is connected to psychological problems or disorders of the reproductive system can be. On the Libido a large number of factors, such as diet, daily routine, psychological state has a relationship with a man. For the normalization of the female Libido, we need to not only medication, but also psychological act in a holistic way – logically, because, again, the desire for intimacy is very difficult.

How to increase Libido in women

In this case you have to many factors of life into account. The biggest obstacle for high Libido and cause of the lack of need for Sex are internal diseases and psychological problems. First, you need to treat problems with health, chronic diseases, and to bring the body back in order. Then Power need to recover mode again to have in the diet all the necessary vitamins and elements. You should bid farewell to addictions – Smoking, alcohol, negative the reproductive system affect.

Work on improving the Libido, you should remember about the psychological side of the problem – the potency in women disappears because of the dislike against himself, and the lack of a harmonious relationship with your Partner. To correct the Situation, you should trust in yourself and you love your body by making defects, to complex to get rid of. In advanced situations, doctors recommend to start taking special drugs to increase potency in women.

Tools that improve the potency

Depending on the nature of the diseases, which are appointed to be the cause of decrease in the Libido in women, to the appropriate medication. It targets institutions on the improvement of the blood circulation in the female gender, what with the release of lubrication and arousal. In pharmacies, you can still find a dietary Supplement, the effect starts almost immediately after use and will not take more than 9 hours. Such medications used to increase of Libido in women not harmful to the reproductive system, because in its composition, contain only natural ingredients.

Some agents act directly sticks to the eggs, resulting in a high production of the female sex hormone estrogen. Thanks to this woman the possibility to get an orgasm much stronger during Stimulation, the sensitivity of the genitals increases. The effect of this agent remains for a day and starts working already after 5 minutes after consumption. Each drug, regardless of its plot, you need to friction in the intake only after prescription by a doctor.



The choice of medication to increase female Libido, absolutely have to. their effect on the body Such pills consist of dried extracts of herbs, medicinal plants. Such drugs have the following spectrum:

  • stimulate the sex organs with blood, pussy lips and Clit enlarged;
  • increase secretion of vagina natural lubrication in the;
  • gradually increase the Chance of a bright orgasm 6 times;
  • increased sex drive;
  • benefit hormonal background.

How to increase Libido in women fast

If it is necessary to drive urgently strengthen sexual, are medications, the the effect is the same as "viagra". For example, some pills to increase Libido in women start their effect immediately after taking it, within 10 minutes and last for up to 7 hours. There are many analogues in the Form of drops or tablets, but do not use them on a regular basis. For the reception of these funds required breaks in 3-5 days.

How to choose the pills

The right drug to increase the potency in women, you have to be certain rules. First of all, before buying the Tools you need to the contraindications and to ensure that the safety of the drug in each individual case. Also, the choice of the medium depends on the desired effect and duration. There are tablets with immediate effect, which occurs within 5 minutes after consumption, and there are those that have a cumulative effect.

Before the election, the funds will need to ensure that the Patient is none of the following contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • Pregnancy, Lactation;
  • Children up to the age of 18 years;
  • Disease of the hematopoietic system (leukemia, anemia);
  • Diseases of the liver and of the kidneys;
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • increased blood pressure.