Vaginal discharge during intercourse: Norm and pathology

White discharge during Sex appear upon excitation. You, as a vaginal lubricant. Often the mucus is colorless, transparent, but sometimes it may acquire unusual color. In General, the presence of such a vaginal discharge is normal, but sometimes the nursing staff about pathological changes in the organism.

White discharge during Sex


Almost all watched during Sex white discharge, increasing in extent to the extent that the Libido increases. In the case of arousal in women, fat is homogeneous, with no smell.

During intercourse there is an intense secretion, due to the blood flow to the vaginal walls and the active Stimulation of the gonads. The volume of the mucus is scarce or abundant.

The secret, the intimacy that fulfills several functions. Above all, it makes it much more convenient Sex, as slide and simple introduction. Moreover, mucus prevents the entry of pathogens into the body and creates a protective barrier for the infiltration of infections and germs. To move with the help of such secretions sperms easier, and, accordingly, increase the chances of a pregnancy.

Natural causes of vaginal discharge after sexual intercourse

Relief at the suggestion adopted, that is absolutely normal. White discharge during Sex appears to be due to the fact that increases Libido. Abundant discharge observed during mixing of sperm with vaginal secret. This feeling of discomfort is not marked. The increase in the volume of the mucus indicates that the intercourse ejaculation has a vagina complete in the.

Often, the reason why is clear mucus appears in large quantities, is a hypersensitivity.

The assignment after a sexual contact can be different, therefore, we recommend, read additional information on this topic.

Vaginal secretions pathological nature

In addition to the natural causes of the emergence of the mucus during intercourse, and there are a number of pathological, the serious problems in the body. Cause for concern is the change in the color and odor of secretions.

The unpleasant smell may indicate that the natural microflora of the Vagina was injured, and against this background, a bacterial vaginosis. Thick curdled consistency indicates the presence of such pathology, as Candidiasis. Frothy secretion is a Symptom of Trichomoniasis.

Carefully the appearance of the brownish, bleeding during intercourse should. It suggests a damage to the organs of the genitourinary system and the development of serious diseases. In the standard vaginal secret must be transparent, white or colorless and have no smell. The formation of the characteristic aroma is only allowed if the intimacy is completed by ejaculation in the vagina.

Bacterial Vaginosis

When the micro flora is disturbed scabbard, then an intense proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and thus a bacterial vaginosis develops. This is a very common condition in which the color and consistency of the mucus changes substantially. Maybe even the emergence of bleeding during Sex.

Typical symptoms of the pathology as itching and burning in the genital area, but also gray or yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor smelling of fish. The scope of the secretions in this disease increases significantly during Sex.

Bacterial vaginosis needs timely treatment. In the absence of therapy is a great risk of intrusion exists in the reproduction of the infection and the development of inflammation in the uterus or fittings.



White discharge in women after intimacy should not cause concern. The Wake-up call is considered a change of style and colors. Similar symptoms are often on the penetration into the body of infections and the development of diseases, sexually transmitted infections.

One of such pathologies is Trichomoniasis. Often the disease is asymptomatic, but in some cases, in women, vaginal discharge appear thick frothy without the smell and celebrated discomfort – itching. Symptoms very similar to vaginosis.

After intimacy a secret, often there is an admixture of blood appear, and pain in the abdominal area.

A fungal infection in the vagina

Yeast infection is one of the most common female pathologies. The main clinical symptoms smell of burning and itching in the genital area, as well as the insulation, of which unpleasant.

On the background of the development of the disease in women start strong itching of the genitals. As a result of scratching the affected areas of the rash, and marked redness appears. Accompanying symptoms the pathology is as pain when urinating. Are skin damage, if they occur in contact with the urine, pain and severe burning.

In addition, the emergence of curdled mucus marked with a characteristic sour taste. The volume of the precipitates can increase during intimacy, and the smell will be more noticeable.

Treatment and prevention

The course of treatment depends on the type of pathology provokes the emergence of unusual secretions. In the case of mechanical damage to the vagina or the cervix to the damaged fate of seams impose.

In the development of sexually transmitted diseases, biotic agents, the obstetrician / gynecologist chooses individually resort to the use of anti. This medication can be administered, which at the same time to both sexual partners.

The violation of the microflora of the vagina and developing bacterial vaginosis vaginal suppositories appointed. In the case of the identification of thrush antifungal therapy is carried out, there are effective medicines for the simultaneous treatment of thrush in men and women.

If diagnosed with cervical Erosion was the handle, the return on your Moxibustion. The found polyps, and other neoplasms to be removed.

To provoke for the prevention of diseases, the emergence of pathological mucus, such recommendations should be:

  • In the genital area you need to wash twice a day, using not the usual soap, and special funds to the normalization of acid-base balance.
  • Timely replacement of the daily strip.
  • Do not wear synthetic underwear, no matter how beautiful it may seem.
  • Avoid casual sexual relations.
  • Diet properly organize.
  • You try to move more.

The selection of the lubrication during intercourse is considered normal. The emergence of mucus in the process, shows the development of the pathology, but only if it has no odor and is characterized by transparency. To change the hue, and the formation of secretions of the accompanying symptoms is the reason for immediate treatment to a doctor.