Signs of sexual arousal in women

The sexual arousal of women largely depends on the metabolism and the working of the endocrine glands, of the work of the brain, a pleasant atmosphere, as well as in the most of greater extent, as the man woman that knows how to excite.

Good arousal in women occurs only with a certain intimate setting, wherein the first and the most important signs of the excitation are tract the allocation of vaginal secretion and moistening the genital. Visual sign that you are wet, it may be that the woman crossed her legs. Now, if it before Sex, the caress and touch, you can of course test it in the handle post between the legs – even through the Jeans can be woman there, she felt the warm wetness.

In women as in men during sexual arousal, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, breathing, and dilated pupils.


Sexual arousal in women

Overall, the sexual arousal of women is much slower, i.e., to see if you need to cool, on her ass, she needs time, it is desirable to have the Rapport, and start to caress them. But there are enough sensitive and spirited women, sexual arousal occurs faster than in men.

Further optical characteristic, thanks to which you can realize that a girl is upset, you can soak in the eye, her cheeks are pink, lips licking, girls want to Sex, can you to approach to initiate contact, random collision, sitting in the open, not pinched pose, ask you about the girls talking about Sex, jokes about Sex, different sexual topics, even in the case of excited Girls nipples swell, they are firmer to the touch and more, her voice more and more as a Bassist, sometimes withered lips, You will be hard to say, it comes from the thoughts, hesitation, the girl starts and hesitation.

The guy is everything what you need to notice and to understand that the girl wants to have Sex right now, and we must act decisively, in order not to miss Sex and not the girl in the list of the brakes. Because for many girls it is difficult to tell the guy that you don't want it, especially when the Sex was over, so the woman plays what he wants... and her body is also a nod. You have to understand these hints. You also have to know what women excite men to dominate over them, i.e., during the seduction, you need to clearly think, Express his thoughts, questions, and commands, do not hesitate to the girl, nothing to itd, that is to say Whether the web site is Alpha to have a better knowledge about domination.

Vaginal discharge in women occur, due to the weasel in preparation for intercourse. In the absence of impact on the erogenous zones of the vaginal wall is narrowed and non-lubricated, i.e., they are not ready to accept the male member. But isn't it so that even if the woman is excited, then Intensive precipitates occurs, which happens either due to any inflammation in the area of the uterus and its annexes, or by taking some medications, but also during the disorders of the endocrine system.

During sexual arousal in women, a copious flow of blood appears in the sexual organs and swelling of the Vagina. View the naked bodies of the men, not so much turns women on, as the sight of the naked women, the men's turns, but in the case of women, the sexual arousal at the sight of the male sexual organs occurs, a certain degree of arousal and not caused solely by the thought of sex traffic, talks about him, i.e., women are as excited as men. And longer than men, so the girls can tighten the communication with a man before Sex, to imaginary resistance, games – better to be ready for Sex.

Pussy hot from the abundant inflow of blood and its walls constrict for more close contact with a male member, and also is pulled. In the area of the cervical diameter of the Vagina increases by 2-3 times, whereby, a container for cum.

It is very important to to sexual arousal and intercourse, the woman's sexual satisfaction, orgasm, felt the outflow of blood from the genitals was to quickly and evenly, if this is not done, and the outflow will take up to several hours, then you will experience pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. That is, if the girl is aroused and Sex is not happening, then you will be painful and uncomfortable. You can do this as an additional argument for the persuasion to have Sex, if it's too long breaks. You can also say that when a man is aroused, it is also absolutely necessary, to cum, otherwise harmful to health.

In General, if a girl breaks up before you have Sex, you have to tell her more different arguments which would he used in front of himself as an inner justification, as a rule, girls have to, if Sex quickly want to what, actually, also a lot of Pickup girl.

During sexual intercourse by increasing the sexual arousal of the front part of the vagina is even more narrowed, almost 50 %, and turns into a narrow tube. The biggest arousal in women is in the Phase of orgasm, i.e. in the area of the vagina, a so-called lady's mantle, which contributes to the tight contact of the Vagina with a Penis, and a shiver of the vagina, and it delivers the largest excitation of nerve endings in both men and women.

Arousal prior to Sex

Also on the stage of orgasm in women, some changes in the area of the milk glands, i.e. swollen, and the nipples are solid, stretched by 1 cm and 0.5-fold increase in volume. During orgasm a woman Pulsation feeling in the genital area and the way they accompanied the heat in the whole body and this feeling of ecstasy moans.

Orgasm in women lasts pretty long, compared with a man. But is it so, that it is only a few seconds, as in the case of men, or Vice-versa lasts, within a few minutes, or even hours. Sustained enthusiasm is the Stimulation of the clitoris and within a sexual intercourse a woman may experience it a couple of times.

Some scientists hypothesize that while the high degree of orgasm in women, uterine sticky mucus, i.e., the ejaculation happens. Also vaginal glands are able to excrete fluid during orgasm, which can later show up after the end of sexual intercourse.

After the end of the orgasm and sexual intercourse in General, there is not a Status-refractor Pause, if even if the produce of erotic caresses a state of arousal. Even after the end of sexual intercourse during the woman's state of arousal gradually disappears.

Also, for women Sex is important, not only for themselves, but also as an Instrument of spiritual rapprochement with the man and the building up of a long relationship, so after Sex in women, the stage may come when it will be heard very good to you(especially if the Sex was good)