Potency in women: causes, means of improving the

The issue of female potency is as bright and often rises in conversations, similar to men, but that does not mean that it exists. We are in this article, we will speak about female virility and some methods for Troubleshooting problems with your.

Potency in women

Potency Women: Causes

Sex drive or Libido, as the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, called it the desire to get sexual pleasure from the other Person.

First and foremost, you do not need to draw hasty conclusions, the debt in the absence of Libido-change of feelings, or a different level of relationship with the Partner. Love is not always keep step with the passion of the body. First, try to find out if there are any other possible causes for a reduced Libido. You can be:

Hormonal disorders in the body:

  1. As in men, in women, the Libido is the hormone testosterone accompanied estrogen, but also purely female. The disadvantage is that the body of the woman can cause the low sexual activity.
  2. As in men, in women, the Libido is the hormone testosterone accompanied estrogen, but also purely female. The disadvantage is that the body of the woman can cause the low sexual activity.
  3. A violation of the pituitary gland for the production of the necessary hormones.

Psychological Problems:

  1. Constant Fatigue;
  2. Depressive state, not in a good mood;
  3. Chronic Stress;
  4. Different phobia in terms of sex and of one's own body;
  5. Self-doubt, doubts about the attractiveness of their own body;
  6. Unpleasant experience rudeness in Sex with the Partner.

Reasons at the level of the physiology of the body:

  1. Overweight of the body;
  2. Disease of the genitourinary system (cystitis, thrush, inflammation of the appendages);
  3. Side-effect of the application of the corresponding drugs ( medicines for the Central nervous system, and other).

To find out the cause, you need to consult a doctor who will give you the appropriate treatment.

Drugs for potency in women

Because of the increase in the demand for funds for the potency in women, which is now on the market of medical products there are many different preparations. Despite the fact that most of these funds were from experts, you should decide for yourself which medium is best suited. These drugs are not universal for all: some help, and the other only to damage to or not to give, no effect.

As for the improvement of the potency with drugs?

First, Ask Your Doctor. He will tell you which agent is best suited to you. He can dismiss existing medicines in the Form of:

  • Tablets;
  • Capsules;
  • Powder;
  • Straw;
  • Ointments and tonics.

Potency in women: folk medicine

Despite the fact that modern medicine is quite safe, but avoid better, the use of tablets because of possible side effects. You can increase the sexual desire can also be combined with a variety of natural remedies, the application of which avoids going to the doctor on this intimate topic.

saw the Mediterranean for the potency

Improvement of potency in women folk medicine?

Methods of increasing the Libido in women there are in the Form:

  • Therapy medications (with the help of the respective therapeutic properties of herbs and berries);
  • Apitherapy (the therapeutic properties of honey preparations);
  • Leech therapy (with the help of the therapeutic properties of the leech).

Method of apitherapy, the application of 2-3 spoons of honey a day. Useful properties of this product are able to make a positive impact on both the emotional and physical condition of the Person. To increase the quotation of the standard in the General condition of the body and Libido, which create favourable conditions in the woman's body for the quality of the sexual intercourse.

The method of leech therapy is enjoying a low demand, because not everyone dare to succumb to your body to leech breeding. In view of the fact that this type of problem-solving a certain amount of specialists, we will not delve into the effectiveness of this method.

The most popular national method is herbal medicine. It includes the application of various herbs, and the supply of the body with the appropriate foods, you will increase Libido.

Herbs, the potency of women

Useful properties of certain teas and decoctions are able to effectively cope with the Problem of weak shoots. Among them, the most effective is in the application of such folk methods:

  • The Infusion or decoction of Tribulus Terrestris. It is available in most drugstores, and the ability to bring in the standard or the improvement of the hormone, estrogen and testosterone, are responsible for the Libido.
  • Damiana leaf – infusion of these herbs is able to cheer up, to improve physical activity of the body and enhance sexual desire. With Damiana leaves can brew as a tea (2-3 leaves to a Cup), prepare a tincture with 10 G of herb in half a Liter of boiled water. Do not apply 3 times a day.
  • The Infusion or decoction of Shatavari. This herb are able to rejuvenate the female genitalia, saturate the right substances of the ovum and increase their fertility. The increase of potency in women after 50, maybe also in the application of this kind of herbs.
  • Wild Yam is a source of estrogen and progesterone to stimulate the female Libido.
  • Rhodiola rosea or Golden root. The use of this type of herbs in the Form of an alcoholic tincture for the improvement of the General condition of the woman, give unique sensations of sexual intercourse and improves the activity of the women in the bed. This grass is not high blood pressure patients recommended.

What foods increase the potency with women?

Increased Libido-of the use of certain foods is different from other accessibility.

The most effective food for improving the Libido are:

  • Med. Boost to give the effect of honey, walnuts. When this mixture 2-3 times a day for 1 tablespoon, the result will not wait long. Also in the honey, plums, raisins, add to, figs. The prepared mixture store in the refrigerator. You eat it with bread, yogurt, milk.
  • The green onions, parsley, celery, coriander as a separate application or in combination with salads in the location, increase sexual desire women.
  • Application available in almost every kitchen tomatoes and cucumbers also surprise your Partner present, you have sexual attraction.
  • A quality of sexual intercourse, some seafood: various types of fish, mussels, squid, crabs. These products are rich in calcium, which is able to influence on request.
  • Among the berries, the raspberries, the rich in the correct female genitalia vitamins should. The effect of the application of raspberries in a combination of blue doubling of berries with leaves and flowers of the chestnut as welding to the tea. Even more, the effect of the tea with honey and bread with jam to strengthen berries from black currants.
  • The pumpkin seeds have also be useful for the sexual organs substances. Substances, you are a powerful source of the particular vitamins and minerals, the improvement of the process of love, sexual intercourse. To strengthen the effect of seeds need about 2-3 days to pull on the wet Marl.
  • Ginger is one of the best means of improving the female Libido. It can be used as a spice in various dishes, as well as as an addition to tea or in baking.

It is worth considering, and the fact that some products are, on the contrary, in the situation, your Libido affect. Among this cohort, various fried and oily food products, the stomach is difficult to digest. Day of fasting and the use of light courts are able to make your sexual relationships more easily, and rich.

Folk remedies and it is suitable for people who have problems with sexual desire. The application of herbs and foods, the the Libido, to improve the quality of sexual intercourse and according to the normalization of relations between the partners.

As you can see, means to increase the female Libido, there are many, but the choice of the most effective individually. Only after a variety of options tried, you can select the appropriate method for a particular Person. Do not stop and do not give up, if managed for the first time to solve the Problem. Because of the enjoyment of physical intimacy with a loved one, nothing can replace it.