Discharge: Norma vaginal discharge, white, yellow and brown vaginal discharge

Only a few women know what it can and the normal discharge and if the discharge talk about the disease.

in the case of excitation of discharge

Vaginal discharge can be very diverse according to the color (red-bloody, brown, gray, black, white, green, yellow, pink), texture (gelatinous, cheesy, frothy) with the smell and odorless. Vaginal discharge. other symptoms (itching, irritation, pain) or the only Symptom of the disease can In this article we describe the most common types of vaginal discharge from the vagina, and describe methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases by the secretions. In this article, we will tell you about the Problem of vaginal discharge in pregnant women.

In the case of healthy women vaginal discharge from the vagina of mucus, produced by the glands of the cervix. Small, but constant discharge from the vagina will help to clean the genital tract of women and prevent the occurrence of the infection.

In the standard non-abundant discharge from the vagina, mucous membranes, sheath can be a bit blurry due to the contamination of skin cells, if in the course of the day using the same daily strip — allocation may be slightly yellowish. The character and amount of vaginal bleeding is dependent on the day of the menstrual cycle: in the middle of the cycle when you approach ovulation vaginal discharge similar in consistency to egg whites, and the secretions more abundant than usual, more Alkaline. Increases the amount of bleeding from the vagina during sexual arousal, particularly during sexual intercourse. Normal vaginal discharge do not cause any discomfort, do not cause any discomfort: itching, burning and irritation of the sexual organs. If the smear is passed in the normal secretions, it is not the increased number of white blood cells, and the Flora Sticks prevail.

The smell of fresh discharge from the vagina is virtually non-existent, the smell of excrement will appear in the multiplication of bacteria in them.

  • Transparent Stretching, slimy discharge, similar to protein, often abundant — in the middle of the cycle, the period before ovulation standard.
  • Creamy poor selection — the second half of the cycle standard.
  • Creamy vaginal discharge — the last days of the cycle — standard.
  • Transparent, white or slightly yellowish vaginal discharge lumps in the first hours after the unprotected sexual intercourse, if the sperm comes standard in the vagina.
  • Abundant fluid discharge in the color of white the next morning after the unprotected intercourse — standard.
  • Creamy white scanty vaginal discharge after Sex with condom or without ejaculation in the vagina — vaginal lubrication — standard.
  • Scarlet red spotting, worse — the onset of Menstruation, the first day is the Norm.
  • Vaginal discharge with blood — red bloody strip in the middle of the cycle (between Menstruation) — is for the foreseeable time after ovulation in the middle of the cycle — variant.
  • Liquid white light discharge, similar to the milk, during pregnancy, in General, strengthened with the increase of the life standard, if not irritate the Vulva, and have no unpleasant smell.

Vaginal discharge before Menstruation

Condition of the Flora, and the secretion of the Vagina is dependent on hormonal changes during the different phases of the cycle, so that the color and consistency of the secretions are changed, before the Menstruation, vaginal discharge can be cloudy, more, yellowish or white, and are more than plentiful (the feeling of constant moisture), more than the rayon. But when you save such precipitates and after Menstruation, especially if these symptoms itching of the vagina or pain occurs in the abdomen, a doctor should gynecologist be consulted.

Brown discharge before Menstruation the vaginal discharge with an admixture of blood. Spotting can bleeding occur in the standard one or two days prior to the beginning of the strong month. If spotting brown secretions appear before the months for more than 2 days, either brown, pink, red-in the middle of the menstrual cycle is a Testament to the disease is likely to be.

To signal the brown discharge before Menstruation: hormonal disorders, presence of any infections (especially in the case of Endometritis — inflammation of endometrium), diseases of the hematological nature. Very often similar phenomena accompany hyperplasia of the endometrium, polyps of the endometrium. In particular, the brown discharge before Menstruation, in conjunction with other symptoms (pain with Menstruation, more than 7 long days of abundant spotting with clots) are signs of endometriosis.

Brown discharge in the middle of the cycle can require a Symptom of progesterone insufficiency or syndrome of polycystic ovaries, which cause such conditions to infertility and treatment. Excessive bleeding during Menstruation — you sonography for the assessment of the condition of the internal genital organs. Similar bleeding can symptoms of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, the normal thickness of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and curettage (the so-called this method may not be. If the cause of the bleeding hypertrophy (increase in thickness) of the endometrium, polyps of the endometrium or of the cervix, scraping, then, must necessarily produce. It stops the bleeding and allows a histological examination, to the exclusion of more serious pathology.

Vaginal discharge in diseases

Constant, the coefficient of discharge in the course of the cycle, except during Menstruation, it is when a woman suffers from hormonal contraceptives, or infertility, and the sheath with no inflammatory processes in the.

  • Bright red spotting a few days before Menstruation — cervical Erosion, endocervicitis.
  • Bright red spotting in pregnancy — the detachment of the ovum or placenta, the threat of interruption of pregnancy.
  • Scarlet Spotting vagina after intercourse — micro-cracks in the, the during intercourse, cervical Erosion, cervicitis.
  • After a termination of pregnancy spotting can be different by quantity and color. After 1 Week. Please contact us necessarily to the gynecologist and spend control-uzi.
  • Slimy vaginal discharge white in color or transparent slimy discharge with white veins at the end of the cycle, before Menstruation — cervical Erosion, cervicitis (inflammation of the cervical canal). Secretion of mucus, or any other way in connection with the cervix.
  • White cheesy or similar to Kefir discharge, foil, white, or Plaque between the big and small sexual lips, clitoris, usually in combination with bread or yogurt smell — thrush (candidiasis).
  • White or slightly greenish, grayish colors, peeling foil discharge, usually in combination with a fishy smell — dysbiosis of the Vagina (vaginosis).
  • Yellowish or greenish profuse vaginal discharge — acute bacterial infection in the vagina, acute Adnexitis (inflammation of the ovaries), acute Salpingitis (inflammation of the fallopian tubes).
  • Yellow or greenish, bad choice of accommodation — bacterial infection in the vagina, cervical Erosion, chronic Adnexitis (inflammation of the ovaries), chronic Salpingitis (inflammation of the fallopian tubes).
  • Purulent discharge green, thick, in combination with mucus, increase the voltage, after the stool — purulent cervicitis.
  • Discharge large blood clots during Menstruation — cervical bending to thrombosis blood clotting disorder — tilt, vitamin deficiency of the B vitamins that the pathological process in the uterus (polyps, endometriosis, fibroids). Also, such a relief it is when a woman is intrauterine device.

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

During pregnancy fear of women vaginal discharge. Really, during pregnancy, they should discharge, particularly in regard to the availability of and constantly monitor their character.

Discharge in early pregnancy. Discharge in early pregnancy, as I said at the beginning of the article can more wealth than otherwise, which is normal if the allocation will remain transparent, no unpleasant odor and is not accompanied by other symptoms, such as itching or pain in the genital area. The emergence of bleeding in early pregnancy suggests a spontaneous miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. Purulent, or whitish vaginal discharge in early pregnancy can indicate an infection.

White discharge during pregnancy, most of the time, these are signs of thrush.

Spotting, brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy — is a very unfavorable Symptom. It is a sign of an impending miscarriage. Other diseases has nothing to do with it. Maybe rainfall increased in the days of period, colour of the secretions may be yellowish. You limit to avoid sexual activity during this period, the threat of interruption of pregnancy.

Vaginal discharge in late pregnancy. In the middle of the pregnancy in late pregnancy normal discharge from the more sticky and thick vagina. Suddenly, the spotting can take notes on the start of a miscarriage or premature birth, that is, immediately upon detection, contact your doctor. the brown discharge during pregnancy small bleeding from the blood vessels in the cervix and also the examination by a doctor require be able to point out.

Vaginal discharge after birth

In the weeks after the birth, during recovery, the mucous membrane of the uterus (Endometrium), the young mothers remain tract from the genital Vagina. When it's over? Until the end of pregnancy, your uterus weighs about 1 kg. Immediately after the birth of the child and the placenta is reduced drastically, and you will lose about 250-300 ml of blood. Such blood loss is considered to be physiological, that is normal and not a danger for the life.

They appear regardless of bore cut in a natural way or by caesarean. In General, up to 10 days of bloody week, called the river, later you will be bright and stop at 5-6 weeks. While the secretions take the doctors recommend that women wash after using the toilet. To use this convenient small plastic bottle with water. While you highlight, you wash in the shower and in the bathroom. Can swim with 5-6 weeks after the examination by a woman doctor. However, if the uterus is too slow, or Vice versa, to quickly reduce, the outflow can be broken. Sometimes there is blockage of the uterus, blood clots and inflammation begins.

You must immediately consult a doctor:

  • If you every hour to completely wet from the blood of hygienic sealing and it lasts more than four hours;
  • If the discharge smells bad;
  • If You Have A Fever;
  • If you are feverish;
  • If you feel constant pain in the abdomen.

All of these symptoms can. in connection with occlusion of blood clots cervical cancer and the deterioration of the outflow of your For the treatment of the doctors prescribe the means by which the uterus and relieves the inflammation. If in the uterus to an infection, antibiotics developed. You do not have to satisfy necessarily to throw. Many antibiotics do not penetrate will not damage in the mother's milk and the child. You speak with the gynecologist and the pediatrician. The children's doctor, the child can appoint the bioprparate, to protect the intestines from the effects of antibiotics.

Vaginal discharge before and after Sex

To produce sexual arousal of the gland vestibule of the Vagina in women start actively so-called vaginal lubrication. Therefore, the presence of liquid transparent vaginal discharge is just before Sex or during Sex, this is normal.

The formation of thick copious secretions (may be with an unpleasant odor) can leave immediately after the Sex (or on the second day) due to the cleaning of the Vagina sperm (if possible sexual intercourse completely, the man experienced an orgasm, and the condom is not used). In General, such a mapping is not a quick stop. The emergence of bleeding from the vagina during intercourse or immediately afterwards can have on the presence of cervical Erosion.

The appearance of white, yellow, gray or greenish purulent discharge from the Vagina for a few days or weeks after Sex, suggests the development of infection. If the mucus has a specific color, smell, you need the help of a qualified professional, as this feature talks about the pathology of the organs of the small pelvis. Odour development can be marked a sign of purulent process, a yellowish-green secretion. This Symptom is typical for gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis.

These diseases are due to unprotected sex or through blood transfusions. After 1-3 weeks after infection to occur, and other symptoms: itching, burning sensation in the vagina, in the urethra, pain during sexual intercourse. Contact spotting (after intercourse) may be a consequence of the pathology of the cervix (detectable in the gynecological examination), or the pathology of the uterus — polyps, hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, Etc For the clarification of the causes an ultrasound have to do to in the different periods of the cycle, you may need the Tests of functional diagnostics.