How are You, man, can you talk about the female soul?

When I think about the female soul in me, no man, no woman, and the mind says, although I use it in me mindfulness says. Consciousness is not he and not YouThat consciousness is not man and not woman. This separation can to the body and the spirit, because the spirit is the inner part of the body, and the body is the outer part of the spirit The body and the mind are inextricably linked; they form a unit. In essence, body and spirit "talk" — is incorrect; there is no need to use the conjunction "and". The man is a corpus-mente, without the hyphens in between.

So, if we are the body, the mind, the words "male" and "female" is quite appropriate. However, there is something beyond these two terms, is the transcendental. That is the real core of the human being, his essence. This being consists only of awareness, of presence, of observation. It is pure consciousness.

I am not speaking now as a man, in the name of men; to speak otherwise about the woman was not possible at all. I speak as consciousness. I have lived many times in the body of a woman, I have lived many times in a male body, I was a witness of all things. I saw all the houses, I saw all the clothes. My words are based on the experiences not only of the present life, but also of many, very many previous lives. Real my life is only the culmination of a long, long pilgrimage.

So, do not take my words as the words of a man or woman, don't you think about it; otherwise you will not hear me. You take me as a consciousness.

the spiritual power

(The Dhammapada: The Way of The Buddha)


It seems to me that You're the only person on the planet who really understands women and accepts them as they are. Please comment.

I have already said, to love the woman, but do not understand. This is the first.

Life is so mysterious that it is impossible to reach to their heights, it is impossible to take a look in their deep secrets. Any manifestation of life — a man, a woman, a tree, an animal or a bird is the subject of the study of the scientist and not the mysticism. I'm not a scientist. Science itself is a mystery to me, and today, scientists are recognizing started. Today, you refuse from your old faulty statements, stating that one day, you learn to recognize the mystery of it all, what you need to.

To develop, thanks to Albert Einstein, the science began in a completely different way, because the deeper he dived into the secrets of matter, the greater the confusion came from. Had to be abandoned, and, by the logic of rationality. Life is nothing, because it is not subject to your logic. The logic is the quality, is from the people. Albert Einstein recalled a Moment in his life, as he doubt was, whether the particular rationality... But it would be stupid. This behavior is human, but it would be unreasonable. Even if you persevere to the logic, rationality of consequences, so should not be obvious that life goes on, we listen to your logic; on the contrary, the logic of reason must obey the logic of life. One day the Moment comes to listen when the swing of the logic, rationality, and simple nature. I call it the highest understanding, but not in the usual meaning of the word. You know it, you feel it, but you lack the words to Express it.

The man is a mystery, woman is a mystery, all life is a mystery, and all our attempts to expand the condemned.

I remember the case, when in a toy, a man store, bought a gift to his son for Christmas. Because he was a well-known mathematician, the owner of the shop has given him the image-puzzles. The mathematician tried to collect it... it was a great game. He couldn't build a picture, he is all sweaty and had a bad feeling. For him, unsuccessfully, the observed, the buyer, the seller and the owner of the store try, and he could not collect it. Finally, he had the nerve and he yelled to the store owner: "If I, the mathematician, can't collect this image, how to do the child the task?"

The owner replied: "You don't understand. The Puzzle is designed so that no one will be able to solve it — neither a mathematician, nor anyone else".

"What is the meaning of such a riddle?" — asked the mathematician.

"This is done to ensure that the child since childhood, learned to unravel that life is impossible, is that you understand it," replied the store owner.

Enjoy life, life we can look forward, to understand a part of your mystery, but as an observer from the outside, it is absolutely impossible.

I don't understand. For me the biggest mystery I am. But I'll give you a few tips:

The psychiatrist is the one who gives for a substantial fee you the same questions, the woman gives you for free.

Key to happiness: you can't find talk about love, about affection, about the passion, but real ecstasy is that you, that you are lost after all the still have your key.

The woman proposes first the attack of the man and then cuts him the escape route.

If the woman want to change, take with you. If you want to know what the woman is really the spirit, then you do not watch, but listen.

The woman ran to the police officers:

— Do you see the man on the corner of the house, he gets on my nerves.

— I have watched all the time, replied the COP, — he did not look once in their direction.

— Just gets on my nerves.

The romantic young man turned to the beauty in his bed and asked: "I'm with you on the first?"

Thought for a Moment, she replied: "it may well be, I have a terribly poor memory for faces".

Everything is mysterious: it is better to enjoy life than to try to understand it. At the end of the one who is trying to understand life proves to be a fool, and one who enjoys life, is to have and continue to have fun, because he recognizes the deeper the mystery of everything that surrounds us.

The greatest understanding lies in the fact that nothing is impossible to understand, that everything is mysterious and wonderful