No arousal in women causes

Libido is the sexual attraction, the desire is an intimate relationship. This is the nature of this Person a gift for harmonious relationships, for the pleasure of intimacy, full of happiness in the family. If the sexual engine, the proximity of not more joy and fun, and the relations between a man and a woman, pale and always time-consuming. Not always, there are subjective reasons.

Disorders of the female Libido is happening in many cases because of problems with health.

First of all, you must find out the causes for the weakening of the Libido. For many couples Sex it comes to the execution of the marital debt. No arousal, emotional discharge, and intimate relations are simply the usual physiological act.

why no arousal in women

The reasons for the weak sex drive:

  • Women more clamped in the bed than men. You are not always talk about their wishes and preferences in Sex. If something does not suit, a woman in an intimate relationship with a loved one, it is likely to be quiet for fear of being branded liberal. Gradually intimate relationship not in your favor and you lose interest in them. Your Libido fades.
  • Why attraction lost? Sex brings joy and satisfaction, if man is full of strength and health, as this act requires a lot of physical strength, especially on the part of men. And if the Person does not have to wait there is no health, the full-fledged sexual acts from him. That is, problems in the intimate sphere, the emergence of diseases.
  • Statistics show that a third of women know what an orgasm is. But one day, physiological discharge seen in connection with the emotional euphoria, the woman each and every time the wait is.
  • The inclusion of hormonal contraceptives reduces the level of hormones that the ovaries quiet, sex drive and Hunger.
  • The level of sexual arousal is dependent on the relationship with the Partner, the emotional background of these relations.
  • The weakness of the physical Form of women lowers all of your vital functions. Support for the activity, muscle tone, flexibility and strength. For women very useful in Oriental dance, Yoga, aerobics. These activities contribute to the flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis, to support the good Form of the sexual organs.
  • If a woman is really healthy, a temporary reduction in Libido is a protective reaction of the delayed pregnancy. The nature itself has term and awakens in the woman of her femininity. For example, after childbirth or severe illness, the body needs time to recover.
  • Important the time for intercourse is. The woman should be relaxed.
  • There is a level of sex hormones in the body is necessary. They act on the level of sexuality.
  • Libido is individual for each woman. And it makes no sense to demand from him more than nature has given.

The beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman is characterized by high heat of the sex drive. Why with the time the relationship is losing brightness? Later, when the transition to a stable Phase, and the Sex is always quieter and less often. A harmonious and stable relationship. If you are satisfied with both partners, the reasons for the concern is not on. If "cools" the woman, the Partner sees it as its own fiasco and the hurt to his vanity.

Symptoms of reduced Libido in women

Clinical symptoms is an insufficient moisture content in the Vagina. The act of Penetration occurs, the cramping of the vagina, the act itself – a painful and unpleasant. Completely absent orgasm, and there are no prerequisites. The woman refuses Sex, it avoids the communication with your Partner.

Reasons for the decline of the female Libido

Causes can be categorized to physiological and psychological

Physiological Reasons:

  1. The Libido is responsible for the male hormone testosterone. If it is the level of the contents drops weakens the Libido. This process is in our days a tendency to rejuvenation. Unfortunately, often hormonal disorders is observed already after 30 years.
  2. Age-related changes in the body of a woman also affect her sexuality. This is done in anticipation of, and during, the menopause. The activity of the ovaries is reduced to zero, you will not produce oestrogen, the vagina dry. The sexual act brings unpleasant feelings. Women simply refuse to have Sex. And on the emotional side of life, it has no influence. The woman lives fully and positively.
  3. Disease, including gynecological are the cause for the rejection of intimate relationships. Especially in the elderly, a whole range of health problems is collected. This disease of the heart and blood vessels, due to the physical weakness of the organism, diseases of internal organs, inflammation of the genitourinary system, Diabetes. In pregnancy woman in an intimate relationship avoid.
  4. Bad habits – Smoking, alcohol, destroy the internal organs and the nervous system and lead to serious disease, incompatible with a fulfilling sex life. The man used to smoke at the pleasures of the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.
  5. Vaginismus is a vaginal spasm of the muscles. The cause may be emotional Stress, the violence they experienced.
  6. Infectious diseases of the genitals.

Psychological Causes

  1. Neuroses, Stress, Exhaustion.
  2. Hot water was available and the facility for intimate intercourse, complicated relationships, and not understanding with your Partner, the dictates of the men in couple relationships.
  3. Puritan education, religious barriers to work together, a complex.
  4. No sex education to the young woman. If you do not get sufficiently accurate obtulit information about the first time they have sex, about possible pregnancy and methods of contraception, the girl can not give the feeling of comfort and receiving and joy.
  5. After pregnancy and giving birth, the woman enters the care of the child and the Libido wanes.
why no arousal in women treatment

The treatment of the lack of female sex drive

For the treatment of sexual disorders, it is necessary to get rid of the cause. If it is a disease, it is necessary to start your treatment. When the hormonal background is violated, then hormone preparations should. Wherein the restoration of the testosterone levels is not just sexy ascent. He offers physical activity, good mood, cheerfulness. The treatment of female "Coolness" — a series of measures. The medicines, physiotherapy, healthy food, psychological help, maybe also a change of the place and the lifestyle.

The treatment is faster and more efficient with the support and participation of the partners. Understanding and cordiality of relations will help to achieve success in the treatment.

For the treatment of the emotional aspects of psychotherapy, antidepressants.

Drug treatment there are sometimes negative consequences, the inevitable with the hormone therapy. It is the appearance of extra pounds, unwanted hair growth, mammary gland swelling, secretion from the vagina, rashes on the skin. Often drugs comitantur headaches, poor sleep, nervous condition.

Treatment Nutrition

But do not turn in the list of the pleasures of delicious, nutritious food. Diet, on the contrary, it must be simple and Headliner. There are a number of products, which is conducive to the awakening of sensuality.

Food Aphrodisiacs:

  • Seafood – Salmon, Oysters, Halibut.
  • Dark chocolate, bananas, Avocados, mangoes, figs, nuts, liver, eggs stimulate the production of protestaron.
  • The treatment of burn spices. It — Pepper, Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel, Cardamom, Anise, Turmeric, Horseradish.

The folk medicine has a great experience in the return of women to their sexuality. Decoctions and tinctures of Ginseng, Damiana, Aloe Vera, celery act as strong stimulators of sexual desire. They are used in the preparation of the dishes for a romantic dinner.

Be proud of your body!

In order to be able to do this, pay attention to. Being overweight makes a woman insecure in themselves. You lose flexibility, stamina, and elegance. Of course can't all be models, but after forces we must strive to the ideal weight, in good physical condition, monitor the face, skin, and wardrobe. All of this requires a great work of women, and a lot of time. If not, splurge on yourself, attractive appearance in women. And so the feeling it will be ugly, inferior, insecure.

Good shape and liveliness to regular swimming, light Jogging in the fresh air, a half-hour walk briskly step, the visit to the gym, Yoga classes. Pay particular attention to the muscles of the intimate Zone. To find exercises on the Internet and to do this regularly, you train your body.

The novelty of intimate relationships

Help, you experience more enjoyment from the Sex, long foreplay, during which the woman is the gentle enjoys touches, gradually prepares for intercourse. Don't hesitate to talk about their feelings, wishes for your loved one. He will be grateful for the tip. Woman are more emotional and prone to fantasies. Not necessary to be afraid of the diversity in the sexual relationship. Especially if it's long marital relationship. You sometimes use sexy toys. To zoom in request, intimate gels – lubricants.

In the case of each plan, remember the main thing – your family, your relationship with your loved one. A woman should not refuse to a man in an intimate caress. Sex should be on a regular basis.

Today, we are discussing the desire of women, and not only desires, and sexual desires of women, but rather the lack of sexual desire in women and the possible causes for such a condition.

We touch topics: why suddenly the sexual desire disappears, and what to do, how the return of sexual desire a way out of the problems, the reasons for lack of sexual desire.

Why can a Problem with sexual desire in women?

As mentioned above, all of the reasons that lead to the weakening of the desire for sexual intercourse divided into two groups — physiological and psychological factors:

  • Decreased sex drive because of the hormones.Physiological factors of decrease in the Libido in women hormonal Balance in a woman's body .For the Libido in both men and women responsible for the male sex hormone testosterone. Unfortunately, lately the trend is to a reduction of previously established norms, i.e. 30 years ago. Also in reducing Libido in women (but also men) can blame his hormone – prolactin. In women, reduced Libido-partum Phase observed in the post, if you are breastfeeding.
  • Decreased sex drive because of age. Physiological factors of decrease in the Libido in women — the age-related changes in the women. The extinction, or the complete lack of sexual desire in women was observed eligibility (climacteric) and menopausalis age. It is known that in these periods of life, the function of the ovaries begins to fade, what in the small formulation of estrogen.The sexual intercourse is uncomfortable and even painful, what is the vagina in connection with the reduced production of lubricants in the. Many women in this age not sex life, and not experience, because of this, no mental and physical discomfort.
  • Decreased sex drive due to illness. Physiological factors in the decline of sexual desire in women — the presence of the General and/or gynecological diseases. Diabetes mellitus, pathology of the cardiovascular and urine-excretory-systems, pelvic inflammatory disease, and much more are often the cause of sexual coldness in women.
  • Decreased sex drive due to bad habits. Physiological factors of decrease in the Libido in women — a variety of harmful habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, drug dependency, inhibit the Libido. Bad habits inhibit nerve impulses in the part of the brain responsible for sexual desire and arousal. First of all, the pleasure of the mentioned dependencies.
  • why no arousal in women and how to treat
  • Decreased sex drive because of the cramps.Physiological factors in the decline of sexual desire in women — Vaginismus. Vaginismus is an involuntary spastic contraction of the muscles of the Vagina, very painful not only for women but also for men (during intercourse). The cause of vaginismus experienced sexual violence, sexual harassment and much more.
  • Decreased sex drive due to infections. Physiological factors in the absence of sexual desire — the various sexual infections. As you know, genital infections are the cause of complaints in the area of the external genitalia and the Vagina. Sexual contact on the background of marked Vaginitis is not only uncomfortable, but also very painful, this is also the reason for this is that there is a lack of sexual desire in women.
  • Decreased sex drive due to psychological reasons. Psychological reasons for the decrease in sex drive in women is very diverse. This can be chronic Stress, fatigue, disturbance in the relations with the Partner, dispute with him, the wrong Situation, the unwillingness of the Partners to the needs and preferences of the women and much more.

In addition, decreased sex drive in women may live on the basis of the religious education, in deterius complexu, or any break in the sex.

Often, the Partner does not want to reckon with the wishes and abilities of women are not taken into account and the fact that in addition to their actual activity, it is necessary, house work, raising children, cooking lunch and dinner. One of the reasons for the decline or lack of Libido in young women, the inexperience and the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.