11 of the erogenous places, the women - Everything about Sex and relationships

Many girls do not know what zones are erogenous, and which delights in the their body. The goal of the man: by touch, kiss and caress, to find the points of female arousal that will bring you a memorable dining experience.

Mystery of the female body

Arousal of the woman

"The female body is a mysterious dark continent," wrote Sigmund Freud. The body of each girl is unique, such as snow pattern flakes.

To each Person a separate approach, because each lady has her own secret stimulating places.

If at all, interested in the question of how to deliver favorite maximum enjoyment, let us take a look at the scheme of actions with the female body.

Remember the female erogenous zones, but without practice, your device does not understand:

Every girl needs its own map of the body, and a caress for each of the sensitive locations is also different.

To learn to know to be successful in love affection with a girl better before having sex, what the partner likes. And in the Sex, observe their reaction because erogenous places each girl unique. And soon know why.

Natural Factors

Say exactly where the erogenous zones in women, is possible, but with errors. Just depending on the Situation and external environment in the case of girls the erogenous Zone can be active and the other is not. Here are the factors that affect this are:


Depending on the Situation, the girl, what emotions to experience in a certain period of time, depending on where you are the most erogenous zones on the active. In their familiar environment, lead to some caresses, in a public place so she feels different and can be cool.

Why most of the women prefer Sex in a pleasant environment. Your weak areas on the body depending on the Situation, change your sensitivity.

Where a point does not work, the other, and the desire, new sensations the girl power to experience dream Sex.

For example, many girls are able to orgasm on the chair.


Pleasant aromas of great influence on the comfort of on a date. A pleasant fragrance relaxes the girl. To recommend for the bedroom, chocolate candles, or the Indian sticks to buy.

To some it is allowed to relax. But woman is different and not everyone likes the smells. What works well with one, the other, a feeling of rejection can lead to. The girl can not say it, but you understand the behavior.

For example, the girls love it, men perfume, but artificial smells of the house.


A lot of girls like Sex in music. It stimulates them. But caused a loud noise, the loss of sensitivity, while the gentle whisperings in your ear make it wet. Don't talk be silent with her in the foreplay.


The appearance — not the main thing in the man. But the ladies like it, not messy, inaccurate, guys. You need to respect yourself and to monitor. How not be in love with you, if you love yourself?

If you can not get the clothes on the body of a woman, then the touch at specific points through the thin fabric is an erotic effect. For example, if you touch your nipples or between the legs, not inside.


The contact must be through the fabric greater, so you feel it.

Where are the most erogenous place in the girls

We come to the point when it says about the location of the most important erogenous zones. They are all girls, but each has its own. At each point we have certain knowledge and approach. The first and most obvious area, for the erogenous, is...


This is one of the most affordable female erogenous zones. Women are incredibly sensitive to caresses. In contrast to men, a girl might orgasm, just a kiss.

Every girl there is a list of the best lovers and kisses are very important. If you give magical kisses that you remember for always.

Depends on whether you want more intimacy.

Kiss the girl should be as follows:

Completely, the lips relax. They leave you hanging. Kiss very slowly and for a long time. 5 times longer and more tender than you're capable of. Concentrate on the lips, let the tongue in the mouth.

If you have Sex, you a girl can be the Finger in the mouth. The suction reflex is familiar with the childhood, and most of the girls he provides arousal during intercourse.

Neck and neck

erogenous Zone of the neck

These areas are very erogenous. Most men do not even know, the back party side of the female's neck – the strongest stimulating the area.

If the man is careful and gentle with your back hugging the side of the neck (head down), she feels that he dominated.

Kisses in the nape of the neck will need to do in order to learn. Thin skin is sensitive. Girl not 4 things stand:

  1. Sucked
  2. Bruising
  3. Painful Bites
  4. Drool

Therefore, be gentle. Some of the page, someone from the rear, the other like the front. You don't kiss slowly, until you find. Some girls are able to get an orgasm.

So do not be afraid to search, because if you, for a pleasant surprise.

Biting and sucking, carefully and gently, so as not to injure the skin: weak teeth barrels to bite your neck kisses.

Don't do dramatic. If you are tickled, take a break. You can also gently tongue and lick the neck. Some girls like a harmless occupation, but each has its own sensations. The main thing – do not slobber.


Women love with their ears. Men know that a woman can whisper sweet things, but that's not all. The female erogenous Zone in the area of the ears are outside of the field of view.

  • The area behind the ears

On it you can slow the implementation of the with the fingers from top to bottom, but the girl will be delicate, because it is a sensitive spot.

  • Earlobe

You can suck gently (without saliva) and is very nibble gently. Girl — the fragile creation. If not, calculate the force, can have unpleasant consequences. Do not be afraid to suck roast partner. This can lead you into raptures.

  • Ear cups

5% of all women can get an orgasm, only to listen to the whisperings of the partner. We know that women love with ears, so not quiet during Sex. Ears, erogenous the women of the place, to awaken the are in control of your orgasm.


Erogenous zones in girls, there are also obvious:

  • The inner side of the elbow — a special place of the woman.

You need to gently and slowly stroking. This can be used in high traffic areas.

  • The inside of the palm of your hand

I remember a girl massaging me the palm tree, I ofigel. She has Massage, with my palm of the left hand and makes the Massage with a circular motion of the right thumb.

Slowly and strongly in a circular motion (thick skin on the palms of the hands). Pay attention to your reaction. The area between the phalanges are in the situation, also brings enjoyment.

  • Wrist

Open wrist-Hand — a Signal that a woman is up to you.

Again, as slowly as possible, but not to try. There are a lot of veins and very thin skin. You can do it from the outer side of the Finger, moves to your body.


Men love Tits to knead and do not understand how to handle it. But the breast is a major erogenous Zone of the female body. Someone - the most sensitive.

I just want to say, rule number 1:

Chest does not compress much, knead, beat and beat. You are very hurt, sensitive and girls.

To kiss your chest, gently sucking, bend it in a circular movements of the tongue, the touch of the fingers.

We need to understand what gets your girlfriend more pleasure. Some girls experience more joy in the upper part of the chest, the other at the bottom.


One of the two Breasts more sensitive

Displays of affection it is able to sensitive to cum. Leave her alone, breast kissing, without touching the nipples. The game gets you.

Nipples — the following important special place. Here, gentle is suitable for biting, sucking, circular movements of the tongue. Caliber, what, how, your lady more.

Sometimes even the chest is small, perhaps much more sensitive to the oral caresses, than the fourth size.

When your tickled, the question should be where and how to make it better, to make her happy.


This erogenous area has the largest number of nerve. With him can work wonders, appease the favourites, but 95% of the men are not able to!

I'll tell you how to avoid the error.

Ask not necessarily how to get a girl better. What she feels, what she likes. You probably will not be delivered, no-one orgasm, let alone vaginal or body ji.

The clitoris can meet and masturbate and oral. Every woman has her own threshold.

If the girl cunnilingus, don't want to, there are 3 reasons:

  1. You scare the guy / other Trauma
  2. On a monthly basis
  3. Went in the shower

1 — it is a long conversation, that should spend on each case to find out what to deal with her and help with the Problem.

2 — don't put pressure on you and accept that you want to do this.

3 — suggest a shower.

Orgasm from Kuni is able to deliver great fun. It is the Supreme art of oral sex, so the technique is to disassemble in Detail.

So as to make cunnilingus the right way:

There are a large number of techniques. Not immediately pounce on the clitoris. Be patient:

Soft kisses, starting with the navel, the very slow down. Not to sidestep other areas of the genitals. Kiss the belly, inner thighs, and allowed the dog to you it is pleasant.

Cunnilingus — the art that requires practice. Your own article dedicated.

If short, then they start kissing with lips. Do not forget partner's touch during the Kuni not only language, but also the hands over the entire body. You can touch her legs, belly, chest, and Hand. It is a double joy.


Go and open your pussy lips to the side with one Hand and put the language on your clitoris, so it was in the middle. Remember, as ice cream licking. Don't knock the tongue and the tongue in the Vagina. You start very slowly the Latin Alphabet, and remember to write, if you make a starting noise.

Then repeat the movement, which brings pleasure.

Pay attention to the words of the girl, to steer you in the right direction.

Clitoris can suck, but it may not be as intense. The language is a versatile Instrument to learn as it is important.

For the excitation of the clitoris nose is suitable and the tip of Finger:

Labia with the left Hand, and appease the clitoris with the tongue, with the right Hand, put 1-2 fingers in the Vagina and boost growth point ji. It is not easy in the beginning, but you can learn how to groove pleasuring this erogenous Zone of the partner.

Eskimo kiss — three go into the nose on the clitoris and do not forget to be careful lips of the partner, stroking it.

If you have mastered in perfection cunnilingus, women many times think before you leave.

The erogenous spots in the area of the Vagina

One of the most sensitive erogenous spots in girls. Vaginal Sex is a traditional. However, there are nuances. You know that the erogenous zones of the Vagina?

Then it will properly work member within the women, plays a major role. Erogenous Zone in the Vagina are through the Levels, and each of the girls a fun activity, a certain of them.

An important role is played, in what Position you have Sex. As a member working on the inside of the Vagina, is also important:

Sometimes flat and sometimes a little bit far away, but without pain.

It is not necessary to hammer their authority:

High speed and rigidity is not as important as it seems, and it can bring pain

The sensitive spot is located on the inside of the upper wall. Put under the lower back cushion when the back. It's the angle of Penetration changes, and the Penis is pleasure, stimulate the most sensitive areas. Sometimes you keep up the pace and fuck you very slow, the introduction and the pull over the entire length of a member, the teasing girl.

The anal erogenous zones

Erogenous zones on the female body is not only forward but also backward.

Here are 4 things play a role:

  1. Comfort
  2. Relaxation
  3. Time for preparation
  4. Hygiene

Wash before anal sex. Necessarily stock lubricating, otherwise the risk of injury. Relax, do everything very quickly. First, a hole with the Finger make. A member very slowly and carefully. Don is tender and floats. By the time is becoming more and more active and start to have fun.

During anal sex the female erogenous Zone is stimulated in the Vagina. You can simply insert the Finger in the Sex. Some love it, some can not tolerate. Of anal sex girls cum faster than the vaginal.


Female feet – the center of attraction of male attention, and of important special place. Below is the most sensitive part – the feet and toes.

You can gently touch them with the fingers, or to suck. Kiss the feet of the lips. There is a stronger effect than licking could. Find out what she likes Sex.

Above the delicate female place – the inner surface of the thigh. It can nibble, gently caress or compress gently. Go to a area of the hips at the end, it is excited gradually.

Do everything slowly and leisurely. Gently, gently bite the hip, closer to the vagina.

How to learn to determine the most erogenous zones in girls

To find out where the girl's erogenous Zone, you need to be in the vicinity and explore your body. You can probably find the erogenous places of which you didn't even know. The reaction of the mistress touches and kisses to give to understand in which direction you can move.

Woman is different, and each is important the special approach. Now you know the most important "lever" joy of the female body. Do not forget about you in the following sexual experiences.