Sexual arousal in women. Orgasm

The cycle of sexual response of the people has different phases: sexual desire, sexual arousal, orgasm, and ends with a Phase of resolution.

Arousal in women

Sex drive (Libido) is dependent on the work of the endocrine glands and the metabolism. Also, the sexual attraction depends on the cerebral cortex (cortex and subcortical layer) and the sexual centers of the spinal cord. All of the sexual centers interact with each other and form a unified System.

The degree of sexual excitability centers, and sex drive in adults is dependent on the hormone levels.

Libido (sex drive) is dependent on the innate characteristics of the people in the context of anthropology: the brunette of attraction was stronger than for blondes undersized more intense than in the case of large; obese women for sexual satisfaction require little effort and caresses, as slender; the southerner's sex drive is stronger than in the Nordic countries.

Difference in sexual excitability in women and men

Men's and women's different sexual excitability. In the male, sexual arousal is much higher than in women.

If at the man the excitement is growing quickly, an erection, and after orgasm and ejaculation, the arousal and the erection will disappear completely, then the women, the accumulation of the excitation process have long enough, demanding caresses with the Partner. And after the orgasm, the arousal slowly subsides.

But in the case when at the woman the orgasm does not come, the outflow of blood from the genital organs is very slow, in hours and even longer. No orgasm can happen due to an insufficient Stimulation of the erogenous zones or rapid intercourse. Then the woman, no sexual satisfaction, no sexual discharge. This leads to the fact that women pain in the lower back, pain and feeling of heaviness in the abdomen. The slowed-down outflow of blood, a Stagnation of lymph and blood in the pelvic organs, can develop inflammation, painful Menstruation and Fluor (discharge).

No orgasm is very harmful affects on the health of women, as if there is no discharge to a strong arousal in women in a state of Frustration occurs — a painful tension, with a feeling of dissatisfaction, and emotional response.

In the case of excessive excitability of the sexual centers in men, the ejaculation occurs very fast. It is called humilis recipis in men. If men have no erection or weak erection of the Penis, then this phenomenon as impotence.

Sensuality in women and men developed differently.

For most women, a sexual attraction developed to 25-28, and sometimes to 30 years. After 45-50 years of sexual sensuality is reduced. In the menopause, sexual desire increase, and after the completion of menopause disappears. In some women there can be up to 60 years or more stores.

how is called the arousal in women

The men have it all to happen differently. To 25 years the need to have sex lives, is much higher than in women. Sexual attraction reaches a Maximum to 28-30 years, and then gradually begins to decline.

When an old man approaches the"wilting", his sex life often activated. This tends to happen for reasons of a psychological nature, the fear of impending old age.

The decline of lorem potency is not in all men. Some keep the sexual potency to old age.

The deviation of the periods of most of the sexual sensitivity and ignorance of these nuances lead to the dispute of the spouses.

Sexual satisfaction of a partner in a large extent dependent on the other Partner. The sexual act is the only doubles physiological act of the people. Therefore, if the partners want to keep Sex, or spouse relationship for a long time, we have to. with understanding and patience, each other ability to identify the erogenous zones of the Partner and, if a man has an erection not too long, a little longer stimulate Partner to sexual intercourse Most common in women, such an erogenous Zone, the clitoris is.