How female pathogen this at home (recipes)

Men in the course of life interested in the mechanism of female arousal. Men's genetic program, the presses constantly on the search for the partner for Sex. But women are not in a hurry to hop into bed, meticulously choosing the satellite for the whole life. How to ignite the girl's passion? There is a tablet of female arousal? And if Yes, how female pathogen home?

The oldest aphrodisiac "Shpanskaya grain"


Since the middle ages, is known as the most powerful means of incitement as a male passion, as well as the female. Spread in the XVIII century. Well-known Fans of the drug: the Marquis de Sade, Catherine II Shpanskaya grain is a type of beetle, as well as preparations of these beetles in the inventory (ointments, tinctures, powders).

Finished drug lives, perhaps in our own days with their hands: the beetle in Russia, also in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan. A green color with Gold metallic shimmer. Grows to about 2 cm in length. Collect produce in may.

Recipe for stimulating grain for women:

1. You collect the required number of insects shpanskaya grain, dry and grind you to powder.
2. Add 20 G of powder in 1 litre of alcohol.
3. More the drug in a dark place infused, and with food and drinks.

You have to be very careful the active ingredient shpanskoi grain — kantaridin — has a negative effect on the organs of the digestive tract and the kidneys. According to some data, a frequent use in high doses can be fatal.

The modern inventions

Tinkering with beetles — not an easy task. Not everyone can run to the forest, the right insects, and dry them at home, displaying everywhere. A lot of nuances: you can't always be sure that catch and what to catch. Plus difficulties with the dosage and side effects: "die of excitement" sounds good, only as a metaphor. But the genius of modern man is not lying dormant, and invented new recipes of how to "make" a girlfriend, cook a lot easier with their own hands:

1. Remember, what is a blender — we'll need him.
2. Break 1 egg.
3. Add 1 Tbsp. L. Tomato Paste.
4. Press the juice of one lemon (1 TSP)
5. Take mustard ½ TSP.
6. Pour yourself a pinch of pepper.
7. All good Beat with a Mixer.
8. Pour a glass of wine (dry).
9. Bring to a boil, until there is a light (began to bubble to the mixture).

You drink the beverage hot or warm, it should — it heats up the sexual interest of women for the burning night. There are other recipes on the basis of the food trade afrodiziakov that are easy to do with the hands. You can also use a ready-made aphrodisiac in specialized Online pharmacy buy.

Natural remedies


In fact, the mother-the nature of women to male sexual attractiveness in the eyes of the. Natural pheromone androstenone hormone, fit women Sex. Androstenone is produced together with the sweat of the men, the bar on the body where hair grows (arm pits). They say that women like the smell of male sweat, and be partly right. But you ask the right question and weapons, which reduce women crazy. What time is it? If women smell unpleasant androstenona, and if, on the contrary, the woman feels exciting?

The whole thing in the menstrual cycle. From the point of view of the nature of the woman, it makes no sense to not have Sex when you are pregnant. So exciting fylhjcntyjy affects only the ready-to-fertilization-capable women. The natural pheromone, in excess in men, in night clubs, is considered to be the most powerful pathogen of the female half.

So that the possibilities and the magical recipes arousal women enough. In some of the onslaught of the passions expensive car or a fat wallet causing. Millions dream of as a celebrity in bed. Open the main secret recipe, to meet the light, with the hands at home: take 100 % of the love and of the mixture with 100 % romance — return to 1000 % of the strong sexual emotions! Only the love of his wife, and you will be amply rewarded.