Osho On Women. Touch with female spiritual power

Not everyone knows, to whom belongs a wise statement: "women need to love, but do not understand". These are the words of Sri Bhagavan Rajneesh better known as Osho.

The book "About the women. The contact with the feminine spiritual power" is not the result of Talent in creative writing, Osho, it is a compendium, the recording of conversations of the sage with the students. By the way, all the books by Osho have a similar structure: question-answer.

Book as a source of understanding between men and women


In talking about the women of the abstracted philosopher who calls himself "neither a man nor a woman, and consciousness". He speaks with great love and admiration. Osho told, look at and admire. After reading the book by Osho, perhaps many of us will be able to reconsider their attitude to a woman, the relations between a man and a woman, sexuality, the representation of feelings, of consciousness.

Singing and loving woman, Osho emphasizes the need of men for you. Call for harmony in the relationship, says the women's movement is not the liberation and slavery. Wise calls for the woman use your true feminine quality (to appeal to the female spiritual power), how the wisdom, tenderness, sexuality. And Osho in this book, the sexuality draws a special role, pays attention to the sexual side of life, seen as something of fundamental between the sexes. The woman is the source, the origin, the love.

The book of Osho "About women. The contact with the feminine spiritual power" is recommended for both men and women looking for comfortable and found the mutual understanding, but also to understand.