Why does the mucus in women, and what measures you need to take

To warn to avoid conservative women and the respect for your health there are a number of problems, serious and minor breaches in the initial phase of the development. Notice changes in the women's health. by the nature of the mucus from the genitals, because it is mucus, a note on pathological changes and the reason for the visit to the gynecologist

Types of secretions

Types of secretions of mucus in women

Mucus from the vagina is for all. This is a typical characteristic of the body of the woman. In General, different types of mucus from the vagina – standard and has an understandable origin.

The normal vaginal discharge are such characters:

  1. May be transparent, white, black or red color;
  2. Do not cause redness, itching, or burning;
  3. Odorless;
  4. A small amount;
  5. Are asymptomatic – in the absence of fever, pain and discomfort.

It should be noted that the Norm – if there is a small amount. Abundant secretion should be a Wake-up call for the women.

Mucous fluid is typically a sign for the normal functioning of the women. This is a Standard indicator for each age range.

From 1. Month, at each of the fairer half of humanity is mucus life, due to hormonal changes. In the first month of life, slime – afterimage phenomenon of the destruction of the maternal hormones.

The maturation of the sexual hormones, mucus again appear more often in the time breath pubert.

In General, production of mucus for a year falls in the period prior to the onset of Menstruation. To 8 years of age mucus like rice porridge with a slightly sour smell.

As soon as the menstrual cycle is changed, installed, secretions eventurum, your point of view. In the first half of the cycle, the mucus, usually moderate, but on the second Phase of its consistency thickens.

The allocation is divided according to type:

  1. White. The causes of their emergence may be Vaginitis, colpitis, Adnexitis. Also watch your appearance while you are taking oral contraceptives, with Stagnation in the pelvic area, in violation of the rules of personal Hygiene, as well as a lack of exercise;
  2. Transparent. Depending on the amount of hormones in the body, as well as the Phase of the menstrual cycle. Their presence says about the work of the ovaries. In the composition of these precipitates fragments of transudation and lymph, as well as micro-organisms, mucus from the cervical canal and the remains of the work of greasy and sweat glands are;.
  3. The Mucous Membranes. Such Association are not the pathology, not on color and smell. Otherwise, you need to make a comprehensive analysis and to consult with your doctor;
  4. Watery.

In normal development, selection, with no Intervention on the part of the expert can be the following:

  1. Lean, in the Form of cream or jelly substance. Inherent in the second Phase of the cycle;
  2. Clear discharge, inherent in the Phase before ovulation;
  3. Bloody mucus with strip – inherent in the period after ovulation.
  4. Creamy slimy lumps – the inherent prior to Menstruation;
  5. White clot when taking oral contraceptives;
  6. Pink ichor – week called the river, is inherent in the postpartum period;
  7. Creamy discharge through unprotected sex or the use of the condom. Such an assignment are odorless and do not cause any itching.

Secretion in the Form of mucus in women: causes

Reasons for the formation of the precipitates can be adjusted. Since it is between the allocation according to the type of their consistency, but also in dependence of the smells and the colors. So it is important to distinguish:

  1. Spek. Menstruation preceding. However, a Symptom of the development of the Erosion or cervical cancer. Adenomyosis, or in the case of the violation of the menstrual cycle to occur. Sudden discharge with blood may be a miscarriage in an early stage of harbingers, in the development of an ectopic pregnancy;
  2. Frothy thick cheesy vaginal discharge can be due to the presence of an infection;
  3. Vaginal discharge with odor, show the development of pathogenic germs, beginners to decompose in the body. Because of the decomposition process nutrients free of gases that have an unpleasant odor;
  4. Slime, or fat, before or after Sex. In the rule will generate, upon excitation of the gland in the run-up to the Vagina in the active mode of lubrication is the Norm. If the secretions after sexual intercourse odor (second day) – it is the cleansing of the body of semen during unprotected act. But the presence in such a mucus bleeding of the veins can. the evidence for the presence of cervical Erosion If you are white , green or yellow vaginal discharge after sexual intercourse within a period of up to a week after Sex a testimony to the development of the infection.

You should also know that the slime is the Norm, if:

  • the first sexual contact;
  • when there is a change of sexual Partner;
  • in the case of arousal before sexual contact, and also through unprotected sex.

Can Beli:

  • in the presence of foreign bodies in the Vagina;
  • with the development of diabetes;
  • in the development of polyps;
  • if other of benign formations in the uterus;
  • in the development of malignancy Masterbatch in the cavity.

It is noteworthy that a malignant process in the uterus takes place under transparent and watery discharge. Such a mapping is to have an unpleasant odor, with a small admixture of blood.

An inflamed Endometrium, as well as the mucous membrane of the can develop cervical mucous secretion with the liquid, watery consistency. The surface of the strip is dirty.

Why stand out plenty of lumps of mucus in women

The mucus in the cervix produces a special gland. In General, this development has a specific smell. Depending on hormone levels and the ovaries and the menstrual cycle varies, and the consistency of the secretions and their character.

Plenty of lumps of mucus – a cause for concern, since it is a fact that confirms the availability in the vagina other kind of microorganisms. In Parallel with the publication of blood clots, pain, burning, or itching.

Numerous studies have confirmed that the penetration of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms in the micro flora of the Vagina of a woman suppressed by the presence of the release of copious amounts of mucus. Such micro-organisms are prone to rapid multiplication, or every day, feelings can change.

Pretty frequent "guests":

  1. Fungi are made up of a series of Candida;
  2. gardnerelly.

Their presence brings to the development of thrush and dysbiosis.

What to do if secretion in women with mucus

It is very important to pay attention to your health and pay attention to every little thing. In the identification of any of the secretions, which should be the Norm, they consult a specialist. Especially when the emergence of such secretions accompanied by symptoms.

Treatment and prevention

Treatment and prevention

Therapy copious secretions and mucus from the vagina includes a visit to the gynecologist, who diagnosed relying on the survey.

Self-treatment usually leads to good results, as there is no complexity and classification. In most cases, this is a non-answer leads to a deterioration of health, as well as the development of many complications.

In the treatment of infections more often such events include:

  1. Rinses. In this case, use the appropriate medication or herbal mixtures;
  2. The use of special baths;
  3. Intake of oral drugs, the effect of which is aimed at the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms;
  4. Suppositories vaginal.

Examination by a woman doctor, and includes the review according to four degrees of purity:

  1. The first stage involves checking for the presence of pathogens, the response must be mad, its dominance in the Vagina lactic acid bacteria, in the absence of pathogens;
  2. In the second stage, the number of cells should not be more than reduced by 10 against this background, indicators need to lactobacilli. The agents in this reaction are acidic.

The first and the second stage – a sign of the health of the woman, to confirm the absence of pathologies.

The following two-degree – pathology:

  • At this stage Wednesday is alkaline, India -related pathogens, the level of leukocytes is increased can be identified;
  • The fourth stage describes a wealth of leukocytes, pathogens. Sticks Dederleyna and lactobacilli are absent completely.

Timely treatment to a specialist will arrest the disease in the early stages, the reproductive organs of inflammation of rid of in a short period of time.

In General, timely and competent therapy reduces the free-slime, but also eliminates unpleasant symptoms.

Adequate mucus, freed from the genitals of the woman – the Norm and a part of the physiological process in the body.

The increase in the number of, change, consistency, and odor is a concern requires a consultation with a specialist. The first signs of the pathology must necessarily the gynecologist to be treated.

It is important to minimize the attention on the health and penetration of microorganisms in the sexual organs – the basic rules of personal Hygiene, attend the gynecologist, by various in the early stages of the pathology. Take place, if necessary, to the systematic courses of therapy.