Syndrome Permanent Sexual arousal — it is a tragedy

In 2001, for the first time in medical cases, described constantly occurring sexual arousal in women uncontrolled and not in connection with the presence of sexual stimulus, but also with orgasms out of place. In these women with great frequency seizures unnecessary orgasm the muscles of the small pelvis caused reduced, increased sweating, heart rate, dilates blood vessels in the breathing. The woman's body thus preparing to orgasm, and he comes, but in the inappropriate Moment, and not in an inappropriate Situation.
the constant arousal in women

In the known world, only a few dozen cases of this disease, but experts in the sexology to the right suspect, that the majority of patients speak, in fact, much more: just about their problems. These women are constantly excited, without sexual Stimulus and sexual desire, and your life will be a tragedy. Orgasm can happen when shopping in-store, at work, during meeting over a Cup of coffee with friends.

Syndrome Permanent Sexual arousal (PGAD - engl.), or as it is called - the syndrome of Permanent Sexual arousal (PSA - English) transformed a natural pleasure into a serious disturbance and to generate in patients feelings of guilt and hopelessness.

This disorder is characterized by tension in the genital area and the constant sexual arousal without a real sexual Stimulus and sexual drive. This Situation is not always ends with the orgasm, and even if this happens, had the Patient any relief. As in medicine has been recently, this syndrome is on the list of sexual dysfunctions, but expected its speedy inclusion in the classification of mental disorders.

How to gynecologists and specialists in sexology Embassy medicine are convinced that this syndrome has nothing to do with nymphomania - phrasi to sexuality, which is characterized by a constant need to do it, even with anorgasmia, or the inability to orgasm feel, yet with multiplex orgasms sunt, or multiple orgasms - the phenomenon is not pathological.


The main symptom of this disease is the fact that women are able to preorgasm, in the excitement, without the slightest desire to have sexual relations. This condition doesn't bring him joy, but more like a pain in the genitals, what causes unpleasant experiences.

Experts in medicine and sexual science know about this syndrome a little bit. Age of the patients, usually from 30 to 45 years.As possible causes for its development which describes the presence of anatomical abnormalities or tumors of the sexual organs of, a possible violation of the balance between stimulating and blocking neurotransmitters in the brain, neurological diseases (epilepsy), diseases of the arteries and veins to the circulatory network of the genitalia and the strangest reception most popular and widely used antidepressants of the latest Generation from the group of Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors.

Arousal usually occurs in a Situation where the Patient experiences drowsiness or fatigue, which seems strange because, in General, similar conditions sex reduce drive. Unnecessary orgasms triggered little movement of the legs. Some light on the nature of the disease raises a study of Italian scientists from the University of Bolonia (Battaglia, Venturoli), discovered in one of the patients with a similar syndrome, which arose on the background of treatment with antidepressants (trazodonom), a constant erection of the clitoris, similar to that which men experience priapism (chronic inappropriate erection).

Syndrome of permanent arousal in women

Nature Syndrome

Lack of understanding of the nature and causes of the syndrome of Permanent Sexual arousal engage in any of the functions, there are patients effective help. If this disturbance occurs against the backdrop of a neurological or psychological disorder, the therapeutic tactics of their treatment.

In other cases, a symptomatic treatment:some patients help creams with anesthetics or local application of ice. For some women, effective antidepressants, or drugs to block the dopamine receptors, or hormonal Anti-androgens medicines.

Experts in sexology and obstetrics remains no other option than to act in the selection of therapy for such patients by trial and error.

Such patients are in need of qualified psychological or psychotherapeutic help. Many patients with this syndrome, severe depression and attempts to suicide.

The syndrome of Persistent Sexual arousal interrupts your normal life, your relationship with your spouse or Partner, and sentimental.from the development of feelings of guilt, self-pity, loss of self-esteem, depressed mood