10 types of female orgasm

10 types of female orgasm

City-dwellers without a hitch call two types of female orgasm – clitoral and vaginal, sexually savvy personality still recall something about squirt. However, there is a further classification of large and small O.

The scientists conducted a series of experiments, in the course of which it was found that lovely women experience different intensity of the sensation, depending on the type of Stimulation. Of course, lovers in all parts of the world is negative, these statements felt. Now you need to work harder, the satisfaction of female partners.

If you want to know what orgasms are and are proficient in the methods to achieve them, then read the further Text of the article. But be careful - some of the facts may shock you.

1. Vaginal

Description. The most well-known type of orgasm for girls. It occurs when the direct Penetration of the Penis (or Sex toy) into the vagina. Despite the prevalence of terms that only 25% of women are able to experience it. Why so little? The answer lies in the anatomy of happy owners.

Only a quarter of the damsels has a shorter distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. With the introduction of the member of the soft parts, and stretched out the magical affect of a pea. Unfortunately, for the Rest 75%-TOV female gender, this kind of enjoyment is not available.

How to achieve? The sensitivity of the Vagina changes with age. Some of the ladies Peak indicator falls on the period after the birth. If you don't want to, but do not start the child, you need to have an additional stimulating agents, for example, intimate oils or special lubricants.

2. Clitoris

Description. The cheapest, and the most common female orgasm. In a small point at the top of the base all the joy in the world pussy lips, concentrated. Imagine - 8 000 fibers of the clitoris, inter pelvic nerves interact with 15000-sensitive nerve endings of the melting, which will cause the powerful pressure wave of pleasure.

How to achieve? We detail bekritzelten techniques of oral Stimulation of the clitoris in the article cunnilingus.

Another Win-Win – mash the Zone Sex toy. In the context of the normal sexual intercourse does not forget to open up the hands and gently massaged with the fingers of the hood.

Another Win-Win – mash the Zone Sex toy. Clitoral stimulators are now classics in intimate games. With your help, partner is guaranteed to reach the pinnacle in no time. In any Sex Shop you will find a model to suit your taste – vibrators with tendrils and without, on the remote control and with the fixed paddles, and even thin Tabs, is in the panties.

3. The G-Spot Orgasm

Description. In the 50s of the last century, the medical community is stoked, the stunning news. In women, the prostate was discovered in Analog. Dr. Ernest Grafenberg started the Finger about 3-5 cm from the entrance of the Vagina and groped there, the spongy tubercle. He immortalize quickly a mystical Zone of your name, in the centuries.

Orgasm in girls, resulting in the Stimulation of G-spot, much more intense and deeper normal discharge.

How to achieve? Ways of processing of the internal triggers in a separate article. You are entitled to your hands or get a special pose, the pressure on the front wall.

Well, special devices are kidney – shaped (in common stimulators G-spot) have proven effective. Thanks to the special construction, the device is efficient, these erogenous Zone works. Functional principle and technical data may vary depending on the model. Particularly well – vibrators-Albrecht-with stepless intensity.

4. Orgasms Point A

Description. It turns out, the proverbial G-spot is by far not the extreme limit of pleasure. As it turned out, there is still a magical Zone. It is located at a distance of 7-10 cm from the entrance of the Vagina and came in contact with the upper arc of the cervix. Tender point baptized body A.

I hasten to answer your question, what is an orgasm in its Stimulation. The first few times - he is a little pale. After the completion of the contraction of the muscles of the pain remains at the end of sensations. However, the intensity and duration of the seizures is significantly higher than in the preceding species peak.

How to achieve? In theory, you can tap Zone And a member. But in General, the Partner distracted and starts mindlessly Penis swing, forget you worked the point through. If your Partner does not have the long Finger, then you need a special equipment.

To develop it is advisable to Slim G massager. Insert the Vibrator to almost the entire length of the device Pre-lubricated to the lubricant. You drive along the front wall until you are hypersensitive area. More you can focus on your.

5. Mental

Description. A pronounced relaxing effect. Is achieved by Stimulation of the Zone opposite the point A. it is likely to be multiple orgasms in women in middle age, 30-40 years after the peak of the sexuality. Main feature – cramps with gradually increasing force.

How to achieve? You should affect the lower Fornix of the cervix. Tap into the most remote areas of the vagina can the use of toys. A little easier lovers with impressive masculinity (20 cm and longer). In the case of increased friction "before the Foundation of the" Deep Zone is stimulated automatically.

The girls, active apprentices, pelvic muscles, Kegel exercises, to experience the chances of such a discharge is much higher. As women doctors, the use of vaginal balls is recommended. The worse the condition of the vagina, the less Start-weight. Better choose a model with eccentric center of gravity, covered with a hypoallergenic coat.

6. Orgasms Points U

Description. When I read that orgasms in women, sometimes we are amazed building blocks! Some ladies enjoy an active Massage of the urethra. Irritation of the exit of the urethra at regular intervals leads to squirt. In this case, it is important not to confuse this peak with trivial urinary.

How to achieve? To help you litres of lubricant or massage oil, and Hardy. You forget the greed – means should a lot of. Generously pour it directly into the urethra, gently press the tip of the thumb. You make a circular movement, by according to the needs of the lubricant and increases the pressure.

Some recommend to float the language. I am against such castling. Time on the Simulation, give out of God, you are more likely to be tired of life important Organ, the lady to ecstasy.

7. Orgasm from the Stimulation of the breast

Description. Everything here is very selective. The ladies meet to rave come from the Stimulation of the breast. However, there are women, to the mountains, where the wool is at the mere sight of to compression of the nipple. Dear men, before to experiment, and certainly you speak with the partner.

How to achieve? The sensitivity varies depending on the Phase of the cycle. Breast before the menstrual period, the most sensitive to erotic Massage. Start with light kissing the entire surface, strokes without pressure and friction. Then you can concentrate on the nipples. Ŝekočite your language, and without the pressure drag in the mouth. If the partner is accustomed to act more resolutely – "roles" pacifier between her lips. Can bite only with permission!

Progress does not stand still, already invented long and constantly evolving-Sex-toys for the Stimulation of the breast. Special vacuum pumps, clamps, electric shock, vibrators, nipple – just a small list of suggestions for challenging lovers.

8. Blowjobs

Description. Scientists claim women with sensitive oral cavity are able to fly up in the sky during the execution of fellatio. How come it is unknown to the orgasm, this kind of me personally, therefore I will describe the impressions of the other ladies. Say, if the technique of Deep Throat with a simultaneous overlap of the breathing provokes powerful adrenaline rush. Hormone-boosted blood, and increases the excitation until the Peak Phase.

How to achieve? Note – methodology for Extreme and their implementation should be with the utmost care. Take the partner for the back of the head and give the Penis as deep as possible. Keep you breathe in front of the first attempts of reflex. Give the girl a slight easing, the increase in the necessary oxygen. Repeat the technique first.

For the Simulation of group Sex Dildos. Believe me, hard-coitus with her beloved husband and a couple of toys in different holes caused a storm of positive emotions.

9. Probe

Description. What is tactile orgasm interesting is shown in the Comedy "Wedding carbon oxide". There Hawaiian massage therapist brought the customer to the blessed condition of the finger tips. Of course, the Film is a little exaggerating, but the script-writers have understood to all 100%.

How to achieve? You can try, after a long period of abstinence, or in the beginning phase of the relationship. It is important that the sensations were warmed up hormonal Cocktail of infatuation. Sensual Massage with the processing of all the muscles, changing from hot wax and ice cubes, tickle, body fluffy brushes. Not a simple technology, the petting zoo for the preservation of tactile orgasm. Good enough game sets to work with elements of BDSM.

10. Mental

Description. The physical female orgasm written multi-page essays. Almost in every country there is a special Department that deals with the problems of the personal life of the citizens. But somehow glorified scientists study only the carnal side of the issue, and the emotional component discounted often discounted.

But vulnerable people are able to get satisfaction, without touching an erogenous Zone. And it is true. Many of the girls way and legs of a dear Person, one vote.

How to achieve? Be in love on the ears.

I hope you have learned everything it needs to be about the female orgasm, or at least most of your curiosity.