Sexual Arousal

Kisses, hugs, caresses - everything is an integral part of foreplay that leads to an increased production of sex hormones, and in the end provoked some changes in the body. Women's and men's arousal in different ways manifested.

Signs of sexual arousal in women

sexual arousal

The first stages of arousal lead to an increase of blood flow in the head, which in turn, provoked the emergence of blush. It comes to changes in the breathing, the woman begins to inhale and exhale, as if not enough air. In the case of the representatives of the beautiful sex, almost immediately, changes in the vagina for a comfortable Penetration directly to the sexual contact. Sexual arousal leads to a significant enlargement of the clitoris, because it is more blood. When the heat rises, in the case of women may increase, and a firmer breast, and nipple erectum condition. It is worth noting that during sexual arousal, the area around the nipple becomes darker. For many ladies, the tremor occurs in the body and sweat. Often a woman in the case of strong excitation is bulging belly to the front, but the thigh, on the contrary, to shrink, which leads to an irritation of the clitoris and of the labia majora.

Signs of sexual arousal in men

Of course, the most important Signal of the willingness to "males" to intimacy erection that is created by the fact that at the head of the penis, the blood bags, and he becomes hard and enlarged.

Gestures of the men during sexual arousal:

  1. Demonstration of the groin and the manhood forms. If you will be interested in the other gender, "males" wide, the legs push. Man can reflexively pull your tummy in, tighten the muscles, and the external appearance is more than brave.
  2. Arousal is a certain Stress for the body, which leads to an increase in pressure. From this man can "choke" the tie or neck Sweatshirts, and he will try to existing routes shackles. In a state of arousal, it can smoke more often.
  3. In a significant gesture, and shows the willingness to be in close contact more – the desire to take something, for example, the man can take off the glasses, unbuttoned watches, buttons, etc.

What is interesting - signs of sexual arousal in men appear much faster than women. Such a condition can happen when the two partners, therefore, it is important not to delay foreplay, and then go to the Home activities.