Erogenous zones of the woman, what is more excites a woman.

For all the lovers of the body in the area of sexual arousal. Alone, feeling the gentle touch of the hands a feeling of pleasure in most women. The pleasant feeling is enhanced if the pet is particularly sensitive, but the stroking with the hands, not comparable with what can be achieved through the mouth, tongue, and lips.

erogenous zones

Due to these areas are divided into weak, medium and strong. Start strongly should pet with milder zones, transition. From now on, with affection, a strong erogenous Zone, you can reduce the sensitivity of the weaker. And Vice versa – with a systematic exposure to a range of sensitivity and can Zone, the sensitivity of previously non-responsive work.

Weak Areas.

Hair. Your gentle caress, Stretching, winding on the fingers causes a mild effect. For a range of effective peak, for others – occipitale.

Ears. If the language of the edge of the ear or climbs, when the lips are at your ear pressed when the lips play the lobe of the ear – all of this triggers the woman's desire. Women simply respond to affection of the ear, relate to the simple for excitation and passionate type. By the way, the women's earrings – wear is an indirect reminder of the role of the ear, especially the roasting, as erogenous Zone.

Kiss on the closed eyes – this kind of affection almost disappeared. See it, feel it, smell it – anything that can react as an erogenous Zone, but often to a specific and desired Person.

There is a erogenous Zone in the neck. a front surface, which falls Mysik between the milk glands. In this Form, the cut-outs is generally of dresses. Wherein, a Zone may be less. Other more pronounced.

Hands<. Especially the hand of the woman, the soft Pads of the fingers surfaces. Back of the hand, the inner side of the forearm – also refers to the weak regions.

Medium-Sized Zone.

Lip and oral cavity, wherein said sensitive language, then the lips, the surface of the mucous membrane of the mouth.There are many types of kisses. Men need to find out what you the woman and the technology to Refine kiss is preferred. There are kisses with the love of the game begins. Kisses, prior to the fusion of bodies in a paroxysm of passion, unlike the kiss waning passion. Kiss of gratitude, after which the lovers of peaceful slacking. In the Ancient near East up to us, the poetic title of kisses, such as: "gentle, playful", "chaste", "passion", "pleasure Bud", "nectar","", "the Royal kiss of the winner", kiss "Peckyu" from the French word "pique" - obkalyvanie lips. The tongue tip is sharp and thin. Hardly pulled it out of the mouth, spend the lung obkalywanija on the perimeter of the lips. "Kiss of the soul" or "French" kiss in the mouth, with the tongue, skin, touch the palate, the tongue, the lining of the mouth. But some women do not accept this petting zoo. Maybe have the habit of sometimes not satisfied with the type and manner of execution. Men say sometimes discreet "station," the kiss of the woman. Cause, often in the absence of the skills and habits. The cause can be revulsion, to pale to the teeth, mouth, smell, appearance.

The female breast is the most obvious Symbol of femininity. This is one of the sensitive erogenous zones. The chest itself is iron reacts rather in a gentle motion. Halo nipples and nipples sensitive to a soft touch, and not only when you stroke the man, but often on their own petting zoo.

Some of the girls bring themselves to orgasm caress her nipples. Breast-feeding is mothers and the child is causing arousal, sometimes coming to orgasm. Everything is all natural. The sensitivity of this Zone varies from heat, without passion or intense excitement. The nipples respond to the caresses of the fingers.

Stroking, pulling, twisting nipples. The erection arises, that is, an increase in the size and elasticity, what does this say about the beginning of the arousal of the woman. Excitation is much stronger, if the weasel with the hands, kiss the nipple of breast. Often such affection women emotions to manifest intermittently reinforced breathing, trembling, a feeling of trepidation in the genitals. The reaction of the breast does not depend on their size.

A woman with small Breasts often respond more to it, than the buxom.To maintain the shape and attractiveness of the Breasts of women, you should massage the right choice of bra and on a regular basis.

The next excitable Zone of the side surface of the chest, waist. the particularly susceptible to the touch of the mouth, and the abdominal area. Excitation thus occurs directly in the genitals. Groin area – sensitive is usually glands are smaller than the milk. However, if the woman can not afford at all sensitive to the caress of the chest area in different ways to stimulate the senses.

Back, "cat place" - the area between the shoulder blades, the area along the spine. Buttocks, the highly revered ancient peoples, a great arousal in men. The Italian sculptor Antonio Canova special attention to the treatment of the buttocks women. In Ancient Greece the temple was built and dedicated to Aphrodite Kolibega.


The inner side of the hips especially good reacts to stroking with the Hand to touch and language, one hundred from the knees up to the bar, what usually causes strong excitation of both partners.

Crotch – the Position of the Anus and the labia minora. Sometimes, if the specifics of the location of the sensitive nerve endings, is very excitable Zone, in the case of this woman can only with difficulty discharge without affection of this Zone. Effects with the Finger on the area of the Anus, combined with other caresses, or in the case of the movement of the member in satisfaction of such women vagina relieves the Problem.

The active participation in the formation of the sexual arousal takes the clitoris, labia, Vagina. Clitoris – small protruding Organ similar to the nipple, hidden in a quiet condition and in a fold of the labia at the top, at the point of their Union.

In the case of arousal in women, the clitoris is in a state of erection, as the Penis of an excited man, the head of the clitoris is clearly felt, the body of the clitoris pulls the small lips to the top, making the entrance into the vagina. Note the excited clitoris usually provides a woman a great pleasure, the exquisite, the sharpest of all the sensations of the erogenous zones.

A part of the men, however, difficult in his whereabouts, because the sexual organs of the woman's concern, before you are enough aroused to preliminary game of love. Not able to erection of the clitoris is often not palpable and not visible, but sometimes he seems to be considerably above the Vagina, and some women are not visible, even in the case of the erection. But there are women. The clitoris is not an erogenous Zone or weaker than the other, other caress the clitoral orgasm, without introduction of the Penis causes into the vagina.

Cunt. the lower third, especially the front wall, the cervix. responds primarily to the effect of depth of the Penis. But this Zone is a weaker area of the clitoris. The Vagina, moreover, in a certain Moment, a part of the birth canal, prudently and nature of the sensitive nerve endings. However, in some women, the vagina is sensitive, if there is no reaction of the clitoris, or together with him. Increases the sense of self-the psychological factor of the merger of Tel in the Region of the sexual organs, in connection with a loved one, a whole, the awareness of the exclusivity of the role.