You pick with a chain! 14 women are reported, how they are crazy in bed

exciting moments

However, all of this additional literature leaves you with the feeling that really a woman is treated and only) vyzubrit anatomical reference, B) can by complicated equipment bag from the Sex Shop, and B) he took the more experienced comrades. Everything is really dramatic, and the woman can in fact provided that an orgasm only in the attitude of the "dragon, oppugnationem pertinent parant administrare Golutvinsky fortress" and the simultaneous Stimulation of the points G, K and U, the function tries to X is always zero?... Fortunately, practice of Sex, in theory, much easier.

1. They Call Your Name

"If a man during Sex, calling me by name, it is very exciting. I feel in this Moment, it irritates the female body is not an abstract, namely, I, what he thinks about ME that he wants ME to have. All the alienation and stiffness of this immediately disappear"

What have you got there, usually talking in bed? "Yes... so... well... wow!" Just a few complicating this combination of five words, vpihnuv your name. "Yes... Masha... Masha... Masha... uh... Masha!" And we hope, that it is actually a name Masha.

2. You play with your hair

"When my boyfriend caresses my hair and kisses her, I'm going to be running with the back down, and I want to climb into bed with him"

All of the woman's body densely covered with hairs. No, the truth. Don't believe — get this somehow into the bedroom magnifying glass and examine. (Bruising under the eye quickly over, and the lessons learned for a lifetime.) Each of the microscopic hair — it is a kind of antenna that gives the signals, the excitation are affected in the vicinity of nerve endings. If you hair is not touch to touch the skin, to not "turn off" Signal — to- woman more excited than before the direct contact. But this is not so easy — the hair is short of the (if not the epilator) withdrawn under a root. Fortunately, the women have on the body and the long antennae, to Ironing, sorting, avoid direct contact with the skin. For example, on your head. Now, and where else you can find.

3. Kiss You

"The most important Sex a kiss on the lips. It is the most intimate, gentle, stimulating and best of all, what is capable of being a man"

What is "the best thing in the situation" — here, of course, one can argue. Nevertheless, women love it when they kiss. Even though you have to kiss a lot of things, kiss on the lips, hold for a one hundred percent always in the Top TEN. The is describes the same as the young lady, as "well-read kiss":

"It starts with a light touch of the lips on the lips, then his tongue begins slightly to the mouth to slide, breaks my language, moves rhythmically, but not too fast. Of such a powerful and tender kiss at me instantly dizzy!"

4. Caress Your Face

"I love it when a man with a Finger to my cheek, kissing my chin, touching my eyebrows and eyelids. I see that he admired me and the most beautiful woman feel in this Moment on the planet"

We pay attention to the female Person only after a visual inspection of the lower floors. In women everything is different. You will never shout to the guy with a good figure, if you are personally convinced that he appreciate on the head of a complete set of eyebrows, nose and chin — Ladies-sex at all the Details more than the General Plan. For women face is the basic requirement, the mirror of the soul — that is why it is able to spend millions to massage money and hours to color it, to grind and to operate.

5. Prepare the area

"I think it is very important that the man who came to you home, was everywhere the order. I'm not over the fact that the books were accurate and the dust was not — this is nonsense. But fresh linen, to the order in the bathroom, a clean shirt, I could throw would be all this evidence of his attention to me. And if he cares, that next to the bed were water, fruit, sweets and candles — then I will decide what is the best and most caring lovers!"

And don't forget to lock up Lord Marlborough in the innermost room. Women love dogs, but it is difficult to have an orgasm, when the Bulldogs, sniff, lick you heels.

6. As soon as it gushes out of the hands of

"Most of all, love when during Sex the man more hands to caress me. Not only temere id capessit in the knee or elbow, and continues with the palms of your hands on my thighs, belly, back and chest. It is probably very hard because hardly anyone makes it so"

Naive Lena! Of course, to us it is not difficult — just kind of all hands do not reach. Although there is a grain of truth in this, there are — as long as the man is distracted by stroking and Stimulation, he slows down the Offensive of his orgasm and accelerate the Offensive of the female.

7. Touch gently

"A lot of men as the first to grab the nipples, but only a few know how to properly deal with them. The fact, that the female nipples are very sensitive, and a rough touch is not only not aroused, but, on the contrary, very happy. To me much more like, as the man in the area next to it stroking as a direct pressure on this button. If it's done delicately, gently, that turns me on really"

We, the women, a different word, to understand the connection of the "soft handle". The female imagination paints cotton wool and feathers, we are more like nulevkoy cortices imagine. Therefore, best use method — before tilting to all interesting topics — licks my Finger. The moisture protects the sensitive Zone of very strong affection.

8. Tu your high-risk compliments

"I used to be pretty shy and even embarrassed to take off her clothes, but my last boyfriend made me into a different woman. He told me constantly that I was the most beautiful, the hottest thing of my chest, he's losing his mind, and all the other women beside me — the perfect nothing. I'm so accustomed to that I is irresistible that self-believe and nothing embarrassing"

Compliments about eyes and hair also to not disturb. However, the fact that it looks good today, she already knows. You reported about it, your hairdresser, and the hundred scatter eighty colleagues who do work nothing else than lazing around from office to office and compliments. But from you and only to you he can learn, your ass is crazy easy, but she moves in bed like a porn star. (Only if you do not inform your best friend Dimon. With your words, of course.)

9. Move in a circle

"A good lover is different from the bad by the fact that he makes everything, of course. When he caresses the woman he does not invent, but simply follows from the nature of the female body. Finally, we all are made up of continuous circles — breast, butt, lips, cheeks, knees And the hands of the men, gently repeat these circles, arouse the woman, the voice of nature, make it a female animal longing"

So pull in a circle. (Although badsome would be to find out in which the females of this Natascha will develop — there are also those that prefer to be on the peak of a Snack for their marriage partners.)

10. Then go into the time

"I can't always reach an orgasm — and not because the man is doing something that is not so easy I sometimes have it and sometimes not. And very good, if the Partner understands and transforms Sex into endless, exhausting race behind the blue bird. After that, I'll still feel guilty for what he tried to so, but I couldn't. Let it just warns me that he is ready to cum, and if I say the impression that self might still be the highlight, and I to him: "Yet a little, honey!". And when I say: "Yes, I'll be waiting for you!" — then let it ends"

All the sexologists and all the women in the chorus say: the woman is able to get the full satisfaction from Sex, even without orgasm. Us with you don't understand — but believe on the word.

11. Change the script

"For me, the most important thing on Sex is a Moment of surprise. If the entire program is known in advance, is difficult to cool really, and if it is repeated every day... to change the women and their men"

Even if your girlfriend has never made claims about the Routine of Sex, it does not mean that you are completely satisfied. You have nothing to start scandals due to the fact that you feed a half a year for Breakfast, lunch and dinner "Maultaschen giant". However, some variety in the diet, you would be driven, isn't it? The it is also. And this "diversity" is not required to go to the Penis increase surgery and to bed in leather shorts and handcuffs. It is enough to only slightly modified standard procedure. You always kissed her, first on the mouth, then in the chest, then in the belly button, then went into missionary and finished style was in Doggie? You start with the navel and Doggie-style, do let your passionate kiss and missionary in peace. Week similar exercises, and it is not excluded that one day to expand the girl also the limits of your consciousness and order Pizza.

12. Take your clothes off

"I love it when a man undresses. I like to feel the body, the hair on his chest, his muscles, the warmth of his skin. Sex in clothes — it's always something: only if it is very urgent"

However, if you do not undress in this Moment, pyjamas mink cloak, you have to complete.

13. You do something special

"I had a man who loved, the Hand caresses me "there", at the same time you put in the mouth of my index finger and suck him off. It was wonderful. More so, no one does, and I'm sorry!"

You can tender to bite you on the forehead, tickle your heels... it is not a question of, what exactly are you doing, but to do that, only you. And the girl think hundred times before you part with you. Yes, in your absence you have a corrupt home for a bachelor party with women and not hygienic animals, you nahaM his mother, you sleepers break would your favorite Cup... but who else, besides you, so wonderful to play with her on the back in the "rails-rails,, sleepers"?

14. Vocatus it Napoi

"It is terrible, but if I get drunk — I like everything that makes my husband. I'm usually pretty quiet. But it costs me something to drink one or two glasses of champagne, as I is me a Sex-bomb, and do, to remember that the next day, I am ashamed of this"

And not with a girl to such incidents. According to statistical surveys, 80% of women admit that alcohol increases your sensuality and increases your ability to orgasm.