Folk remedies for the quick arousal of the woman

Sometimes we are so passionate about the work, house work, children, that with the onset of night, make love with the beloved man turns into a purely mechanical process.

How do you experience maximum enjoyment of intimacy with a loved one?

Many women complain that they never experienced an orgasm, even if he married a couple of years. But if that's the cause of only one man? Hardly. Of course, from the stronger sex a lot: he knows what his partner can stimulate the erogenous zones. What is left to do, when to achieve the Sex, you can not relax until the end? What to do if a long time the feeling of orgasm?

The answer is clear: intimacy with a loved one can be inspired, together, herself and all the pleasures of sexual intercourse with him.

There are many ways to at the end of the day, just glide on one of the couples in the arms of your lover and drag him into the bedroom.

The easiest and probably the, you is the trust of your imagination. Like it or not, and the woman put everything out in my head.

It is no secret that the female mind is able to imagine everything in great detail, and self, believe in your imagination, like the real thing. In our case, use your imagination will be very helpful. Try in the course of the day, present your loved one. You try to feel him brave arms, the smell of aftershave, feel you, as he caresses her tender skin, penetrates further and further into every corner of your body. Center you. Imagine that every movement of his body provides you with a lot of fun.

It is a few minutes is sufficient in the course of the day detailed fantasies, in the evening they were ready for a long and passionate night.

Another equally effective way is to love yourself and in the clothes and without them. Imagine a full-length mirror, you should own naked body. Even if the defects, you should not stress. Learn to love his reflection in the mirror. Try to caress and fondle. Don't hesitate to learn your body. You know what's more fun, what you touch, you inspire more prepared. If you check yourself yourself, then it will be easier, later on you lead your Partner to the right measures. Remember, no shame in this. The body needs unloading. Not self-love, you will never experience the maximum enjoyment, and in order to orgasm you know only from the words of chatty friends, or erotic films.

Even if you have no fixed Partner, as he imagined enough, the guy of your dreams. It is the famous Idol, or a young man, the become you a long time ago crazy, or simply the acquaintance of the attractive appearance can. In this case, you can, with a Sex-toy Shop for the abundance of sensations.

Among men ("Alpha males", as they call themselves) are of the opinion that good Sex can bind to each girl. I would not be so self-conscious about it, even if the young man is a Mega good lover.

A girl who is good enough to know his body and is capable of arousing to self, able to experience orgasms with a man who would be with him in the same bed.

Thus, it may be mistress of the Situation, and not a prisoner – guy to choose, based on his inner qualities, reliability and responsibility, and orgasm during mutual desire, it is only the result of the work over the body and imagination.

Always the joy of sexual intimacy depends on the mutual desires of men and women. If anyone of them either immediately, both feel a moral or physical fatigue, daily Stress, experience at home and at work, it is very hard to set the mood for the wave of love and joy. In such cases, the invaluable help of pathogens, conducive to the strengthening of the Libido and increase vitality.

excited girl

Drugs, enhancement of Libido, are not only men but also beautiful women. Women active in the fight against the frigidity, but also with the objective of disclosure of the sexual potential and overcoming shyness in bed. The representatives of the fair sex, even those who previously was an unfamiliar feeling of orgasm, begin to experience it, with the sexual excitation.

Reasons for the decline in Libido in women

The lack of sexual desire is not so rare Problem with the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. On the Libido of ladies can be a variety of factors have an influence, but most often this Problem occurs against the background of a certain mental condition:

  • Teenage fears;
  • boring and the sexual relations;
  • Problems in the relationship with your Partner.

Female Pathogen

Increase in Libido and a new unforgettable sensations in bed help the pathogens for women. Which means the delight not only of the Dahme river, but also their Sex partners, because the dream of every man is incredibly passionate woman in the sexual sense.

Most stimulants have a rapid effect, which is very important for intercourse. In addition, sexy pathogens have virtually no side effect. With the exception only of cases in which a heightened sensitivity to certain components of the drug.

Aphrodisiacs have the following effect on the female body:

  • Improve moisture of the Vagina, which facilitates the penetration of the Penis.
  • Quick stimulating effect: irresistible sexual desire and Libido is created in just a few minutes.
  • A significant increase in the sensitivity of the skin.
  • The strengthening of the orgasm, the longer and brighter.

The first signs of sexual arousal in women notice after just a few minutes after the use of aphrodisiacs. The lady is more than sexy and loose, it speeds up the breathing, and the nipples harden.

With the help of aphrodisiacs, loving partners to each other can diversify sex life, the return to the firm and former passions.

Therefore, stimulating drugs have not yet been lost in ancient times and the DOS still have their popularity. In the middle ages, the Mediterranean, the Libido in women are found only in the case of traditional healers, which is examined in the course of the centuries, the mechanism of action of certain substances on people.

In our country even recently purchased a stimulating drug was almost impossible because of the then-existing social morality. Now aphrodisiac can be purchase at any pharmacy, not to mention Sex Shops. Not to bring men to your darling from unbridled thirst for Sex, and thus ensures the preservation of the sexual enjoyment for both partners.

Types and methods of application of stimulating drugs for women

There are a variety of pathogens for women in various forms, and methods of use. Due to this diversity, every beautiful lady has the ability to acquire a sexual stimulant to your liking:


It is important to understand that a pharmacological agent whatever they were still good to give only the short-term effect and will not completely eliminate the Problem. In addition, they have a negative impact on human health and is addictive. But do not despair, because, and here come to the aid of the folk medicine with centuries-old experience can.

There are a variety of natural herbal aphrodisiacs, which are able to lost sexual passion. The advantages of folk medicine, the for sexual arousal, you need to know you better. The regular use of natural aphrodisiacs not only helps to restore sexual desire, but also to improve the General state of the organism.

Plants-aphrodisiacs for arousal of women

Jasmine. The collected flowers of the plant dry, chop and place in a thermos. The raw material with boiling water (0.5 L) and insist in a warm place for an hour, drain. You can eat 1 times/day for 100 ml instead of tea.

Arnica. You have the dried flowers of the plant (15 gr.), Grind and Brew with boiling water (400 ml). Take a couple of hours before sexual intercourse for 50 ml. Rhizome plants crushed and added to boiling water (300 ml), to insist 2 hours in a warm place. Apply for an hour before the sexual intercourse 2 TSP.

Raspberries. Is very effective female pathogen. For the preparation of the mixture needs to be beat (with a Mixer), a pair of quail's eggs and add crushed raspberries (100 gr.), to do this, put a little honey. The mixture stir thoroughly and store in a cool place (refrigerator). The resulting compound is open daily from 10 G to be consumed 2 times per day: lunch and before bedtime.

Plantain and nettle. The mixture of these plants is an effective aphrodisiac agent for women. For the preparation need to take the seed of plantain and nettle in a ratio of 1:1, Grind to powder form, filling the raw materials in a glass container and add a little honey. Composition, mix thoroughly, and capacity on the windowsill, let stand for a week. You can use daily to 10 GM. prior to the dinner.

Ginseng. Is the most common natural pathogens for women. Under his influence, in the human body there are certain biological processes that affect the increase of Libido.

Fenugreek. The use of this plant as the pathogen is a more delicious way, the solution to the problem of low Libido. Properties of fenugreek were known in the ancient peoples of Greece, Egypt and Rome. According to the taste of the plant a little bit of Toffee or maple syrup is remembered for the flavoring of food, as well as in the mixture of spices. In India, fenugreek leaves are edible as a vegetable. Means, manufactured on the basis of fenugreek-for many centuries, used to increase Libido in both men and women, in addition, these drugs help improve the condition of the breast tissue and promote lactation in nursing women. Some even claim that this aphrodisiac promotes the increase of the size of the breast.

Aloe. You need to grind a few leaves of the plant, wash it and carefully. The resulting slurry connect with honey in the ratio 1:1 mix. You eat every day spooned.

In most cases, reduced Libido is not as big of a Problem and the means to solve it, usually under the Hand of almost any woman. Sometimes the ladies are in, by any circumstance, are not able to cook the drug itself (elemental laziness, lack of time, etc.).

However, for the improvement of the Libido are not necessarily of different mixtures and tinctures to burden themselves with the preparation, simple enough to include in your diet certain products.


You try eating more fish, legumes, and citrus fruits. Increase of sexual desire also contributes to the consumption of the following products:

As you understand, actually everything is quite simple. The knowledge about the stimulating properties of certain plants and products, which you can easily able to, not only the sexual pleasure but also improve your mood and well-being.

The best Petting the belly. It is necessary to press slightly on top of him, and, better still, enclose a small earplugs, the pressing movements are down slightly. Tip good, these crisis - in fact, a direct Stimulation of the uterus. Its reduction to cause and arousal and orgasm, but here, it is important not to overdo it. In General,

it is not effective if a woman already, but not yet closer to the longed-for orgasm.

A couple of taps on the belly before the orgasm greatly enhance the enjoyment.

Enter the vagina of the solution of alum. Alum narrowing of the Vagina, increase the sensitivity, but strong dry mucous membranes. If the first couple of minutes, the woman still has the burning in the genitals for the suggestion is, then it is becoming less and less pleasant. However, this method is fraught with inflammations. So that it will not be used.

Insert in front of the contact swab into the Anus. A funny tip that is not deprived of common sense: the compression of the Anus forcing to contract and the vagina (sometimes, its volume is reduced on the whole centimeter). Because of this added Stimulation to the sensitive nerves receive the ends of the Vagina. I know that this method, women use birth the. But exaggerating is not worth it - in the case of prolonged use, he is subject to elongation of the muscle of the Anus.

You must first "warm up" for the Vagina - Baden with grass elecampane or sea salt.

Light Stimulation can be used to warm water to "Wake up" sensitive points, but not strong.

And hot water is what the woman helps to relax. Bath with elecampane or salt increases the body temperature and causes a rush of blood, but a woman can be very excitable.

You solve a couple of drops of iodine in a glass of milk and drink in front of the contact. This Cocktail leads to contractions of the uterus, and strengthens his muscle tension. Sometimes "the midwives," you offer it food in the protracted birth. But the orgasm he has hardly any impact, besides, it tastes nasty.

You give for an hour before the sexual intercourse in the vagina carrots. A certain stimuli can first exercise the end effect: a mechanical irritation of the vaginal walls causing a rush of blood, and, secondly,

Carotene contained in carrot juice, has a tonic effect.

Only a carrot you have to peel them beforehand, and wash thoroughly.

You have to open the window or the window wider, and Sex in a cold bedroom. At an air temperature of 17-19 degrees, the blood of the strongest storms on the body, and the sensitivity can increase. There is evidence that for some women it really increases the excitement.