How quickly Horny woman in folk medicine?

Very often the cause for dispute in the family problems of an intimate nature.

He lived for some time, people start to complain that the Sex steel, uninteresting, commonplace, static. No storm of feelings, not a married couple to experience new experiences.

To repair, what to do, how desire each other, to increase a intimate mood? To come to the aid of aphrodisiacs.

The modern medicine offers beautiful half of humanity with a variety of amplifiers Libido – pill, vaginal creams, ointments. But we are going to learn today, how quickly Horny woman with natural remedies.


What is the aphrodisiacs is and why you need women?

Aphrodisiacs are agents which are capable of human sexual arousal. The term comes from the name of the goddess of beauty and love of Ancient Greece, Aphrodite.

Aphrodisiacs don't help the people strengthen the sexual instinct, even if he wants to ons.

In spite of the fact that today there are so many stimulating tablets, creams, lotions for women, still better, with the help of natural aphrodisiacs.

You are not addicted, you are not to find in specialty stores, because all around us.

The main thing is to know what foods, herbs, oils cause for women's arousal.

Thanks to the natural aphrodisiac:

  • create a romantic mood;
  • completely relax, you will get the maximum enjoyment;
  • intensify sexual desire;
  • quickly you get a powerful and long-lasting orgasm;
  • they also liberate the trapped and modest girl;
  • painful Menstruation prevent pathological processes in the mammary glands, Genital venous stasis, frigidity through an orgasm.

According to the perception of natural aphrodisiacs for women, both in taste can get (in the body during the meal), or primordium (odors).

The most powerful aphrodisiacs for women, that is:

  • the natural composition;
  • done correctly and with love;
  • prepare yourself, do not come from the nature, the chemical way (without any pills).

Food with the stimulating effect

The easiest way to improve the Libido to cook you a romantic dinner by candlelight, where the emphasis is on a plate. There are products that arouse in women a great desire.

Lift help a romantic and sexual mood:

  1. Oysters, shrimp, caviar – these are the gifts of the sea to improve the quality of sex, increase sexual activity, energized.
  2. Avocado – kindle zodiac fervor due to the large number of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.
  3. Black chocolate – what woman can of sweet? But in the black-chocolate-caffeine and theobromine – substances that enhance sexual activity. This sweet product also promotes the development of estrogen hormone, increases the blood circulation, regulate the menstrual cycle.
  4. Honey – the natural sweet product of beekeeping that contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements, what women happiness, perseverance.
  5. Watermelon. This juicy, sweet berry contains in the composition of the citrulline – amino acid, to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increases Libido.
  6. Olive – activating the sexual instinct, promote fertility.
  7. Bananas – in addition to the visual shape (banana shaped masculinity), they contain large amounts of vitamins, what a woman of strength and energy for bedding caresses.
  8. Quail eggs – normalize hormones, improve the function of the reproductive organs, a positive effect on skin and hair.

The effect of honey as an aphrodisiac was observed in the time of Kievan rus. While the guests gave the bride-to-be couple of barrels with honey. Men drink honey-drink in the course of the month, for the awakening of passion and a successful conception. Exactly, therefore, the fixed expression "Honeymoon".

In the selection of products, aphrodisiacs for women, it is important not to overdo it. The spoon does not cost to eat honey, eat a whole watermelon or loops of black chocolate. In addition to the Allergy and banal overeating, the advent of dangerous flatulence, meteorism, colic, you have nothing.

Food aphrodisiacs, food for the spirit: enough, to intensify a piece of watermelon or banana sexual pleasure.

And be sure to you should the specifics of the organism to consider: if she is allergic to honey, and then not need to eat it, it is better to prefer other products.

essential oil

Essential oils, inciting passion in the women

Olfactory Libido-booster – smells just like the products and are able to sharpen the senses of the female sex.

The best erotic scents for you to are such oils are:

  1. Oil of roses – ignite in the woman's passion, rejuvenates the skin, prevents the aging process. Simply add a few drops of rose oil in the bath, lie in 10 minutes, you can enjoy the floral aromas.
  2. Oil Ylang-Ylang is the most popular aphrodisiac, used in expensive perfumes and cosmetics. It is sensuality, attraction awakens quickly due to its spicy and warm fragrance. Add oil in the fragrance lamp or you will take him to the bathroom.
  3. The oil of the bergamot – improves mood, eliminates anxiety, anxiety, helps the woman simply and quickly liberated in the bed, relieves tension and fatigue. This oil can be used for an erotic Massage, and paste it in the aroma lamp.
  4. Jasmine oil – helps to relax, has a calming effect, strengthens the force of attraction, removes the cold, disharmony, gives self-confidence. This oil in cosmetics: shower gel, cream, Tonic, Shampoo, or use for Massage, dribble a few drops to the bath, aroma lamp.
  5. Ginger oil. Many believe that ginger is a men's fragrance, but he is exactly the same also applies to women. He rescues the infertility exempt from impotence, relaxes a woman desirable, feminine. Thanks to this oil, the girls react in a lighter and easier on the fantasies of men.

You can buy essential oils to improve the intimate mood in women, it is necessary to take into account that only natural oils have a strong stimulating effect. Synthetic analogues of oils to increase Libido are not suitable.

To read before you buy, make sure the words on the label. If natural oil, written means, of the natural oil; if there is an inscription of Fragrance – then you should not buy a fragrance.

Herbal aphrodisiacs for women

There are a large number of plants, the positive effects on the female sexual arousal. Herbal aphrodisiacs brewed, take a short time before the sexual contact:

  1. Sage – prevents the formation of frigidity, contributes to a better process of conception. The effect of this plant known in Ancient Egypt. Then, this herb held sacred, and give the young ladies for a quick recovery of the population after the devastating wars and epidemics that have a large number of people. Today, experts recommend women drink fresh juice sage.
  2. Fennel – helps to relax, promotes the long-awaited pregnancy occurs. Dill one can add to various dishes, both raw, as well as in dried Form. In the latter case, it is important to him for storage to prepare: chop on the ceramic panel, store it in a dark Bank. Instead of green, and fennel seeds to brew as a tea. The same effect, such as fennel, spinach.
  3. Chamomile – the flowers from this plant to make a tea: 1 teaspoon of dried flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes. Drink in the Form of heat, sexual arousal, and improve the taste in the drink, you can add a little honey.
  4. Clover – the flowers of this sweet herbal brew: 1 teaspoon of flowers pour a Cup of boiling water. You can also use fresh petals clover in a salad.
  5. Melissa – you quickly relieves tension, combats fatigue and restlessness. Melissa sharpens and stimulates the feelings. For the preparation of tea, you can like dried and fresh leaves of the plant.
  6. Lady's mantle – it is a purely female plant. The grass helps to remove the inflammation, rejuvenate the skin, to attract love, to support the female reproductive functions. To increase Libido can herbs both fresh and dried. Fresh lady's mantle you can make salads, and the dried – prepare aromatic tea (2 tablespoons of plant in 200 ml of boiling water).

Do female aphrodisiac even

In spite of the fact that nowadays sells a huge amount of money, increase Libido, but experts are sure: the best is an aphrodisiac for women with your hands.

So you can see all their emotions in the second half, and it is to strengthen even more, the effects of an aphrodisiac. We present to you a few recipes for the increase of Libido.

Erotic Dessert

Needed these ingredients: quail eggs (8 pieces), honey (100 G), fresh raspberries (to taste), gelatin (15 G).

From the protein of the eggs to make the foam, add honey. For the color, you add the raspberries in the foam.

Soak Gelatine in cold water. Insert it into the egg-honey mass. Do not put on a slow fire to cook.

Then cool, pour in jars and in the fridge. Erotic Dessert for the ladies ready.

Sensual Salad

Ingredients: Spinach, Mushroom, Avocado, Feta Cheese. Cook the mushrooms, peel the Avocado and remove the seeds.

The prepared food cut into cubes, the Sauce (mix the olive oil, the bite of salt and sugar), decorate the top of Dill, as well as pieces of any fruit or berries.

Perfume "scents of love"

An expensive perfume does not buy, it is better to make your own, possibly using the tools that improve Libido:

Add 10 ml of oil-base, such as peach essential oil.

Add these essential oils: Jasmine, Rose (2 drops), bergamot or sandalwood (1 drop). Or you can add 3 drops of oil of Ylang-Ylang or 2 drops of Jasmine

Essential oils you choose to taste and feel that the girls liked the smell.

Reasons for the decline in Libido

Reasons for the decline in Libido

In order to Kindle life-the zodiac sign of zeal for the woman who doesn't allow him to, you need to know, what are the factors that reduce Libido:

  • Smoking;
  • Stress;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • unhealthy food – salty, greasy, fried foods.

All of these factors lead to fatigue, have a negative impact on the health, drain the nervous system, a dulling.

So, if the woman sleeps little, Smoking, alcohol abuse, and ill-nourished, not a natural and synthetic media aphrodisiacs to help her. You need to rethink your life style and correct.

Now you know the means by which dying sexual instinct can ignite. Food aphrodisiacs, scents, and herbal teas – all of these types of aphrodisiacs can bring you skillfully to the full, to a woman, make you excited.

To not overdo the main thing is, use them correctly, so they helped, and not harmed. And be sure to Fund cooking-with the love of aphrodisiacs.

Also, remember that a good rest, proper nutrition and good mood are the female helper to the health of the whole organism, the normalization of Libido.