Sex pill: ate - and wanted to!

In the last issue, we have tried to reason with the men, the refusal to women in the intimacy. Now to the other half. After all, statistically speaking, at least two out of ten women do not try to be in the arms of the men. Simply do not have such desires. Although this possibility. And about 40 percent of those that desire though with difficulty, but at least you don't find the experience of Sex to meet. And the worst part is that many of them in the course of time, into the lives of those who are not. Especially after some quality time with your husband. In the end, both sides suffer: some want Sex, others don't get it. Therefore, it is not surprising that many scientists are looking for "antidote" - a warm-up such ways and means "cold" women.


The natural methods are more or less just a work. For example, Rosemarie from the University of British Columbia (and "KP" not even not-recommended) for women to have Sex through the "I don't want to recommend". Their research showed that "the act of sexuality is gaining the Libido". And the more laws occurs, the faster the healing. Since in the female the blood increases the content of the hormone testosterone, which, in many respects, and is responsible for the desire.

The Problem is that most of the women (enough of the answers read on our Homepage), violent method, miss. Mainly because of the feeling of personal sexual aversion against the husband-artist. And what turns out? Start the treatment prevents, that a "doctor" and "doctor" bothers you, because "sick". A vicious circle... Just a great desire to meet the woman allowed the man to flee.

Some psychologists advise women erotic Video. The data refer to surveys demonstrating that more than half of the women respond to this. That is to be stimulated. And is quite strong. And quickly - in an average of 743 seconds. In speed, you are only half a Minute less than men.

But... usually, the woman does not want to accept prescribed "doctor" of medicine. Also knowing that the excitation is. In other words, the physiological response of the representatives of the weaker sex is not always testifies of your desire, in an intimate relationship. And some are willing to suppress it.

Scientists claim: the desire of women changes with time. And the medical statistics shows, allegedly, that the summit of the passion you can reach to 35 years. Or even later. So maybe I should just wait?

Alas, many husbands were waiting. But don't wait. On the contrary, there are many, where the young woman volunteer, and like to have Sex are so. And when he is grown up, "were in denial".


Scientific logic Datura love give birth to chemical substances that the body produces itself says:. From you the desire and the accompanying fun. The normal female body produces these substances in the necessary amount and in the correct ratio. Wack - is stalled. And if so, you have to add what's missing.

Once a sex therapist in hopes of directly on testosterone. Also special patch, injected with a hormone developed under the skin. But this therapy has brought great success. Women were stronger in their restraint.

The American Professor Larry Young of Emory University in Atlanta is experimenting with another hormone - Oxytocin, the drives seem to sexual fantasies it creates, in the arms, mutual caresses, reduces Stress and strengthens the trust in each other. At least in the case of love level of this hormone increases.

However, the direct uptake of Oxytocin in the case of anyone not yet awakened to love, that is, on an empty place. And cold wife sent into the arms of sexy hated man. Although the number of scandals lowered several times between the spouses, the in the experiments.

The Professor, however, do not lose hope of success. And continues the search for substances, he says. Believe that with your help will still be able to at least amplify love. If it is still warm.

And while the Situation is not clarified until the end, the researchers are working on two fronts - and with the female organisms and of their personal components. That is, the brain, which, in the opinion of many, and this is the most important sex organ. And here, in this direction, it seems, there was remarkable progress in creating potions for love spells.


the funds for the suggestion

Micro-chip for love spells

Psychiatrist Morten from the University of Oxford in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience says that I have the plot in the brain, specifically responsible for the sexual desire. But the precise coordinates don't exist. Reported only that the small cherished item is located in the area of the orbitofrontal frontal cortex. You say that it is the impulses, Libido, go, and lead to orgasm.

In the next 10 years, researchers intends to use an electronic Chip and are proficient in the operations after its Implantation in the same point. It is the goal of all interested in sexual pleasure. At any time. Operation with the remote control as your garage door. A button on it to stimulate the Libido, the other - to ensure orgasm. Natural sexual intercourse, not canceled. Just the electronics is optimized. And to whom, and on what button to press to solve partners. Although the device can be applied, and in solitude.


Some means of influence on the "cold" women, there are already. Other - on the way. But the question is: whether the prospective to use them?

Pharmaceutical companies have no doubt of success - expect a market in the billions. Believe that even surpass viagra. In fact, women with impaired Libido is not less than the "lazy" men. But there is a difference... to be the Strong gender, and self-glad treated. And weak, what I don't want to. And what will change with the advent of wonderful Sex pills? Although... Feed them, put secretly in the compote. Or in red wine.


Scientists from Turin and Florence universities, Tests conducted on 798 women with permanent partners. Red wine poring over these women. Fill in a daily glass or two. And then the sexual activity is evaluated drank several parameters: bound, excitability, intensity and orgasms, the pain, the sensations.

Results bold Experiment published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. And you show the one or two glasses of increased attraction, reduced, or even eliminated, to be in pain. But nothing more, alas, red wine is no influence. Unfortunately, the authors of the research are not yet managed to clarify, and the impact on the sexual activity of women. But you are going to be the truth, hidden in the red wine. And will keep drinking.