How you can bring your favorite fast-in-bed - weasel fly of which is

Every human being is always interesting to know how you can bring your favorite quickly in the bed. In principle, there is no need, any special skills and qualities. It is enough words, light touches and sensual movements of the hands.

Arousal Women Hand

What tenderness, love, women

Their intimate life to diversify and get an indescribable bliss helps all manner of application of the most varied methods caresses and elements nooner. There are a wide variety of techniques and Tools, the pleasures in the foreplay and the intimate.

The simplest are:

  • The delicate and gentle notes of the lips,
  • Cautious caresses with the hands,
  • Nice words into his ear.

How do you get your favorite quickly in the bed with the hands

If you know all the areas that inspire and relax, and at the right Moment led him to the soft and sensual movements, you can quickly start your favorite. To strengthen the Moment of the close not only the achieved effect.

Why is alcohol recommended

Stop and think before deciding to diversify Sex with alcohol. Alcohol inhibits the transmitted impulses, the nerve endings are affected, and in no way kindle estimated fun. So, in the romantic night more than reasonable a glass of wine and nothing else.

The technique of the kiss and Tricks for the suggestion

The girls all understand lips of their efforts should learn the techniques of sexual Screen. The rule is this:

  • Gentle touch of the lips to each other,
  • Fry the penetration of the mouth Partner language cavalier cave
  • Exchange of previous techniques – from gentle to passionate, and Vice versa.

Your woman gets a real pleasure in bed, if you to the necessary techniques.

Method Technology Applications
Kiss A simple touch of the lips parts of the body unearthly bliss.

It can be sponges, and neck, back and collarbone, cheeks and cheekbones, the chest and the abdomen.

Do not forget to keep yourself under control, how your girlfriend reacts. The places marked, which puts it in a arousal to a greater extent. Notes produce such as the lips and the tongue.

Words of love As our dear ladies love us? Properly, the ears. Think of all the tender words that are known to you. But it will be spatial and endless speech doesn't have to.

You only need a few compliments about her appearance, to say the eyelet on the recognition of the love, remember the beautiful shared moments.

The like, and touched the mistress, at the same time relax and excite your condition.

Gestures and other body movements
  • All your movements should be soft and supple.
  • Quietly, you run your Finger over the back, hair, belly or waist.
  • Try not to make rapid movements.
  • All your gestures are erotic and seductive.
Excitation of the woman stroking with the Hand

What excited a woman

You are interested in, as you do not bring your favorite quickly in bed, forget about the erogenous zones. In the process, each of you individually.

The most important rules:

  • Some people are stroking the scalp, back, or stomach, and the third neck or chest.
  • Pay attention to the reaction. It allows you to understand which places are most preferred.
  • In moments the girls can close their eyes to lead the Hand of the partner to the desired Zone or involuntarily from your touch.
  • There are areas, stroking the you can reach the opposite result, causing unpleasant sensations.

Most of the time it is the kiss is the necessary impetus to the long-awaited intimacy of two loving people. Without it will be rejected attacks to be sustained. He is the romantic Moment, you can interrupt the does not occur not in the mood.

How to attract a woman

First of all, the most common is a light touch of the lips used in the lips, but they are delicate and can not give a history of the development of further action. So, if the partner is matured enough "" is the occasion to take a passionate movement, the penetration of the tongue in the mouth and notes of the sky and the internal cavity. But sometimes, your fiancee can give up affection in a similar way.

The reasons for this:

  • The negative attitude to such expression of feelings,
  • Violation of personal Hygiene,
  • The smell of the mouth.

The body of women is designed so that it responds ambiguously to the different touches. Yet you constantly Partner rate.

And even in moments of the INTIMA, they will analyze your woman in terms of attractiveness. If she refuses, passionate kiss, that doesn't mean that you had to fit certain figures, you have no desire to continue with you relations of them and give birth to children.

This is the conclusion of the scientists, but you take it in the literal sense, not worth it. Maybe the Problem is simple – the girls not developed a sensitivity for this kind of caresses. Now is the case for small – help her to reach it.

How to attract the woman alone

For the implementation of the love game, you select a comfortable place. Better, if it makes you feel a wide Sofa or a bed, comfortable and relaxed. Carefully and slowly place the object of your desires in bed. Its gentle action will certainly be appreciated. Now you start with the desire to comply with certain rules and tips.

Arousal Touches

What I need to do to pleasure to his beloved:

  • Gently touch the skin with the fingers or tongue,
  • Do not be shy in carrying out of experiments in the search for erogenous zones,
  • Sure spend an action with the hands, but try not to deliver a painful sensation,
  • Gradually, the love to the game start.

As you can see, it is very easy and affordable. Fantasize, "working" fingers or tongue, you need to explore the unexplored areas of the body, stimulate the zones of the highest satisfaction.

The main thing is that they brought their actions to the pain. In this case, you have to start all over again. And not the fact that the next time a girl with the same joy to you for the examination of her beautiful body. Break the resulting psychological barrier is complicated.

Inciting desires with the help of caressing movements

All in vain, not many give a gentle words-values. You can strengthen manifested indescribable sensations and rekindle the desire.

The nerves in our brain, in a peculiar way to react to various vibrations, and on the voice. Thoughts on how to bring your favorite quick in bed, think of all the amazing and unusual word combinations. With their help, you will "blandientur" interrogation of the woman, and Matt, and passion.

To take what measures are recommended:

If the girl is sleeping, tired, sick, or simply not in the spirit, you take to persuade attempts, the INTIMA. You can gently caress the hair, or the back, but if their actions are perceived negatively, furthermore, it is not worth it.

Their lady of the heart can indicate that you are not ready for a night of love. In this case, you leave them alone. Maybe it has to take place on a monthly basis, or it is not in the shower, then the real reason for the refusal to hear.

For permanent partner or wife as Sex are treated as if you have to on request. Never angry at the unwillingness of the INTIMA and not the fault of your nothing.

Your verbal flow should certainly be strengthened by actions and gestures. But no hurry, take attention to foreplay enough. If the girl does not achieve the required level of excitement and joy, not to bring such an act of love, neither you nor them.

In the mysterious Moment are too strong for their opposing sensations:

  • Inconvenience
  • Negative Feelings,
  • The pain sensations.

Every orgasm here you can talk about then Yes. What would a man did, can't make it work. So, no matter what was the beginning of their games, and be patient and careful, step-by-step through all the stages of foreplay. If your tender whisper in your ear does not give the desired effect, reinforce his touch, the awing and gentle. Gently, but be sure you are driving with the fingertips all over the body, you will find all of the hidden places, one of which is your favorite getting excited more and more, gradually relaxes and is ready-to-active movements.

If such "Tricks" will be your constant companion in the process of seduction, which react in the course of time, the lady of the heart is also a light touch. In anticipation of the intercourse her body is burning with Lust.

How excited girlfriend

There are certain erogenous Zone, increase the excitability.

Each Cavalier try to understand what his actions give the woman an unforgettable pleasure. How do you get your favorite quickly in the bed, easy to track your response to their notes. Try, and choose the erogenous zones, which give a special sensuality, you will learn step-by-step your body of the Princess.

Hands – your most important helper in the study of the excitable phases. Do not forget that you must in the process of Screen lips and tongue to produce. The movements must alternate from slow to fast, from one area to another.

The erogenous zones according to the degree of their sensory properties are of three types:

  • No
  • Medium
  • Strong.
Arousal Women Hand Techniques

Originally, they should have directed their attention to the places of low sensitivity to the touch, the pace, the lego speeds up to the exciting pages. Your favorite the moans of bliss.

In the table, the most erogenous places and their classification according to the principles of sensitivity.

Sensitivity of the female body

Part of the body Actions for the Manifestation of desires
Weak Sensitivity
The hair blanket How to:

  • Easily make your head touch the skin swipe, the hands to her hair, the arm wrap on the Finger curls. A Massage can promoting blood circulation, increasing arousal. But for its implementation, a number of knowledge and experience.
  • Gradually down to the décolleté and neck. In this case, pull the tab and a sponge. Lightly touch the body, the detection and the area of the forearms and the collarbone.

Distinctive reaction to the kissing of the fingers. Perhaps that is why in the XIX century, kissing the gentlemen, their ladies.

  • Necessarily rain caves, the ears and the area of the eyes.
  • In this case, a need for sweet words.
  • She whispers earlobe eyelet kiss, slightly nibbling with his teeth. They produce light kisses your eyes, your wife gets an indescribable pleasure.
The Eyes
Medium Sensitivity
Chest How to stroke the breast

The female breast represents a mixed reaction to the touch of the representative of the male sex. The arousal increases in the following cases:

  • If the Baby is feeding
  • The time of ovulation
  • The first Trimester of pregnancy.

The nipple and the areola of the breast, one touch, you can bring your favorite orgasm. Especially when the excitability improved.

  • By the partner on the belly, make her shy and gentle Massage, Stretching of the back and buttocks.
  • The point between the shoulder blades is called "cat". It is the object of your attention should be. You can reach the full satisfaction and excitement of their big halves.
  • Properly executed techniques, you can achieve the effect of a slight tickling in the stomach.

One of the places whose affection you do not should stop, for a Minute, the lips.

Familiarize yourself with the methods and techniques of the implementation of the acupressure. They are very simple.

  • You suck the language, you only look tip must. Just you should easy to the lips of the female partner touch, like it's tingling slightly.
  • Make sure that your language was hard and tender.

Sometimes women in the Moment of pleasure easily morsu your lips. It is quite normal and causes no pain or discomfort.

Point Massage, and parallel to the breast fondling suspect that you have already prepared enough for the last Phase of the love game.

Strong Sensitivity
Hips with your inner side
  • It are easier to caress the area from the dam to the knee, you should be on the back.
  • Go gently, gradually getting higher and higher.

Even crotch strap consists of a variety of nerve endings due and is divided into several parts. To pay if you how to your favorite-fast in bed, your attention.

  • The most sensitive in this regard clitoris. You can increases this visually – at the time of the introduction. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize, but it must necessarily.
  • Stimulating this spot can lead to orgasm without additional steps.
  • The particular a reaction to the caresses of the area is different from the Vagina to the Anus. It's a pretty spicy, touch only if it is beautiful to your spouse.
  • Willingness of the INTIMA are immediately lips. At the time of the initiation of the flow of blood, and change the color. Touch this place, you give your companion a lot of positive emotions and sensations.

The lobby of the pathogen in the case of the woman in the berempfindlichkeit. What you can sheath over the, in the there is not a large number of nerves. Therefore, this place of "caressed".

Massage it prior to the time of sexual intimacy, during and after. So let the woman experience the fast-paced desire and prolong the pleasure of orgasm.

Space from the lower part of the Vagina to the Anus