The selection of the "slime" in women in the case of arousal, myths, and prejudices

The word phlegm; sounds kind of repulsive. But he can on the word hydration;. Know the popular expression: Behold, the woman saw the man, and she was immediately wet between the legs;. Yes Yes, the mucus is a normal reaction to a stimulating object for women.;But not, whether this discharge, the sexual act would like to grate carrots on a grater.

Lord, young women of means during first Sex not afraid secretions of mucus in women with arousal that she likes.

A small example from the life. A very shy virgin, still in school age, both ears fell in love with a girl from a parallel class. Crazy, wrote her anonymous poems about love, but it is in the emphasis on not noticed.

He himself knew not necessary, as you don't approach, because, you know, what are the basics, in the sexual sense. He, the fool would be to read the appropriate literature, and he is always walked with the books of the great poet. The only thing he vaguely heard that there are sexually transmitted diseases, and that it then drips out of the institutions.

So it happened that the object of his desire seduced him. Somewhere, somehow, at a Party happened. And here you are not at home, the parents, everything in his fate. Kiss, tenderness, trembling hands he touched her labia, and there are normal women in the stimulation of mucus secretion. But it immediately scared, suppose captivated that the girl is infected scary disease because the moisture in the Slip was Oh-Oh! The poor guy, he half-six; and he is covered with shame fled before his goddess;.

Later, this prevented the lovers with a sad laugh, remembered lost in this incident, as he is its first love. Well, time is healing everything, then learned that married Spawn a couple of kids.

How and why does vaginal discharge in women with arousal?

Liquid upon excitation

Vaginal fluid has a very complex composition, to produce the gonads in the Vagina, the uterus and the epithelium of the Vagina. You should not think that the slime is only during the excitation, in small amounts in the Vagina is always.

However, before the Sex and during arousal the body a couple more times throws up mucus, the sexual act was more than comfortable, and would not have supplies to dry, the unpleasant sensations for both partners.

In healthy girls vaginal fluid is a slightly thick and clear mucus, without distinct smell and unnatural colors. Every woman amount of moisture may be different, it all depends on the degree of arousal and their willingness to copulate. To understand the experienced Partner is always how excited his girlfriend, and makes each prelude to Sex, not to have the dubious pleasure can be carried out.

But also the abundant secretion of lubrication in women with arousal sometimes cause difficulties of a psychological nature, the two lovers, especially when the couple had for the first time or for a short period of time of sexual intercourse. Man can not assume that the lady something is wrong: either the resolution, or any problems with your health in the sexual area. The girl can refuse to be ashamed of, or even Sex. In their opinion, such an abundance of moisture Partner to alienate, yeah, and, uh, there are very unpleasant noises from the vagina, because of this during sexual intercourse.

What color is the Norm and real fears are to be emphasized

what color are the secretions

So, the list for the colors:

  • colorless or slightly whitish tint;
  • plenty of white with a thick liquid;
  • gray or even greenish;
  1. In the first case, should not be afraid. Also white discharge in arousal in women is not a sign of your disease, the ordinary Beli. They occur mainly in girls, which is the period of ovulation, a sign of the time of conception of the child. And lubrication during arousal might know, particularly in case of repeated sexual intercourse or after the intercourse with condom.
  2. In the second case, if panties girls white cheesy discharge from your Vagina and genitals inflamed appearance, it is likely she has thrush. This does not mean that you are sexually transmitted disease, and does not mean that they are untidy - it is a reaction to the antibiotics, or any means of personal Hygiene. But the Sex is desirable, in the condom.
  3. The secretions of the liquid in the case of arousal in women can be gray with a green tinge dangerous for the Partner. Not only the color talks about the dangers, but also does the presence of sharp smell, sorry, rotten fish, will know that the girl marries a little of someone;. Even if the girls are all so decent and neat. With such a lady pampering; inevitably impact on health.

Myths, lover of films for adults on secretions

First of all, I would like to end with a myth for Fans of movies for adults, easy porn. Sometimes in movies there are those scenes: the couple, and not one, wild Sex, and here with one of the women has more vaginal discharge during arousal to start rich, Yes such that to pour the floor of the bed, and during orgasm in General, as it directs Keith powerful jet of vaginal fluid to the top.

After watching this movie in the Internet fierce debate: whether it is possible or not. Someone knocks, even the heel in the chest that he had seen personally, as I have slept with a Partner. Frank nonsense and a silly swagger.

Slightly wet under the bed Popo don't go somewhere else, but liters are poured out, from the toes up to the ears, even with a fountain - there is no such thing.

So, tip girls, don't be embarrassed, that somewhere among them, a small puddle formed: this is normal, just like the body responds to arousal, and it took more than a lubricant. Not to be afraid of men to tip and not to dishonor girls: even a fool will look.

But the shortage of lubrication, or even in their absence, it is a pity that you and I would both, now, especially for more Mature couples, if the woman is the menopause comes and your still Oh, how! Now, is it because in Sex Shops special gels and lubricants, so feel free, and good Sex!