The list of the most effective aphrodisiac drugs for women

Fun in the love life are able to, not all women. Often this phenomenon is connected with the insufficient elaboration of the secretions from the sexual ways to make making the sexual activity, no desire, love. With the aim to have a orgasm special mechanical means for women, the arousal and the desire to engage in the sexual act.

A man and a woman

Causes of low sex drive

The indifference of women to male sex can be caused by certain States of the body, including specific diseases. Due to this, in private life, no satisfaction, often it can even contribute to the development of unpleasant sensations, as the vagina is dry.

The main causes of low female Libido are:

  • Pathology of the chronic type;
  • Violation of the hormonal levels;
  • emotional disorders — Stress, depression, fear, strong anxiety;
  • drinking large amounts of anti-depressants, sedative drugs;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, Smoking, drug addiction.

You do not define any attraction to the male part of the population is the women themselves. This is reflected in the aversion to Sex, no satisfaction. If you are not the cause of low Libido, you should contact a doctor. He installed, have a professional therapy to the woman again, the excitement and the desire to have sex.

Often for the identification of factors, a full medical examination and blood donation on the determination of the levels of the hormones.

Types of lubricants

Now there is a great variety of lubricants exciter for women. They differ by the way of the application that have different indications, in the Form of the publication.

Buy this Tools you can store in each subject, the pharmaceutical establishment. Thanks to the wide assortment there is the right preparation, taking into account personal preferences, characteristics of the body, the nature of the application.

There are the following types of pathogens:

Types of drugs
  • Tablets and capsules — are characterized by a high prevalence, because of the convenient use. You can always carry around and, if necessary, be imperceptible. Therapeutic effect occurs in 30 minutes, lasts about 5-6 hours. Data stimulants can be manufactured on the basis of synthetic or vegetable active ingredients;
  • Powders, solutions, drops — are very effective, arousal appears already after 10 minutes of application. Such preparations contain natural ingredients, so no contra-indications. Due to the absence of smell, taste, solutions can be added to drink;
  • Gels, ointments, and Sprays for external application of thought, you make it through the extracts of the plant are aphrodisiac. Be used prior to intimate contact, you carry on to the area of the genitals. The duration of the effect of such stimulants is 1-2 hours;
  • Gum Form of medium — through a strong popularity among the female. Different tastes, smells, which are able to whiten teeth, freshen breath. Therapeutic effect occurs after 10 minutes.

Right intimate stimulants helps the doctor, taking into account all the preferences, the individual peculiarities of the organism.

To mutual pleasure, enjoyment, it is recommended to making love with the Partner at the same time, stimulating lubricant for men, especially when there are some problems with the potency.

How to correctly apply

The joy of sexual intercourse largely depends on the correct use of lubricants. You need to read carefully. Also contraindications must be taken into account, the attention to the duration of intimate excitement.

Tablets and capsules are regarded as conventional equipment, the combination with the water. Ointment applied on the area of the sex organs of the small layer. Solutions to queries you can add in different liquids, because they spoil your taste and smell. Spray used topically as gels. And chewable tablets stimulants may bear as a normal rubber.

In compliance with the instructions you will achieve a longer orgasm during Sex.


Prior to the application of any funds may not be contraindications to be forgotten. Intimate lubricant is prohibited in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • the seizures, the presence of mental disorders, in particular seizures;
  • the occurrence of convulsions, the upper and lower extremities;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • Inflammation of the genital organs.

Women notice constantly behind emotional instability, Stress, depression, to suffer his tantrums and are in a state of overstimulation, also contraindicated female lubrication.

Stimulants can not. the girl that should not complications in a sexual relationship, because in the future some of the possible Most are missing is always have an orgasm during Sex.

Overview of the most effective means of


On the shelves of stores and pharmacies, various forms of lubricants are not to be found, so hard to for. In terms of efficacy and duration of reception of round-up gene, each drug is its own advantages and disadvantages.

Leadership positions with lubricant in the Form of tablets and capsules, because of their therapeutic effect lasts for 5-6 hours. The right medication helps the doctor.

Interesting solution to the problem, the application of chewing stimulants. You are able to help Kindle a desire for intimacy, to relax and to enjoy Sex.

The Problem of an intimate nature will help many of female lubrication, the main thing — the right for a medium, given the personal preferences.