How to full body girl massage stimulating home


Make a stimulating Massage for the woman at home is not such a simple task as it may seem at first glance. The scheme of the implementation of these methods has its peculiarities. It is important not to make mistakes and to deliver a partner to have fun with simple but pleasant touches.

Hardly a girl, choose a solid Partner erotic Massage in the cabin. Because of this procedure, if you want to spend at home with your lover, appears in other colors and a variety of touches, often going ahead of the INTIMA.

Create an intimate atmosphere

To massage nudity – it's "car" not every man. In our country, families, or couples of a similar caress of the practice is rare. But in the East, and in India similar manipulations are part of an intimate relationship.

The implementation of a stimulating body Massage requires a certain amount of preparation, you will need a suitable atmosphere, but also:

• a few days before the planned intervention of the hands to smear the cream begin, the skin was soft;
• Privacy, to the intimate atmosphere no one could disturb you;
• the surface, the woman was firm and smooth;
• ensure that all necessary resources were in the vicinity;
• ensure that the room was warm, since both partners at the time of the Massage should be completely or partially exposed;
• enable the pleasant music, which can complement the Situation, ignite, aromatic, or normal candles;
• the partner to prepare a hot bath with essential oils.

The average time to spend plan on the implementation of a procedure is 30 to 90 minutes. But if the contact is systematically in Sex, it may take longer. This must be taken into account.

Select the oil

Do not relax, you get your beloved home without any additional tools. For this reason, attention to the choice of oil or Lotion it is necessary. If a woman conceals your preferences, you can make erotic massage with oil or cosmetic products that you used on a continuous Basis, care for your body after visiting the Pool or bathtub.

If favorite Lotion, cream, oil or odor has not been found, we recommend favor give essential oils:

• Lavender;
• Tea tree oil;
• Ylang-Ylang;
• Jojoba;
• Roses or rosemary.

If the partner is a tendency to allergic reactions, is preferably Hypo-allergenic means a children's cream, vazelinovomu or kamfornomu oil.

Strong emotions caused by chocolate, even the Aroma of this delicacy of the fair sex gives a pleasure.

The effect of such a procedure is higher when abundant amount of applying oil or Lotion on the body of the beloved, and your hands. This medium should be warm and pleasant.

Man hands erogennyi Massage can turn into today's sacrament, he must work correctly, follow a specific sequence of actions.


How to a stimulating Massage

To do stimulating Massage for women compliance with the following algorithm:

1. Gentle movements help to relax and cope with Stress.
2. But the upset is worth it active touches.

How to correct:

• the woman should lie on the belly;
• the back should be flat;
• the man is in the upper or lower edge of the table, or of the place where the Partner;
• the woman is completely relaxed, your head on the roller, it from the towel roll and the legs;
• hands on the surface of the body, the oil, Lotion or cream is applied.

The girl was excited from the Massage:

1. Make erotic Massage of the chest and of the abdomen.
2. Seamlessly to the perineum and genitals.

The main recommendations

How to properly treasure to make nice with the help of the Massage:

• do not start with the tips of the fingers, the hands kneaded to forget the mezhpalcevuyu eardrum;
• if a girl is on the back, gradually from the fingers go to her calves, the movements should be smooth, razminayuzhimi and RUB — first of all, the cushion of the fingers, then the palm of the hand;
• after switching on the calves, thigh and buttocks — this area is not so sensitive to the influences of various kinds, for this reason, you can knead and Pat;
• the back is constantly in limbo, her additional attention, especially the area between the shoulder blades;
• after the changeover to the area of shoulders and neck — shoulders with the hands kneaded, but with the neck is to be careful to avoid, it is desirable to have a strong influence, move the head down, stroking the skin.

Give priority to the following areas:

1. Neck.
2. The tips of the fingers, such as on the hands and the feet.
3. The area of the waist and leaves the space between the shoulder.
4. The buttocks and thighs.

To work these zones, you must, in any case, even if not planned-Massage intimacy.

The technique of a stimulating Massage

The body of the partner, more sensitive to touch, we recommend a Massage of the chest and of the abdomen. It is carried out according to the following scheme:

• the woman lies on the back;
• a little, his legs spread to the side;
• on your skin, apply the cream or oil;
• begin the implementation of the method.

She's wearing a erotic character, as the girl undressed, in the time of the contact completely, and Massage means the development of the following zones:

1. Neck and earlobe.
2. Chest.
3. The belly and the waist.
4. Crotch.
5. The inner side of the thigh.

Even the contact wear of a stimulating character, you're not aiming at the relaxation of the muscles, but the Stimulation of certain areas. What is the girl's body begins to tremble from the impact.

Man can combine movements, hands with kisses, touches to the skin of the beloved language. The technique of such a procedure more like a Sex game, forget you don't have to.

If the husband and wife are married for many years, and the woman a long time ago cooled to the usual caresses, this Stimulation will help to arouse in him feelings.


How to get a girl at the Massage

A stimulating character are not tender, and the active touch, delight and feelings warm-up. To attract home must beloved to the following scheme:

• It is recommended to start with the neck and the lobe of the ear. This area is sensitive to any stimulyacijam, there's literally wrapped in the nerves, blood cells and vessels. Roast kneaded for 2 fingers, the thumb and index finger. After gradually on the area of the neck and the décolleté.
• Favorite may passion glands uniformly to kiss a woman in the neck, and then on the lips, cleavage, stroking, and touching them with the fingers of milk.
• Girl responds well to every touch, like those at the breast, and the milk-glands. But squeezing you, or not jamming, as long as it is necessary. It is best left for later. If you can hard, you move on to the Zone of the abdomen.
• To be upset now soft, circular movements must by in a clockwise direction. Not a woman forbidden to kiss in the belly, you touch the Zone, Puka tongue and lips.
• Then you need to the dam. In this area, erogenous zones are extremely sensitive to any touch. You can touch it with your fingers, use a different Stimulation.
• Passion to explode when you finish the process by touching the back of the thigh.

The beloved woman, or the woman can't resist in front of similar caresses. But if, by the girl stimulating Massage body effect, and not followed, so you can repeat the movements, giving the partner the possible preferences.

The most important rule is not separated from the body, the contact must be continuous, constant. The mistress was in anticipation of a new contact, but this expectation was short-lived. The reaction of the girl to observe, not to be distracted by extraneous conversations and focus on the process.