Female arousal — signs and behavior


What are the signs of sexual arousal? This question is raised by many representatives of the stronger sex. Finally, it is very important to catch the Moment when the girl is ready for more intimate actions. There are two groups of signs of arousal in women. The ones you see and the one you can feel. Most of the girls try to hide their interest in the male gender. But not all reactions of the body are suitable for the conscious control. Don't Worry! Body language shows all your secret desires.

The secrets of female physiology

In women in contrast to men, the physiology of the excitation system is arranged much more difficult. The whole thing in a specific interaction of hormones. The costs, too, appreciate foreplay, under the meaning. You will help the girl to the desired station, and then to the peak of pleasure. Of course there are exceptions, when the passion covers literally every cell of your body in a few seconds. But let's be honest, that rarely happens.

Let us understand, finally, what happens to the female body during arousal. There is a strong rush of blood to the organs of the small pelvis. Labia grow and become softer. Also grows in size and the clitoris, something similar with the erection in men. Clitoris — highly sensitive Zone. To skin so, if the caresses of his lover, be careful, due to excessive pressure or friction can cause irritation.

Further, a large number of vaginal signs of secretion. The entrance to the vagina a little advanced by you for the intercourse. It is noteworthy that in this Moment, the girl of the characteristic movements of the pelvis appear.

The main features of female arousal

Adopted, their relationship reached a new level. How do you recognize a Signal to Sex?

The girl's body tell you about a lot of things. The main thing is to know where to look.

First of all, you note, in what kind of Outfit the lady came to meet you. On her matching dress, blouse with a plunging neckline, or outrageously short Mini-Shorts? Maybe a woman wants to impress you and your instincts are awaken.

A sign of the strong attraction to a man is an attitude. Girl vygibat the back and keep your posture so that chest and buttocks, increased appetite, around Form.

The external signs of arousal is pretty obvious. Experienced men with a view a playful mood can be rested to understand.

There are the following signs:

1. Face. On the cheeks appears to be a slight or pronounced redness. It can be assessed in two ways: either it is hot or still shy.
2. Eyes. Strong dilation of the pupils, even in bright day light, semi-drooping eyelids, fluttering eyelashes, a Flirty "stale" eyes and mischievous twinkle to say that the lady you turn around.
3. The view is focused only on you, aim for the lips, or other parts of the body.
4. Leather. Reddish, due to the enlargement of the superficial vessels. All bodies with a light sweat. In the case of your contact or compliments can be running with "back down".
5. Lips. Priotkryty, dry, the lady will try her tongue to moisten. A characteristic feature of flirting — the bite targeted lip with a passionate look.
6. The Palm Of Your Hand. Usually wet. The girl will not know where you place your hands. Start hair twirling, tapping his fingers on the table, unconsciously stroking himself.
7. Breath. Accelerated, superficial, intermittently. In the case of the strong sexual arousal, sometimes the feeling of lack of oxygen manifests itself. A sign that the girl at the border. When breathing through the mouth, the throat often dries up, and a girl desperately has to swallow saliva.
8. Pulse. Like randomly touching the forearm girl: while your pulse will rise to the maximum values.
9. Voice. Suddenly, all the inherent women's talkativeness disappears. The answers are monosyllabic. Or the gap may be speechless. The voice changed to a quiet, or inert. However, it is not necessarily a factor that depends on the type and looseness of girl.
10. Nipples. Stiff, swollen, visible through the clothing. In the Moment of excitement she is very sensitive to touch.

The above-mentioned characteristics are not reliable to 100%. They are not only the Desire, but in a normal interest in the opposite sex. They also occur in other situations (swelling of the teats from the cold, sweating of the hands with excitement).

IMPORTANT! You need to assess it from all sides, the Situation in which you are with the lady, and not repelled by one or two symptoms.


The behaviour of ladies and their sexual intentions

Depending on the sexual intentions of women, the topic of conversation can be changed. There are questions with regard to sexual experience, or even offers to move in a more than pleasant place to be.

The representatives of the fair sex can to show his interest in an intimate relationship in the behavior.

A woman she wants to be when:

• it promotes a result of accidental contact;
• seductively runs from the top to the bottom on the stem of the glass;
• translated to direct topics in the intimate direction;
• touches on the shoulders and buttons button buttoned at the neck.

The neck is a very strong erogenous Zone. Your pats may indicate that the lady is willing to do with them love, here and now.

Your companion take the constant attempts, Baring their body: shoulder, lowered or unbuttoned the button on the chest.

At the time of maximum desires girls will literally reach you. With a kiss close, let him know that "you're mine". In the case of raging passions, and your fingernails feel on his back. In case of contact, your body, your darling from the breast of lust full moan escape.

IMPORTANT! "Thick" is an allusion to the desire for intimacy is the touching and fondling of the penis, the scrotum or the buttocks.

To imitate the reaction of what two organs impossible?

Men notice that the girls there are just two real characteristic of sexual pleasure nipples and Clit. With the first no Problem, since they can be visible even when a woman, dressed in a light jacket or a thin bra. But the second one can only feel. If you don't have access to her panties, no Problem. Gently swipe your Hand on the top of the inner side of the thigh. Even through the Jeans, you will feel the softness and warm moisture.

Note that even if all of the above characteristics, can not reach the matter before the copulation. In addition to the physical arousal in women, a large role is also played by the psychological factor plays. Here in the game compliments come, attentions, and of course, foreplay. They take a long time, the heat reached its peak.

Results: the 10 most important characteristics of female arousal

So, we prepare the 10 main signs of sexual desire in women:

• Redness of the face, maybe the neck and décolleté;
• Rapid breathing and heart palpitations;
• Dilation of the pupils, Flirty look, half-drooping eyelids;
• Hoarse voice, a slight moan;
• Rigid nipples sticking up under her clothes;
• Irresistible desire for her husband;
• Discussions about Sex;
• Body posture, the typical swaying hips when walking;
• Enlargement of the clitoris and of the labia;
• Wet Panties.

Remember that the desire for intimacy arises in the case of women in the head. Do you give a good impression, flowers, and you spend your wife a little more attention. You make it clear that you are also excited, because it tests for you the most desirable and sexiest woman in the world. In this case, the reaction of your body is, you will not be disappointed.