The clear and white discharge during Sex

One of the indicators for the health of women the property of their sexual secretions. Vaginal discharge during Sex — a complex process, designed by nature. What should be normal, and what is considered pathology more in this article.

Vaginal discharge-in-the-time-Sex

The peculiarities of the female secretions during arousal

Virtually all of the sexual Partner during intimacy can observe the moisture content of the Vagina, and with the increase of the Libido is increased.

What features in women with arousal?

In General, use secretion, which appears language, the Sex, called the fat. It is a transparent liquid mucus is odorless and homogeneous. The described substrate is composed of liquid and cellular components, the secretion of the glandular epithelium of the Vagina and of the Uterus, leukocytes, and a variety of micro-organisms.

How much mucus needs to be normal?

In General, female lubrication features up to 5 ml per day. The amount of the liquid with the excitation increases considerably due to a rush of blood to the walls of the Vagina and the Stimulation of the gonads. In the case of excitation discharge in girls excessively can be sparse, abundant, or Vice versa. Sometimes, the largest number during orgasm.

What is the female lubrication?

This secret performs many functions. Sex with him is comfortable, simple to introduce and slide. The sticky composition reduces the penetration of foreign substances, thus creating a protective barrier against germs and infections.

During the fertile time when the representatives of the fair sex, this liquid composition, the creation of a favourable environment for the sperm fits, in order to fertility.

White discharge during Sex (such as cream)

Often women the thick white discharge during Sex and then remember. Many describe it with the term "cream".

Of the medical forums, no one really can explain, the nature of such secretion, and many users advise that you visit the clinic, and the analyses. But for the experienced gynecologists claim that the creamy white discharge should not be afraid of a woman, if you do not have an unpleasant smell, they are uniform, and not accompanied by pleasant sensations, not in the Form of burning, itching and pain when urinating. This property, in the opinion of experts, the mucous membrane is characteristic for certain days in the menstrual cycle.

The fact that during the entire cycle, the hormone levels change constantly, the number of estrogen and decreases. The effect of these substances, and due to the female secretion. In addition to the Vagina, the mucous membrane of the uterus is produced, the so-called cervical fluid.

Its main feature — the help for the Transport of the sperm into the egg. Figuratively speaking, the storage of the semen, Wednesday, the beneficial for him and to survive under conditions of acidic vaginal micro-flora.

How does the secretion during intercourse in the course of the month?

Property of the vaginal mucus depends on the Phase of the menstrual cycle, in which the sexual intimacy has occurred.

At the beginning of the mucus very little, transparent color and quite watery. Its function in this Phase is the barrier that is formed in the channel (so-called cervical tube), prevents the penetration of pathogens into the uterus.

When the ovulation is approaching, the amount of estrogen increases, the effect on the entire organism, and in particular the reproductive organs and the characteristics of the vaginal mucus. Vaginal secret is copious, thick, viscous, and alkaline. Has a distinct smell of egg white, cream, or white color.

After ovulation, the mucus will be produced again in a minimal amount.

The vaginal cervical mucus and fluid can even say, in what Phase of the fertility of a woman, and whether a pregnancy is.

For the calculation of the best days for fertilization, should pay attention to the signs and types of sexual slime:

  1. With the presence of scant vaginal discharge and dryness in the conception, not of the vagina is possible (immediately after the critical days, and in front of it).
  2. Sticky and sticky mucus that dries on the fingers quickly, only minimal survival of sperm can help.
  3. Creamy white discharge during Sex odourless asked about the approach of ovulation and increase the Chance of becoming pregnant.
  4. The time of Ovulation, characterized by the release of white viscous liquid, the protein. The highest probability of conception.
  5. Then, levels of estrogen, making the System less capable of preservation and transport of the male sperm.

These secretions can mutate and other factors. The loads transmitted and diseases of the feet, endocrine disorders, intake of drugs, including hormonal, antibiotics, allergic reactions, infectious diseases and gynecological pathology in the location, change the description of the Sex slime.

Abundant vaginal discharge during Sex

Not secreted in large quantities in the secret, in General, says about the pathology. In addition, the volume of the precipitates helps you in probability of conception vaginal method. He proposes: the introduction of 2 fingers in the vagina (not deep enough), subsequent extraction and the determination of the presence of liquid.

Strong vaginal discharge during Sex, can talk about Ovulation, as well as the difficulties in an intimate environment, therefore this method works only if there are no pathologies and diseases.

Pathology and disease

The reason for the excessive discharge of lubrication in girls, at the suggestion of some disorders.

Common disease of gradations in the secretions, and the excessive nature, is a bacterial vaginosis. During and after Sex, sticky observed abundant mucus, yellow, green, or dirty-white color with the smell of fish. During intercourse, complaints in the Form of burning and itching may.

The consistency of Quark, the white color and the smell of butter milk, the Candidiasis also known as thrush.


Infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, Syphilis, gonorrhea, often to the considerable discharge of foul-smelling liquids in different colors to explain during intimacy.

Natural causes abundant white discharge in women after having sex

Such a secretion may be due to mixing of vaginal secretions and the sperm of the man. Sometimes there is a yellowish tint, and Protein-smell, similar to that of a hen's egg. Normally, this mucus discomfort is not responsible. Genital secretion books and says about the completion of intercourse ejaculation in the vagina.

Often the cause of strong female secretions at the suggestion of the white color hypersensitivity. In this case, a sign of a pathology can not, but it is a phenomenon of psychological and emotional character.

Scant vaginal discharge during Sex

Sometimes, lubrication is missing and what is the consequence of the problem. Maybe acid-base balance failed or disturbed micro-flora. Usually the cause is in the hormonal crash is, therefore, the dryness of the vagina is often found in the menopause.

Guest reviews of women and the opinion of experts

Olga, 37 years: "During the excitement I have such a strong discharge, the Laundry also stains remain. And it will not change in the course of Menstruation. Unless, in its middle are white and sticky. Smear on the analysis of infections I have none".
Victor Sergeyevich, gynecologist: "In the case of women of childbearing age vaginal discharge during Sex is natural and even mandatory. You speak of rush of blood to the genitals, the mucous glands produce a secret, called sexual lubrication. If the local microflora is sensitive to stress, especially at the peak of the excitation is abundant and watery regardless of what type is produced by discharge. Such a Symptom can with the preparations of local actions. The main thing is not to treat yourself to the drying up of the mucous membrane.

Here, the speech can go about the emotional state of the women, and an increased level of hormones estrogen. So, if similar secretions during intercourse complaints, please contact a specialist for the determination of the etymology".

Shortly about the main thing

From the above, we can conclude that the lubrication during Sex due to the work of the glands of the sex organs. First of all, it is the result of a rush of blood to the walls of the Vagina and the Stimulation of the mucus glands. Secondly, the Uterus, the character of which changes depending on the period of the menstrual cycle.

White discharge in women during the act of intimacy, or to him, to the exclusion of pathologies indicate the approach of ovulation, when conception is most likely. It is important that regular attention to the character of the secretion and take into account possible changes of their characteristics in different periods. If vaginal mucus provide you with discomfort, ask your doctor for determining and eliminating the cause. And stay healthy!