Perfume with pheromones: reviews, myth or reality, how do they work

Different smells to accompany the people in the course of life. Men or women have their own unique taste. To some, he is not perceived to be elusive and absolute, and the individual from the mass by their scent. Scientists have found that not only the color of the skin, eyes and hair distinguishes people from each other. In perfume cosmetics of the XX century there was a new Trend - fragrance enhanced with pheromones. They are widely used. What do you do perfume with pheromones? Let's see.

What is it?

stimulating means for women and men

Pheromones - an extensive group of chemical compounds have the ability to influence the endocrine response of the body. Such ingredients that people of the opposite sex reactions in connection with reproduction. Pheromones have the ability to influence on various processes: they control the feelings, emotions, and physiological state.

There are two types of pheromones: organic and synthetic. Organic produces a special human glands, are derived from plants. Synthetic produce in the laboratories.

To the organic include:

  • Androstenone. Especially in men it is produced, forcing the representatives of the stronger sex, able to reproduce.
  • The strongest female pheromone. Female pheromone that increases Libido in men.
  • The strongest male pheromone. It is produced in both men and women, contributes to the emergence of sensations of a young and strong man, a better instance for propagation.
  • Androstadienone. Pheromone inherent in men, is able to cheer you up and a smile.
  • Androsterone. Refers to the male pheromones, the effect of which in the woman a feeling of security.

Synthetic Pheromones:

  1. Pheromone, it enhances the Sex Appeal.
  2. Pheromone, increase in the activity of the men.

Especially in the spirits of the present synthetic components, reinforced effect of herbal and animal aphrodisiacs.

What you need to know about pheromones?

Similar substances, the following is known:

  • At 10% of the male pheromone Androsterone, which explains your success with women.
  • Fastening means hair block the action of such substances, the curls in.
  • Alcohol destroys pheromones, so spirits with aphrodisiacs on the alcohol.
  • Substances easily destroyed against sweat and bad through clothing to penetrate.

Idea of the functions of pheromones, you can exclude that the Situation in connection with the store.

What is the effect of perfume with pheromones?

Perfume with a similar scent of enormous popularity, in spite of the fact that the effect of the substances studied to the end and there were a lot of puzzles and secrets. Scientists are still studying the effect of perfume with pheromones.

In the human body that smell Jacobson recognizes Organ, which discovered only recently. Originally, it was assumed that he it is only in animals. The organ is located in the nasopharynx and is a receptor of smell of a certain type. The influence of pheromones is the scent, and the Signal goes to the brain on a particular channel.

The substances themselves don't have the strong smell, but you feel sure the people with no particular problems. The effectiveness of pheromones only if you are in close contact.

Reviews, perfume with pheromones influence people in a special way. A certain reaction to such scents. A man who received the Signal about the attractiveness of the opposite sex, not necessarily attention-point and sub-consciously want the contacts to become tight.

How is a perfume made?


The first perfume in the USA in the 90s of the last century. This time, the output of similar means begins, which joined a large number of effective chemical compounds. There are perfumes with pheromones for men and women.

Complete effect decode on the body pheromones and its composition have not succeeded, in spite of the development of science. The substance proved to be so unique and complicated that a repetition in the Original, none of the scientists could.

Reviews, perfume with pheromones made in a special way. Currently, the basis for its pork glands, because of this animal close to the humans in terms of anatomy. Glands of the animal is maintained, and you add in the spirits. In the original publication of such perfume is the active research has been directed to the Transfiguration of the women in the photo model.

People began to notice that the attitude of the girls became better, and was contact occurring speech and eye, but glowing affection has not been noticed. Currently, many women-perfume with pheromones.

When such a perfume continuously, the result can be people of interest for the wrong man or woman, and stranger. Such spirits need to be careful.

The properties of perfume for girls

What are the characteristics of women's perfume with pheromones? Such perfumes contain substances that are able to win male attention. These sex hormones, which on a subconscious level to help people choose their dream partner. Produces pheromones in the armpit oraz nosowo caves troughs. The corresponding receptors to catch these slight odor.

Studies have confirmed that a few drops is enough to perfume, to feel the effect and the woman was attractive to men.

In the case of the use of perfume for the girl attractiveness is increased, and increases the Chance of the mass of the beauties. Although perfume is not a panacea in the complex relations of men and women. And how to dispose of a girl increased attention depends entirely on it.

Features perfume for men

For a strong half of mankind also perfume with pheromones made. The main component of the perfume is Androstenedione, which is able to attract the attention of women to his owner.

What is the influence of the perfume with pheromones for men? In some cases, the woman is not aware of the cause for this request, even though it happens almost in 90% of cases. Pheromones allow a woman physiologically to approach this man. Thanks to the perfume, this creates a genuine Chance to find their soul mate. Because once surrounded by many women, a man can feel relaxed and confident.

What is the perfume with pheromones to choose?

As soon as you began to be aware of such substances, a lot of perfume, these products. Perfume fragrances are different, therefore, each Person can choose perfume according to your preferences. When buying perfume, be sure to read the composition on the packaging. In perfume it is not the alcohol, the destruction of the volatile compounds and pheromones.

What is the composition of the best perfumes with pheromones? Select the Song in which it musk. This ingredient is from the ready-to-breeding animal, and has to attract a strong effect for the other gender.

It is generally known that the receiving and distribution in large quantities is forbidden is human pheromone by law. This could lead to the emergence of mental disorders in people of a sexual nature.

which spirits choose

Pheromones or plant-based aphrodisiacs have a higher level of security for the people. Such substances added to almost all modern perfume. You select the fragrance that is in the scope of delivery or the maximum number of the plurality of similar components. The pheromones of plant origin include:

  • Musk;
  • Patchouli;
  • Ylang-Ylang;
  • Ginger;
  • Cumin.

When choosing a perfume you have to taste, the most of the owners of the spirits like. Otherwise, it may foreclose the human from the world, and his natural pheromones also can't stand out.

When choosing a perfume, an advice to the seller about the origin of the components of the perfumes, and do not need to acquire them, if the composition of the pheromones that belong to animals that have a strong influence on the Partner in the Form of dependence.

Perfume with pheromones odorless

There are ghosts, where the smell is completely missing. However, pheromones person feel on the molecular level, and connects you with the natural smell of his body. Similar to the perfume can be combined with conventional parfmproduktion. In this case, the Person will give off their unique scent.

How you perfume with pheromones?

The duration of exposure to perfume short - he is only 6-8 hours. According to the reviews, perfume with pheromones, you need to apply correctly:

  • This is best done on exposed skin, which are close to vessels of the blood. Optimal areas of application - the cheek-bones, the wrists, the inner surface of elbows and earlobes.
  • The body must be clean.
  • Before applying the lotions, creams or Deodorants is not necessary.
  • When using it is enough just two drops.
  • Perfume apply with pheromones necessary in rare cases.
  • In order not to impede the perception of similar materials, the best clothing made of natural fabrics to wear, the natural Aroma of the body.

To increase the application of these recommendations, the effectiveness of perfume with pheromones, and his owner, adopted his own unique taste.

Features of the application of perfume

In the case of the use of perfume with pheromones, according to the reviews of the buyer, you should consider some points:

  1. Perfume unfolds its effect only to the opposite sex that are in the vicinity. Because pheromones are substances that are unstable, and quickly disintegrate in the open air.
  2. The man, of the Signal on the approach, due to their modesty or uncertainty, and not to favors.
  3. The spirits have the ability to win the other gender, but people do not fall in love.
  4. Similar perfume must not thoughtlessly. Sometimes your application can lead to negative consequences, when in the proximity of drunk or poor people.

A similar perfume you need to be properly used, in view of the previous tips.

Perfume with pheromones - myth or reality?

the funds for the suggestion

The confrontation with the fact of what you call it, it can be concluded can the pheromones and their effects on the body, that such a perfume is present in pure Form. Because of the acquisition of such spirits is forbidden by law. You purchase perfume with herbal aphrodisiacs and to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Submit to the will of the people is impossible. You can. the seduction by natural means, such as smile and the sparkle in the eyes Such methods work in a more efficient and safer pheromones.