How right the girl to awaken before Sex: hands and fingers.

As in the song: "girl in a different way!" Yes, exactly, because really girls delight Massage is also a great science. Also, for each contact individually: someone tender caresses, someone rough Flip-Flops like, and someone not tolerate at all here caught and is ready to jump immediately to Sex.

Technology excitation of the woman's hands

If it is for the first time, you want to the lady in the bed, so you must know the nature of your perception. Three of them:

  • Audialy, the world with the help of the hearing;
  • Visuals, the for the most important is what you see;
  • Kinesthetic – perceive the world by touch;

If a third of the group everything is clear, and it is the right girl to excite the hands, to Tinker with the other sometimes, because, since they are much more demanding.

Important preparation is to relax your partner. If you are in an intimate setting, and guess, what is your type of perception, for the visuals important beauty: perfectly clean bed, it is desirable, covered with rose petals, the candles placed.

For audialy in General, all of these attributes are not so important, the main thing is that it sounded beautiful music, and told her many nice compliments.

And here's kinesthetic prefer to go directly in the arms and stroking. And just when it warm up as follows, you can start to have Sex.

How it is correct to touch the girl, to Wake you up

In any case, without foreplay, at least, to find out, "where is the button". Of course, you should not immediately climb to, to see her in her panties to grope it immediately – this can cause reverse reaction.

Caution, going from the top to the bottom, study lady with the help of touches and hugs, and don't forget about the compliments. If the girl in response to her words, close the mouth with a kiss, that is to say, that you are not your talkativeness, it requires more Action. Rubs eye, to your lips – more words. Vehemently, squeezing and running the hands along your body – you need a lot of affection.

So – weak areas. Hair, face, neck, shoulders, wrists, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, and, of course, the most important Zone of your step. All of these areas are many erogenous, and you must know how to awaken properly the girl with the fingers and the lips.

What is the hair and face is the first, and this is what the start of foreplay. Stroking of the hair, together with the kissing of the face (according to the focus on the lips), every girl is beautiful, besides, it's the psychological Moment.

The neck is particularly sensitive, you do not need to immediately kiss – light touches, literally swipe with the finger tips behind the ears and along the neck. It is like her? Sure kiss. Inner line the hands up to the Finger also must be very pleasant for your lady of the heart. Therefore, we act according to the same scheme as with the neck.

A special Zone of the chest is of course. But in some women, of assertiveness caresses and kisses nipples, unpleasant sensations. They gave the impression to pain that the belly begins. Apparently, it has something physiologically. And if your girl does not want to offend you, and believes that it is better to be silent, it will only have to endure this torture.


Of course, the caress of the breast, you should start with the hands. Massaging movements "go" on the side, and ironed on the breast around the nipple. Only not to twist the breast, such as the switch on the old Radio to catch the wave. It is not very pleasant and kind of ridiculous. To caress, to compress, to touch nipples – nipples become firm, then it is kissing time you and biting slightly and sucking and tongue tickling. Exactly the breast, a strong excitation begins – the girl begins to breathe irregularly, and you get a shiver in the body.

The back and belly. Be careful with the belly, since the internal organs. No rough pressure. Only gentle cuddles and kisses. But for the back, a Massage is more intense in the flesh of the strong compression, especially in the "cat Zone" between the shoulder blades, and along the back to the waist.

Petting in the area of the buttocks is not less sensitive, where even the people themselves will give you erotic pleasure. And squeezing the buttocks will knead pleasurable for both partners. By the way, also for women's, men's buttocks are not less attractive than for men, ladies.

Legs. The inner side of the thigh is very sensitive, because it is about the dam, and that is the weakest point of the girl. With the feet – be careful, many of the girls is tickling caused, and her "hee-hee-hee" and repulsion, means that with the feet gently. But, on the contrary, foot massage – a balm for the soul.

Well Yes and now, of course the sex organs. By the way, while the caress of other parts of the body to properly and quickly is to attract girls ignore you, not your step, but also unnecessary to treat is not necessary. Just "in passing" touching your lips, by chance if you have a Finger between them. And that's only if your wife warms up as chef samovar, take it to the Vulva stroking with two fingers, Clit, massaged him, and sometimes penetrates into your Vagina, and back to the caress of the clitoris.

Many of the representatives of the weak sex, namely the clitoris can't try to orgasm, and the sexual intercourse is such as to arouse passion. Now, if the lady is not lying, simulating an orgasm. And in the case of women it is supposed to work, in contrast to men.

How to tie properly a girl and get upset, if you want it

Who remembers the movie "wild Orchid"? Since the couple loved such a love of merrymaking, with new, unusual sensations. Yes, update your feelings, so it will not be superfluous. Of course, ridiculous Tethering a woman is bound with duct tape to a chair, to "steam".


The best – lying on the bed, tying your hands to the backrest. Beautiful vulnerability and a taste of what you now pet. As an Option – with a blindfold, so she could delve into contact. And the technique of arousal, which you already know.