Erogenous zones on the body of a woman for the suggestion

Erogenous Zones

It is believed that the weaker sex leads to sexual arousal, Stimulation of the Penis, buttocks, thighs, chest, nipples, neck. But these erogenous zones doesn't work on the wife: what to do with a man of pleasure, with another — causes discomfort and even aversion. This does not happen, because is not a continuous erogenous zones at the nice ladies available, erogenous Zone on the part of the body touches to the beloved, sought-after man.

To touch the arousal of some part of the body is in the brain. Because it is used as a main erogenous Zone for both men and women. Areas of the body that respond to touch, are only the representatives of the primary erogenous Zone, the head of the arousal. Memories of pleasant sensations, as well as the repeat playback in the following sexual contacts anchored in certain areas of the body functions of the excitation.

If erogenous Zone "switches" regularly, or almost regularly, it is stable. But that does not mean that you will be left with a different Partner also stable: can't show it at all, or the effect of your Stimulation is much less than other areas, the non-erogenous previously were

Of course, the stroking of various body parts have to be different: a force with which to compress in a fit of passion shoulders of the beloved, is obviously superfluous, if the caresses of the chest, and on the more sensitive areas of the body, and can speak, for example, the contact with the clitoris should be especially gentle, otherwise instead of the stable erogenous zones, you can make up with your girlfriend constantly painful Zone.

Long range circle of sensuality includes the following parts of the body: face, scalp, ears, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, back, belly.


A light touch with the tips of your fingers, gentle stroking of the cheeks, can play a good beginning of foreplay or self-employed Element of love. Because it is One of the few manifestations of love and sensuality, not against the company. You touch with the Hand-to-face can be a loved one or beloved in a public place, and it is not to negative reactions of the environment.

Too bad that after coming out of puberty, men rarely find this type of presentation advertise your feelings, because after the emotional fullness of contact to the face is comparable to the caress of the breast, and sometimes, especially in heavily frequented areas are significantly larger than all the other pet on the effectiveness. In a familiar environment, contact to face, enticing (.Point) and more intense (suction) kissing, fondling with the tip of the tongue and a light bite are exquisite form of expression for intimate feelings for each other, cause relaxation, pacification, which then yields to the feeling of longing and arousal.

Forehead and temples have a lower sensitivity than the cheeks, with the exception of the hairline, the gentle touch of the fingers, the lips, or language-activate you can even zone other erogenous. Wet nose pet seem to be many women feel uncomfortable, but "dry" kissing can cause arousal.

Mouth, tongue, lips and the area around you is one of the most sensitive zones of the face (sensuality, close-to-genital). For most people, a sustainable erogenous Zone. Contact with the fingers, tongue, kisses: small, point-shaped, deep, passionate, and — to be self-sufficient (and sometimes cause an orgasm) or additional stimulants in the whole love game.


This area is very sensitive to the touch of the different degrees of intensity. You can cycle through the strands of hair of his beloved, can you wag the hair (if the hair is short), and it can skin directly to the head. Massage of the head only in a good way, arousal is not skin, it is good in itself, promotes relaxation, is soothing and relieves headaches. If your girlfriend waived to the intimacy because of a headache, Massage the head, what we need to skin exactly.


Lobe and a small area of skin behind them with the nerves connected to the sexual organs

If whisper increase in tender pink female ear sweet words, the degree of excitation of the woman is strong, and when the tongue is tickling or gently sucking on the earlobe effect can be stunning.

It should also be borne in mind that the ear lobe and a small area of skin behind them with the nerves of the genital organs, so that the excitation of caresses outer ear and transmitted directly to the genitals. You are in control of the breathing: the strong exhale into the ear of the beloved can ruin everything.


The neck is in most women one of the most well-known erogenous zones, suitable for male affection body parts. Particularly sensitive areas — the skin on the side surfaces, and the occipital part. The front surface of the neck in women is less erogenous. Caress the occipital part of the neck attract women gives a pleasant feeling, not only in the area of the petting zoo, but also in the whole body (in the Form of waves tremble, which runs from the neck over the back, buttocks, legs up to the heels).

Shoulders and upper back

The area of the shoulders and the upper back not less sensitive, than of the occipitale part of the neck, however, the effects of a bite here, maybe like a soft, light and hardly noticeable and intense: compressive and scratch movement, awaken trembling, intense kisses, a wave of pleasure that goes through the whole body.

The space between the shoulder blades is called "Feline back", so like the caress of this place, pleasant sensations cause. The area, along the spine, you can caress, kiss, to caress with the tongue, pinch and nibble — exposure area is very wide. Caress at the waist have an improvement in the effect that you get close to the second circle of sensuality. But stop short in front of him, and increasing longing expectations.


Free erogenous Zone part ignored during the intimacy of many men the body. In the time where a woman touched with the palm of the hand or the fingers on the man's face, he will deliver her a special pleasure, the lips catch the Finger. Women like kissing, fondling with the tip of your tongue, or gently biting your fingers and palm. The side surface of the palm and the fingertips contain the greatest number of nerve endings.

The inner surface of the hands from the wrist to the elbow can also be an erogenous Zone: a light touch (you can create a piece of fur or feather) arousal in many women. The elbow flexor is very sensitive skin. Contact should be delicate, at the same time they CARESS your lips (tongue) and with the tips of your fingers (nails) in different directions and at different speeds to give a very nice effect.

The hand-piece from the shoulder to the elbow responds perfectly to the caress. On the outer surface of the effect of intense (tingling, biting, or crushing it), on the inside need to be careful: too passionate caresses can cause pain, and very tender — cause-tingling.


The soles of the feet like the ear cups, are the projection of all the organs of the human body. Sole, toes and ankle are very sensitive to touch. Who is afraid of tickling, are not stroking with the tongue along the entire foot, lick fingers, and light within, and scratch-movement of the fingers. For you is preferable, pinching, pressing, and biting heels. The Rest of joy, the whole complex of the LASK of the gentle, barely noticeable, sliding movements of the fingers, the nails and the tongue, to the intense grips, clamps and biting.


This part of the body is an erogenous Zone for many women. Sensitivity is not only the surface of the abdomen, but also the deepening of the navel. Most women experience pleasure when the tip of the tongue of the partner rhythmically dips into the recess of the navel, the Simulation of the movement of the Penis during penetration. If a man is excited, then the female belly to caress just the mouth and hands.


Traditionally it is believed that the breast is an erogenous Zone of high sensitivity. However, many women don't like it when the partners relate to their chest. Usually such a reaction is occurs in women, the previously coarse or unskillful sexual Partner, who by their actions caused unpleasant sensations or even pain.

The most common error is an Intensive Massage the palm of your hand. It is not necessary that Breasts kneading with the hands, as dough should not compress, such as an Expander or a lemon, from which you need to squeeze out the juice. Better first time avoid to touch the full Breasts with the palm of your hand, but act with the tips of your fingers, tracing each breast from below and from above, gradually in the direction of the middle. (If the woman has a more intense affection, want you self-direct your Hand and presses it to her breast.)

Slide the palms (or palm) on the skin under the breast and slowly promote you to the top, gradually easing shock, so that in the area in the vicinity of the nipple, your hands moving, barely touching the most sensitive point of the chest. Kissing can be so gentle and passionate.

With the tips of your fingers, the breast can stroke from above, describe circles, and Sinus, gradually picking up the pacifier. The area around the nipple - halo is very sensitive, and sometimes even painfully sensitive. If the skin is Pat into the skin on the hands can be pretty rough, do not touch the nipple better, his lips and tongue. Just don't remember your childhood and not in active effect: the milk you don't and cause pain can wait. Then she is for getting away from the breast, the woman needs a sexual partner, and not the adults put the Baby in the bed.


This part of the body is an erogenous Zone in both men and women. Glutes respond well to soft touches and intense Massage. You better start with gentle movements and caresses of fingertips or phalanges of the fingers. You can then apply tingling, pressure, Slapping, Spanking, compressive motion. The reaction to the bite in this Zone often, women shrieking, and the escape (or 180° rotation), so with the teeth in eight.


Thighs, especially your inner surface, between the near abroad and the most important circle of sensuality. This explains their over sensitivity in women. Even the movement of a man, the hips of the partner, their inner surface is very erotic and caused a wave of excitement. The softer and more delicate the movement is, the more effect can be achieved.

To overcome sometimes a man of the resistance of a woman, if she pushes the thigh to penetrate without him (at least to the eye) in the hidden place. Overcome the resistance persistent, but not rude. Maybe a woman interferes with the bright lighting or relax you do not have enough excited, or maybe you're the first, the caresses you so.

Remember covenants great commanders: "in order To continue the Offensive, you have to pull back a little". Gentle touches to the abdomen, stroking the outer surface of the thigh, the groin (without genitals), and the sliding motion of the knees on the inner side of the thighs to touch again without the most intimate places to tease, arouse desire, and delight.

In the main circle of sensuality of the erogenous zones, directly to the genitals of a woman are

In the main circle of sensuality of the erogenous zones, directly to the genitals of a woman. The erogenous Zone of the primary circuit of sensuality in women, the external genitalia, the pubic area, as well as the threshold of the vagina and part of the anterior wall of the Vagina, called the G-spot discovered, by the name of Dr. Greenberg.

The female organs of the primary circuit, a much greater sensitivity, so a bungling their Stimulation of woman's discomfort can deliver. Do not start any manual Stimulation of the genitals of the woman, if very aroused. To identify the degree of arousal easily through moisture the Vulva.

If the area of the Vulva was wet, in no hurry to caress the clitoris or other highly sensitive areas. Chaste, cover Pat with the palm of your hand sexual slit, and a light pressure or stroking (in a circular and vibrating movements) this Zone, not all the attention is focused only on you. The first to touch the wet surface of the labia have to be very careful and delicate. If you develop the joy of the woman, exploring the threshold of the vagina where the most sensitive areas, which fill with blood during arousal and swell.

Many men have difficulties in finding the clitoris. The reason is that in the non-excited state, the fold is hidden under the skin — hood. According to the degree of sensitivity of the clitoris can be compared with the head of the Penis. The hood is like the foreskin covering up the head. Therefore, it is not necessary to discover, finally, this little appendage, put him out of his hood, and to stimulate intensive.

The Stimulation of the clitoris remember to be combined with in-locus caresses (just remember that "dry" to provide affection more discomfort than pleasure). At the front of the vaginal wall is a cherished point G, the effect on the guarantees with the help of the Penis during coitus or Finger during the in-locus caresses provides woman a particularly sharp pleasure and orgasm fast. Almost, because much depends on the skillful actions of the men and the woman's degree of arousal.

You will discover a point (or better said, a whole new Zone) G is simple enough: the middle finger of the average man, immersed in the female uterus to the depth of the first joint or a little deeper (the Hand covers the pubic bone of women), in the bent state gropes in the interior of the small fleshy tubercles, and that is a magical point, Dr. Greenberg. If you are already not the first year, the success lead to lots of searching for this treasure in the depths of your girlfriend, you have courage and you ask: every woman knows where she is most sensitive Zone.